Cluster B People Are, Too, Cool!

luckyMy friend, Lucky Otter, just posted a blog about Cluster Bs, of which she is, herself, a member. The title is Cluster B Disorders Are Not Cool.” She complains about a trend on the internet to celebrate this cluster of “disorders.” Since my page is the first and only one to specifically point to Cluster Bs as something good, I must take this as a compliment. I believe that psychopaths have networked so much lately that we take courage in being upfront about what we are. There are several psychopathic bloggers besides myself and I think we’re very cool.

narcissistLucky’s blog then examines all the Bs one at a time. Starting with Narcissism, she depicts Narcs as spoiled brats who must have their way. Some are probably like that and a mother Narcissist can be purely awful for the child. Narcs are the most widely hated of Cluster Bs even more than Psychopaths.

borderline World
borderline World

After Narcissism, she moves on to Borderline. Really. Joan Crawford was a Borderline? I know she was an alcoholic and a flaming bitch. I see her more of a Narc. After all, Borderlines love you and hate you several times a day. Mommie Dearest seemed very consistent in her hatred of her daughter, Christine, ever since Christine grew old enough to express a mind and will of her own. Crawford was a terminal control freak while, herself, being largely out of control. She seems kind of histrionic too. That scene with the roses!

histrionicThe picture of the Histrionic is funny but kind of unfair. Most of them are really cute looking and have good taste. If they choose to look bizarro at times they do so to good, dramatic effect. This picture has me wondering if I perhaps have too much make-up on. They are not all about parties. The dramas they become immersed in are just as often tragic as they are fun. They seem to be heros or heroines of a thrilling novel all about them. This is perhaps true of all of us Bs.

americanpsychoThe Anti-Social is shown as an avoidant misfit in the picture used to illustrate us. We are either criminals or corporate crooks (still criminal) and capable of untold amounts of harm. “If they’re high functioning, they’re the people who are responsible for everything that’s wrong in the world today and the reason why you work 3 jobs and can’t afford a vacation or health insurance.” Tall order for a fat boy glued to his computer.

I think psychopaths are fun people. We know how to enjoy life. More Ferris Bueller than Plague (the brilliant but socially inept hacker in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo). I think Plague is an Aspie. Aspies are cool too as is Plague. Lizbeth, the main character, is a better candidate for the title of Psychopath. Though not charming, she is very cunning and a brilliant strategist.

Lucky Otter may feel that Borderline Disorder is no fun and, in fact, sucks. Sam Vaknin said the same thing about his Narcissism. Being a Psychopath isn’t always a bed of roses but I think the credits outweigh the debits, which is why hardly any Psychopaths look for “treatment.” I, personally, am glad I have no conscience to set me against myself. I know the cool things written about Bs are true.

Without backing off from her Cluster B Disorders are not Cool, Lucky has added There Should be No Shame in Having a Cluster B Diagnosis.

8 thoughts on “Cluster B People Are, Too, Cool!

  1. Touche! I actually really enjoyed this, especially your comment about the fat misfit sitting at his computer being capable of ruining the entire economy and causing wars. Hey, I’m borderline, so I’m gonna see both sides depending on my mood, right?

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      1. Sure. The “diagnosis” must have been made post-morten as I don’t think they had these categories during her lifetime. And remote diagnoses are kinda “iffy.”


  2. I’ve read a Narcissist (with NPD) loves their disorder. It’s the people that try or must have interpersonal relationships with them that genuinely suffer. Per Sam Vaknin, everyone close to the narcissist eventually becomes a victim. It could be cool to have certain Cluster B disorders only if other people were never hurt.


    1. Cluster B is the dramatic cluster. Can there really be drama without pain? Sometimes we learn and grow through pain. I have suffered through my relationships but they are still very worthwhile. It might be difficult to be around a Cluster B person but it is also fun, interesting and exciting.


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