Behold the Darkness

A new drug epidemic goes beyond anything seen before. Krokodil, made from codeine and a whole host of toxic ingredients create the addiction from hell.

Sensitive souls leave now. You have been warned. I find it fascinating in its horror. But then, I have always found the macabre fascinating. On the other hand, many people love horror movies. I think such interest comes with mortality.

People would have to be totally desperate to go down this path. I’m guessing they get strung out on heroin and can’t afford to sustain their addiction so they move on to this ghastly alternative. Krokodil only lasts for 90 minutes. When it wears off, the user is tormented by withdrawal and must take more.








krok_rotCodeine, gasoline, paint thinner, hydrochloric acid, iodine and red phosphorous from matchstick heads. Those are typical ingredients in the street drug known as krokodil, a highly addictive toxic cocktail that’s three times as cheap to produce as heroin and could be becoming an international problem.Dec 10, 2013




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