The World We Don’t Readily See

A very dear friend who posts under the name of Lucky Otter has written a blog that surprised me greatly. Is the Illuminati Really Running Everything? She started off by showing skepticism over the wacky theories illuminatisome fundamentalist Christians subscribe too. The notion that the Illuminati really runs the world behind the scene. How laughable! Than she seemed to link the idea that 9/11 was an inside job or that the financial crisis was way the 1% were sucking even more wealth from the rest of us. Yes, I, too, believe 9/11 was an inside job and that the 1% are milking the rest of us dry. The latter of these two ideas is self-evident. But that video about the Illuminati and the Hollywood entertainment industry is right off the wall! How can she subscribe to this?

Sure, there are occult symbols in places you wouldn’t expect them to be unless you study history in greater detail. For example, the eye of Shiva/Horus on the dollar bill. You know what? Most US presidents have been Masons. These occult symbols come straight from Masonic teaching. masonicSome Christians consider the Masons to be “evil” devil worshipers, many of them unknowingly. We can discuss these things forever and not reach consensus. This business about entertainers having to eat shit and babies’ hearts or whatever comes from a book called “Michelle Remembers” by Lawrence Pazder, M.D., who was Michelle Smith’s psychiatrist. She “remembered” horrible ordeals under his care. Later, she married the shrink, something that raised eyebrows but is not necessarily proof of breached professional ethics on his part. What really blows her testimony out of the water is testimony of regular, normal people who saw Michelle in school during michelleremembersthat horrible year when she was allegedly kept in a cage with snakes and had devil horns sewed to her skull. She seemed very ordinary to those who knew her during that time. Her book was very compelling, however. I read it and believed it absolutely. I thought nobody could make up stuff like that. It had to be real. I was wrong as were many others. This book is credited with setting off the “satanic panic” when the existence of a satanic underground was widely believed, not only by religious freaks, but by social workers and therapists. Reputable people. You see how powerful urban legends can be?

Certainly, occultism has a much greater part in our lives than most of us believerssuspect. The entertainment industry loves it, of course. The occult is just scary enough to keep people flocking to the cinema. I loved “The Believers” featured on your blog. I spoke of it in one of my blogs too,My High Maintenance Ego. The things this cult offered were very seductive, to me too.

Lucky has spoken of the “dead eyes” that you have seen in people before: The distinctive “look” of psychopathy: gazing into the face of evil. I evileyediscussed it in my blog at The Eyes Have It. I must admit I have never seen what she describes either in psychopaths or entertainers. They might have that look at times as might everybody. Perhaps it is just the look of someone who is not thinking about anything at that moment.

Part of me still wants to believe in these exciting conspiracy theories. I just can’t seem to manage it. (This blog started out as a comment in Facebook in response to Lucky Otter’s blog.)

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