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Psychopaths Are Boring. We Are Fascinating.
SD on November 7, 2015 at 8:43 pm said:


Psychopaths Are Boring. We Are Fascinating.
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Psychopaths are boring. We are fascinating.
How do we know this is true?


They’re in constant pursuit of us, while we try to do everything we can to stay away them.

They have to play games with us because they have nothing real to offer. They know that if they showed us who they really are, we wouldn’t want anything to do with them.

They don’t pursue each other, because other psychopaths are boring to them. They only want us (unfortunately). Only we are fun and exciting. Only we can fulfill their needs.


Without us, they have nothing. The moment their involvement with one of us ends, they have to have another one of us. They even line us up in advance, or have a bunch of us at once. They can’t live without us!

They say they hate us, yet they can’t stay away from us.

They’re amazed at all the emotions we feel. They like to play with them because they’re so interesting — because we’re so interesting! Fascinating, really! They’re obsessed with us.


They suffer from maddening, intolerable boredom without us. They have nothing worthwhile to do without us. Nothing. They have nothing worthwhile to do with us, either, but that’s beside the point.

They hide themselves behind a mask designed to look like us, because without it they’re fundamentally boring and they know it.

When their charade goes straight to hell in a hand-basket, which it always does, there’s nothing left.


In order to be interesting, they have to pretend to be like us. Enough said.

I made a comment in their comments section. They already knew my name and email and blog information. My comment was, “If we’re so boring, why can’t you stop writing about us?” There was a button to submit my comment but then a page appeared to say my IP address is blocked. Not only are we not boring, but these people think we are so dangerous, they have to block our comments from the tender eyes of their readership. I wish their blogdom a long and interesting life.

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