Psychopaths: The Jews of Today?

Psychopath Night (UK channel 4): “Psychopaths: A ruthless breed who can lie, manipulate and even murder with no hint of conscience or remorse…. But the truth is there may be one in your office. There’s probably one on your street. They’re all around us, often in positions of power.” As a Jew, I grew up sensitive to covert antisemitism. Jews were also feared as being the power behind all the other power elites. Who hasn’t heard of the Rothchilds, this insidious Jewish family who moved everyone around the world like chessmen on a board.

During the actual Holocaust, some Jews tried to avoid the fate of their countrymen by passing or trying to pass as Christians. The Germans were right on it. They had elaborate lists of Jewish genealogy. To help them in that was IBM. A book, IBM and the Holocaust by Edwin Black documents the story.

Netanyahu, like other leaders of Zionist Israel have gotten a lot of mileage from the world’s horror of the holocaust against those who have legitimate complaints of Israel’s imperialist behavior, especially the genocide against the Palestinian people. Unfortunately, I have actually come across antisemitism in the movement. A lot of it is the result of simple ignorance. But I have heard about both gazathe Rothchilds’ power over everyone and holocaust denial. Be that as it may, most people protesting Israel’s atrocities are innocent of that taint. They know, for example, that the Palestinians are as Semitic as Jews in Israel, more in fact, if truth be known, Israeli Jews come predominantly from Western Europe and are much more Nordic in appearance and heredity than the more purely Semitic Palestinians. But I digress.

The history of the Jews is only touched on here to compare to what is happening to another minority, psychopaths. While the public is fascinated by psychopaths and often glorifies us, they just as often demonize us. So many documentaries and discussions about psychopaths seems to focus obsessively on how to spot one. Most psychopaths fly under the radar, a wise expedient for people whose very existence pushes so many buttons for the NT (Neurotypical). Psychopath Night rachelpromises, “We’ll teach you how to spot a psychopath the same way the FBI teaches it’s agents, by using the movies.” It’s probably good for those of us who are “passing” that the FBI and Psychopath Night uses the movies which only focus on the glitter and not the substance. M.E. Thomas, author of Confessions of a METhomasSociopath, is introduced rather rudely as “our second specimen of the evening.” She says, “Sometimes it feels like I’m in the movie Bladerunner and any slip up or indication that I am different will draw suspicion. I do feel a little bit like a misunderstood minority. The only thing that you can sort of hope if you are a sociopath is that you are going to lie well enough and wear the mask well enough and hide in plain sight such that nobody will ever find out that you are a sociopath…. Will I end up being shipped off to a sociopaths-only gulag. Perhaps if I’m lucky. Many visitors to my blog have called for much worse including our total extermination.”

Ironically, Ms. Thomas’ book has appeared at a time when more of us are coming out of the closet. There are forums and networks for us. We have blogs. Some of us hide our identities but identities tend to become known, especially when they are supposed to be secret.

The most sinister thing the media throws at psychopath is the corporate connection. Corporate behavior is something that realistically needs to be taken seriously. That this behavior can be blamed on psychopaths is not only problematic but parallels the sorts of things antisemites whisper about Jews. Both are considered sneaky, underhanded and destructive.

rothschildI recently discovered a group of leftists who were also holocaust deniers. I understand anger at Israel and zionism. But blaming all Jews for that is unreasonable. These people were really paranoid. One of them claimed that the Rothschilds owned the Bank of England. They also blamed the Jews for starting World War II. Quite an accomplishment for people who didn’t even have a state at the time. To show the parallel with psychopaths, I just read this quote in Love Fraud, one of the haters’ blogs. “One of the major problems with evilpsychoour general ignorance of psychopathy, (even though there are tens of thousands of research papers on the topic), is that the American Psychiatric Association (APA) is controlled by psychopaths. Psychopaths in power are thus in control of the information dissemination.” Sure the Rothschilds own the Bank of England and Psychopaths own the American Psychiatric Association. Jews started World War II and psychopaths control information dissemination. As a member of both groups, I wonder why I have never been invited into their meetings.

Many books have been written about us. Some authors, like Robert Hare, for example, are fair minded even though they don’t think we’re “nice people.” Others, like Kevin Dutton and James Fallon, are actually sympathetic. Still others, have dipped their pens into poison and write anything from fanciful fantasies to calumny. The more reasonable of this group is represented by Martha Stout, Ph.d. Her The Sociopath Next Door has nothing kind to say about us but manages to remain puzzlingfactual. At the other end of the spectrum, Thomas Sheridan, a man with no profession credentials, seems to be using us to work out his own issues. According to him, we have a high level of testosterone, even the women. We don’t dream, but we make dreams up to seem normal. Our eyes are dark holes, we wake up (from our dreamless sleep) in a pool of sweat. And, oh, yes, we are not really human. Well, haters will be haters. and the age-old battle between bigotry and reason will rage on for the foreseeable future, perhaps claiming another scapegoat as she roars on bye.

Lydia Brown has written an interesting article about how psychopaths and people with autism are demonized by the term, psychopathy. Her article, Why the Term ‘Psychopath’ is Racist and Ableist, discusses how everything outside the “norm” is pathologized. “The language of pathology, mental illness, madness, disease, and disability, has long been used to reinforce other existing structural oppressions like racism, classism, sexism, heterosexism, binarism, cissexism, and ableism.” I have, myself, noticed that “disorder” is pretty much a term for whatever society doesn’t like. Brown decries the fact that people stigmatized by a disability will still passionately deny being “crazy” or “psychopathic” or “retarded” or whatnot. One stigmatized group throws others under the bus. Psychopaths are one of the most demonized groups around. Even we point out the fact that we aren’t “crazy.” I do it myself.

Word Salad of Thomas Sheridan

Our favorite internet hater-troll, Thomas Sheridan, has a lot to say about the Nazis in his Alternative View speech, The Shock Doctrine.

Thomas Sheridan entitled his little speech, “The Shock Doctrine,” because “I couldn’t think of another term,” he says. The truth is that The Shock Doctrine is already a term in use by Naomi Klein. But she meant what she calls “disaster capitalism.” Her admirable book documents in great detail case after case in which disasters were used to bring to power a system of cutthroat capitalist systems that enriched the few and plunged the many into grinding poverty. Thomas Sheridan say nothing about this. He is only ranting against psychopaths who, it seems, are responsible for all the ills of mankind. One percent of the population manage to control the entire world. They were the Nazis and the Bolsheviks. Chick Comics did the same thing only, in their version, it was the Jesuits who were responsible for the Nazis and Bolsheviks. For that matter, Hitler blamed the Jews for the evils of capitalism and Bolshevism. In the film, Cabaret, someone in pre-Nazi German wondered how Jews could be both. “That way, if they don’t get us one way, they get us the other way.”

He starts by defining psychopaths as people who “create an empire of bullshit.”  Funny, that is exactly what he is doing. The most frequently used word in his speech is “they.” “They” are doing this. “They” are encouraging that. His word salad includes some incredible errors in history. Hitler was born in Bavaria? Nope. It was Austria.

As he goes on and on, his grandiosity informs us that we are dealing with a narcissist. He said this or that before anyone else did. They stole the credit for his ideas. But he “knocked them off balance.” Does this man really have followers? Or do they listen for amusement, as I do?


  • Is Psychopathy Genetic? Dr. George Simon. The discussion following this blog is extremely negative and serves as an example of how much we are hated. Someone even wrote, “Only treatment is a bullet in the head. That’s how the inuit used to deal with them. They are not human.” The write, who calls himself only “Al,” seems to think he is morally superior to us despite his justification of murder.
  • Why Do We Like Psychopaths? Blame the Amygdala
  • This is How Normal Life Feels as a Psychopath. Jessica Brown

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