Anatomy of a Hater

sheridanThomas Sheridan Thomas Sheridan, author of Puzzling People, has appointed himself major nemesis/pain in the ass to psychopaths. He has made many videos and published many books condemning us as subhuman scum. But, in the immortal words of the Bard, doth the gentleman protest too much? A typical series of videos, including my favorite, Steve: The Office Psychopath.

When UK Channel 4 came out with their excellent documentary called Psychopath Night, Sheridan was Johnny on the Spot dissing the program before it was even aired:

Sheridan, like many people, has a tendency to become what he most hates: The Real Thomas Sheridan exposes Sheridan as having admitted to having “no conscience.” He recently “diagnosed himself as a ‘borderline sociopath’. ” The author refers to Sheridan’s “his new-found role as counsellor to victims of psychopaths and public speaker on psychopathology..” Say what? It sounds as if Sheridan wants to be the Sam Vaknin of puzzling+psychopathy. A self-proclaimed “sufferer” of a condition who wants to save the victims of narcissists/psychopaths. It’s been done, Thomas. He has since claimed that he was only joking.

This clearest label for this man is “troll.” He loves attention. He loves to play the White Hat who gets to moralize to his heart’s content. More a vehicle of comic relief than a thinking to take seriously. For what it’s worth, here is the joker of the righteous.

Sheridan outdoes himself.

Sheridan actually denies our very humanity.  We are reptiles who are responsible for all the evil on earth. Psychiatrists don’t understand us because they don’t understand the concept of “evil.” Thank god we have Thomas Sheridan to blow the whistle on little old us.

He tries to show himself to be the voice of reason. He dismisses conspiracy theories about the “Illuminati.” Yet, he invokes the Masonic symbol of the pyramid topped by the all-seeing eye of Horus/Shiva. He aligns himself with the Left by making modern capitalism the villain. His solution is “no contact.” LOL! How is no contact going to help us fight the 1%. We are already not in contact with them. They are no contact with us. No rollingeyescontact includes throwing away our TV. I wonder how Sheridan hopes to keep up with what we evil psychopaths are up to by not watching his TV. They are winning against us. A major victory was the collapse of a world-saving climate agreement.

Funny how Sheridan pronounces the word “evolution.” He pronounces it evil-lution. Every time I’m called a reptile, I can’t help thinking of one of my favorite songs:


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