The Eyes Have It

How the haters see us.

A lot has been written about psychopaths, some insightful, some neutral and some hilarious. Of the hilarious ones, nothing is more arresting than what is said about our eyes. One blog called Psychopaths and Love says, “Many of us have seen firsthand or read descriptions of psychopaths having an intense gaze, a predatory or reptilian stare, or eyes that are lifeless, dead, emotionless, cold, icy, flat, black, or empty.” Why do our eyes look this way? The article continues, “Dr. Reid Meloy’s Reptilian State Theory hypothesizes that psychopaths are more like reptiles than mammals.” So now we’re not mammals. We’re reptiles? The author quotes Dr. Robert Hare as saying, “Many people find it difficult to deal with intense, emotionless, or ‘predatory’ stare of the psychopath. Normal people maintain close eye contact with others for a variety of reasons, but the fixated stare of the psychopath is more prelude to self-gratification and the exercise of power than simple interest or empathetic caring.”

patti4Now that we’ve gotten beyond the over-the-top rhetoric expelling us from the human race and even from the category of “mammal,” we can get some more explicit description of what bothers some people about our “stare.” (Some people aren’t even satisfied with relegating us to membership in another species, even another phylum. To them our stare reveals evil, itself. Lucky Otter says, “there’s nothing inside them except an vast and endless black void of nothingness….Behind the twinkle, the eyes are still reptilian and dead.”) It is “fixated,” “intense,” “emotionless” and “predatory.” The picture shown here indicates to me, “I know what’s really happening.” It reminds me of moments I have had the same godlike, omniscient awareness of being the only one in the room who was awake. A fixated and intense “stare” can simply be a sign that the psychopath is really interested in what s/he is looking at. As I discussed in my blog post about charm, psychopaths are often intensely interested. We recognize some people as deeply mysterious and we love to solve mysteries. Many people think psychopaths are serial killers. But, once disabused of this incorrect stereotype, the “predatory” characterization begs the question of what we are looking for in our “prey.” Most of us are not looking for a victim to be murdered. Many psychopaths are merely looking for someone to have a sexual relationship. In this respect, psychopaths are not very different from ordinary men. Every girl or woman who has dates can attest to the fact that most men want a conquest, that is, to have sex with the woman they are dating. Nobody seems to find this sinister when it is a goal of a “regular” or NT male. When a psychopath does it, it’s “predatory.” The fact that most relationships with psychopaths are short-lived, most “hook-ups” today are, in fact, short lived. 670px-Identify-a-Psychopath-Step-9The sooner a couple get horizontal, the more quickly they tend to tire of one another and move on. Again, this is as true of the “non” as it is with the “path.” I must confess bewilderment with the way a psychopath on the make is considered more “predatory” than the NT man on the make. Perhaps the answer is in the adjective in Hare’s statement I haven’t discussed, “emotionless.” Psychopaths are known to be less emotional (and more rational) then the rest of the population. Is the sexual come-on of the “emotionless” psychopath really more “self-gratifying” than the that of the more emotional Don Juans in our midst?

So far, I have only talked about one possible interest a psychopath may have in hir “prey.” But we can have other interests. Someone may be interesting, have information to share, money or even connections to other people. These are all things anyone can desire and try to get from another.

jayeyesThe article goes on, “In my own experience, the psychopath I knew had lambent eyes — brilliantly playful, softly bright, luminous. They twinkled with warmth when he smiled, or so I thought. It was actually the twinkle of amusement as he manipulated me. A few times I saw the light go out in his eyes, and in those moments they became flat and dead.” This brings us to another quality we are reputed to have. We are alleged to have a void within ourselves. Blogger Lucky Otter wrote, “sometimes they can be caught when their mask is momentarily down (usually when they’ve been called out–or caught), and it’s here when we see the emptiness and evil inside them.” Evil? Not merely reptilian? She goes on to say, “It’s not so much a demonic look (which has a sort of life to it) as a dead, lifeless look that is far worse. It’s a malignant look that makes you want to get away from them fast. Like there’s nothing inside them except an vast and endless black void of nothingness. It’s like standing at the precipice of a black hole, and what can be more terrifying than some nameless void that can suck you into itself–and can even swallow light?” WOW! I’m actually impressed! I have a black hole inside me? Good grief!

A new explanation (new to me anyway) for the “psychopathic stare” has been articulated in the article, Subtle Signs of Psychopathy, “Psychopaths look people in the eyes, but only because they learned that it is the proper way to communicate. Eye contact does not come naturally to them. This is why their stare is too strongly fixated on the other person and it looks weird. Some people say that they try to hypnotize their victims. But I believe that sometimes they just try too hard.” Um, OK.

catseyesPeople have always been concerned about each other’s eyes and considered them to be windows to the soul. Interestingly enough, most animals avoid eye-to-eye contact. When stared at by another animal, they interpret that star as a prelude to an attack. When I was a child, I liked to pretend I was a cat like my lovable pet. Once, I get under my cat’s favorite chair and stared at her. My cat didn’t understand that I was playing. She pounced at me as if I had been challenging her space. I never tried that again, understanding what she must have considered my behavior. In the wild, people threatened by a lion or tiger can sometimes bluff the animal by staring it in the eyes. If they are lucky, the beast will think this person must have power to be so unafraid and confrontational. Only the human species sees eye contact as something warm and friendly. I have been told that even some human cultures consider eye-contact as rude. In the Latino cultures, I have heard, looking away is a gesture of submission and respect. Anglos often think the person is being “sneaky” when he is only being polite.

eyeondollarAn American dollar bill has a very compelling occultist symbol. It is a pyramid truncated close to its apex. The apex of this pyramid forms a triangle with a single eye within it. This symbol is familiar to Masons. It is variously called the “eye of Horus” (Egyptian) and the “eye of Shiva” (Hindu). The Christian fundamentalists like to believe that the “founding fathers” were Christian fundies like themselves. But many of them were agnostics and free-thinkers. All the American presidents (until JFK) were Masons. The slogan, “in God we trust” was not put on the dollar until the 50’s. Some people say the eye is the eye of God. It certainly was the eye of many Pagan gods, Horus, Osiris, Shiva… It has also been called the eye of the phoenix. Meanwhile, others say the eye is “creepy.”

I am not particularly concerned with the conspiracy theories that the eye is “satanic.” My interest is merely to explore the deep significance the eye holds for humanity. The eye is the “window to the soul.” It is the instrument through which we are “seen.” Many people are fearful and nervous about the extent to which our government has us under surveillance. The eye is indeed a window through which we can see and be seen as well.

daathThe abyss is something most people fear without knowing why. In the Kabbalah, which is claimed both by the Jews and the Egyptians, the Tree of Life is like a diagram or map of spiritual reality. It’s a strongly felt instrument of occultism. The Golden Dawn called it the Qabbalah and made it a center of their studies. On the Tree of Life, there are spheres or “Sephira” representing aspects of spiritual reality. But there is one place on the Tree where a Sephira is absent. In it’s place is a void, called Daath. Only the bravest and most adventurous occultists dared to explore Daath. It is considered both dangerous and a gateway to the highest forms of wisdom. Coincidentally(?), astronomers speak of the black hole in space where everything is sucked into nothingness.

eyesAs can be seen, both the eye and the void are deeply felt by humanity, at least the Western part. The reason psychopaths are feared is, to a great extent, the lack of a conscience. Even Dr. Hare’s book about psychopathy is entitled Without Conscience. The fact that we are not controlled or held back by something most people claim to have within spooks those who are conscience-bound. I discuss this matter in an article on my web site, Free to Choose. We are not all “evil” and we are not forever doing bad things. But the fact that we can if we want to without being bothered by conscience scares the shit out of people. I think this fear is the root of my people’s “creepy” experience of looking into our eyes. Here’s looking at you.


13 thoughts on “The Eyes Have It

  1. Thanks for an interesting post. Although I appreciate the condemnation of neurotypical fear responses regarding the psychopathic eye (I am an enlightened fearless autistic) I feel that your narcissistic traits may blind you to the diversity of thoughts and reactions that are possible when encountering a psychopath close up (most notably as a ‘victim’). I had such an experience myself, but I was not the victim that my psychopath friend thought I was. His behaviour was perfectly transparent to me (I am an older autistic person, and have learned a lot about abuse methods etc) and for the most part I was able to observe carefully his behaviour while being naturally very good (not neurotypical) at hiding my emotions. Anyway, regarding the eyes, my honest experience is that they are indeed different, but not because of the stare, on which I agree with you (autistics also have to adjust to NT expectations). There is something else, very concrete, but which I will keep to myself for strategic and ethical reasons. Now, the psychopaths that I know are all very interested in the Kabbalah, which they think is coming soon due to its close relation with mathematical progress in the theory of quantum gravity (this stuff is actually for real, I am a theoretical physicist) and perhaps also their pretend belief in prophecy. The psychopaths that work for the deep state are also interested in Kabbalah, perhaps because they have to pretend to worship Lucifer or perhaps because they really are attracted to dark ideas about the nature of the cosmos. Whatever. But for these reasons I am convinced (and there are many details to my hypothesis) that most psychopaths are secretly deeply interested in the myths of The Eye, like the eye of Horus, as it feeds their need to feel superior to others, and perhaps answers certain questions for them that go far beyond the idiotic ideas of evil in biblical dogma. When I saw the special eye of the psychopath, I was not at all afraid. I had learned to give up fear entirely, and I looked at him with nothing but love and compassion. This is not weakness, because my love does not permit anyone to control me. Rather, it is an infinite well of goodness and companionship, which can easily match the manipulation tactics (I am intelligent). The real tragedy is that the psychopaths, thinking they are superior, have a tendency to throw away people like me without realising just how much they are losing. I wonder what you think about this, because it must often cause psychopaths a great deal of pain, to lose so, so much (materially) in an impulsive moment of frustration at not getting what they want. Surely it would be more logical for a mature psychopath to curb their manipulative tendencies with people whom they do not understand.

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    1. It’s so nice to get such a deep, thoughtful comment. How do you think your “psychopathic friend” was trying to victimize you? What did you mean “the Kabbalah, which they think is coming soon?” The Qabalah is HERE. So you mean there’s some mathematical algorithm concerning the Qabalah in relation to the here and now? Oh. I don’t “pretend” to believe in prophecy. I’m a very present person. I see you are a bit of a conspiracy theorist. The “deep state?” I think I’ve heard all I ever want to hear about the deep state from Trump. Of course, everyone knows there are people or groups controlling things behind the scenes, remote from the democratic process. But there are so many videos discussing all sorts of colorful fantasies about it. So people in the deep state “have to pretend to worship Lucifer?” That sounds so much like stuff I keep hearing about the Illuminati. I am attracted to dark ideas about the nature of the cosmos. I’m interested in the Eye of Horus, not “secretly,” but openly. I’m a member of OTO, you know. The Book of the Law ushers in the Age of Horus. The Crowned and Conquering Child. You say “it feeds their need to feel superior to others?” I don’t know how? I just know I’m superior. No need to prove that. “When I saw the special eye of the psychopath, I was not at all afraid.” And why should you be afraid. Only really uptight and repressed folk have this problem. “I had learned to give up fear entirely, and I looked at him with nothing but love and compassion. This is not weakness…” I know it’s not weakness. Have you, by any chance, seen a Ted Talk with James Fallon as guest (or person who was “it”). There was an autistic person in the audience. She had the most empathic eyes. It was really something to see. I think yin forces in the universe as powerful as the yang ones. I mean, think of water… I don’t “have a tendency to throw away people like (you).” Not at all. It causes me pain to lose material things. But I don’t understand what that has to do with throwing away people like you. Understanding people is one of my greatest interests in life. I hope to get to understand you better.


  2. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I agree that the perspective from the present is theoretically the correct one, but attempts at communication often blur statements, since English is not Mathematics after all. Re the Mathematics, yes, sacred geometry IS making an appearance in new theories in physics at the present time, including Kaballah diagrams in some detail. For example: the 72 names of God in the center of the Star of David stands for the 72 roots of the e6 algebra lattice in the classification of Lie algebras using the so called magic star diagram. How that story will play out in the near future is very hard to say. As for the Deep State: I am not a conspiracy theorist. I know perfectly well that lizard aliens are a symbol for a psychopathic culture domination. My opinions and observations on these issues are governed by my experience, about which I have written a great deal already. Regarding superiority: the power is always with the people. They are, in principle at least, free to change their behaviour at any time. Of course, this would require a truly momentous change in society, where the gossipers stopped being so heavily influenced by lies, and may well look like an impossibility, but I think it is clear that social media completely changes the dynamics of justice and power. Who knows what the future holds. A patriarchal system of hierarchies certainly favours the psychopathic person, but many of us really believe that this system will soon be replaced, out of the necessity to control resource use and promote sustainability. One must have some hope.


  3. As for 666, it marks the number of roots at a ‘higher level’ of the tower of algebras, apparently. This is a simple mathematical fact, and has nothing whatsoever to do with myths about Horus, Lucifer etc, which are always terribly patriarchal, and put women in a ridiculously inferior position. Mathematics is just that, and presumably underlies much of the numerology that we find in ancient texts.


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