Leah Sublime

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

Love is the law, love under will.

How seriously do we take the idea of freedom? Aleister Crowley and Leah Hirsig took it very far. Thelema seems to be to be a perfect statement of psychopathy. We don’t all have to be into the same things. But we are our own gods and goddesses. “Every man and woman is a star.”



Leah Hirsig

The dirtiest poem in the English language. Anyone want to dispute me on this? It was written by the one and only Aleister Crowley about his mistress, Leah Hirsig, who he called . Alostrael, “the womb (or grail) of God.” Wikipedia said of them, “Crowley wrote one of his most confronting poems, ‘Leah Sublime’ (which has been called ‘alarmingly obscene’), in her honour. In Leah Crowley “the womb (or grail) of God.”he found an ideal magical partner. He called her vagina ‘the Hirsig patent vacuum-pump’.” She was certainly his partner in his most daring thoughts and deeds. He named her his Scarlet Woman or Babalon. She helped found the notorious Abby of Thelema.


Leah by Crowley

Leah Sublime

Goddess above me

Snake of the slime

Alostrael, love me

Our master, the devil

Prospers the revel.

Tread with your foot

My heart ’til it hurt

Tread on it, put

The smear of your dirt

crowleyOn my love, on my shame

Scribble your name

Straddle your Beast

My masterful Bitch

With the thighs of you greased

With the Sweat of your Itch

Spit on me scarlet

Mouth of my harlot.

Now from your wide

Raw cunt, the abyss

Send spouting the tide

Of your sizzling piss

Leah Hirsig

In my mouth, oh my Whore

Let it pour, let it pour.

Your hand, Oh unclean
Your hand that has wasted

Your love, in obscene

Black masses, that tasted

Your soul, its your hand

Feel my prick stand

You stale like a mare

And fart as you stale

Through straggled wet hair

You spout like a whale.

Splash the manure
And piss from the sewer

Down to me quick

With your teeth on my lip

And your hand on my prick

Thelema Abbey

With feverish grip

My life as it drinks

How your breath stinks

Your life times from lewd

Little girl, to mature

Worn whore that has chewed

Your own pile of manure

Your hand was the key to…

And now you frig me too!

Rub all the muck
Of your cunt on me Leah

Unicursal Hexagram

Cunt, let me suck
All your glued gonorrhea!

Cunt! without end
Amen! till you spend!

Cunt you have harboured

Shit on me slut

All the dirt and disease

Creamy .the turds

In your slimy unbarbered

That drip from your gut!

Loose hole, with its cheese

Star of Babalo

Greasy the turds

And its monthlies and pox

Dribble your dung

You chewer of cocks

On the tip of my tongue

Rub all your gleet away!

Spend again, lash me

Envenom the arrow I

Leah one spasm

May your pox eat away

Screaming to splash me

Me to the marrow

Slime of your chasm

Cunt you have got me

stelefaceChoke me with spilth

I love you to rot me

Of your sow-belly’s filth

Cunt you have sucked

Stab your demonical

Up pricks, you have spurted

Smile to my brain

Out foetuses, fucked

Soak me in cognac

‘Till bastards you blurted

orgyCunt and cocaine

Out into space

Sprawl on me sit

Spend on my face.

On my mouth Leah shit!

Churn on me Leah

Twist on your thighs

Smear diarrhoea

Into my eyes.

Splutter out shit

From the bottomless pit

Turn to me, chew it
With me, Leah whore!

dowhatthouwiltVomit it, spew it

And lick it once more

We can make lust

Drunk on Disgust

Sackful of skin

And bone, as I speak

I’ll bugger your grin

Into a shriek

Bugger you slut

Bugger your gut!

Wriggle you hog

Wrench at the pin

Wrench at it, drag

It half out, suck it in

baphoScream you hog, dirt, you!

I want it to hurt you

Splay out your gut

Your ass-hole my lover.

You buggering slut

I know where to shove her

There she goes, plumb
Up the foul Bitches bum!

Beast-Lioness squirt from your

Thelema_ceremony_01Cocksuckers hole!

Belch out the dirt from your

Syphilis soul

Splutter foul words

Through your supper of turds

May the Devil our Lord, your

Soul scribble over

With sayings of ordure

Call me your lover

coprophiliaSlave of the gut
Of the arse of a slut

Eat it you sow!

I’m your dog, fuck, shit!

Swallow it now!

Rest for a bit

Satan you gave

A crown to a slave.

Call me your sewer

the-babalon-doorOf spilth and snot,

Your fart-sniffer chewer

Of the shit in your slot.

Call me that as you rave

In the rape of your slave.

Fuck! Shit! Let me come

Alostrael! Fuck!

I’ve spent in your bum

Shit! give me the muck.

From my whores arse, slick

Dirt of my prick

I am your fate, on

Your belly, above you

I swear it by Satan

Leah I love you

I’m going insane

Do it again!



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