CDC and the Nature of Corruption

funpsyEvery time a heinous crime is committed, people say, without thinking, “that psychopath.” Of course, that kind of knee-jerk reaction isn’t very popular with psychopaths. We know it takes more than bad behavior to make a psychopath (which is why the term “ASPD” can never be equated with psychopathy although many psychopaths have ASPD).

I saw the film VAXXED yesterday. On the one hand, I was disgusted by the hypocrisy of the main players in the CDC who committed nothing short of fraud, a fraud which had many actual victims, and by the hypocrisy of the Lame-Stream Media (thanks, Sarah, for that great term). On the other hand, I felt something like what a shark must experience at the smell of blood.  The prey were going down. I lusted to finish them off. “Get them!” I cried.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield was the first to call people’s attention to the connection between the MMR vaccination and autism in children. The MMR is really three vaccines, that for the measles, that for the mumps and that for rubella. Although administering these shots separately is a lot safer, the puppet-masters of the medical establishment refuse to allow this. The pharmaceutical industry has stopped making single shots even available. Trying to argue with a pro-vax zealot is like encountering the perfect storm. They resemble nothing so much as hysterical harpies, claiming that “science has spoken.” There can be no final word of science because science, by it’s very nature, is changing. How can it progress when all its servants are servile lackeys. What happened to Dr. Wakefield served as an example to anyone who might dare speak out. It was effective, I guess, because few have dared. That’s sad when  one thinks a scientist is supposed to be open and vaxxingunafraid to speak the truth.

Not only are  “scientists” on the one-party bandwagon, the media is as well. One of the top people in the CDC, William W. Thompson,  PhD, was driven by conscience to admit his part in a deliberate deception. He was one of five. The other four destroyed reports documenting the damning evidence. Dr. Thompson saved his copy. What really disgusts me is the way the lame-stream media manipulates the public with scare stories about “deadly” measles. I grew up before we had these blessings of science. Most of us got measles. We were sick. We recovered. Nobody considered measles a life-threatening condition. Sure. Some people died. Some people died from complications rising from the common cold. But the lame-stream media acted as if it were the Black Plague. Good grief! How did the human race ever survive killer diseases like the measles before the MMR? Then we have TV dramas like Law & Order: SVU that show the prosecutor drag a woman to court accusing her of causing the death of a child who caught the measles from her unvaccinated kid.

convulsionThe number of autistic children is still rising. Children, who are developing normally, get the MMR shot and overnight lose the power of speech, can no longer walk properly. Autism isn’t only a brain disease. These children have excruciating intestinal problems. They suffer from diarrhea and constipation.

What’s significant about all this is the pervasiveness of corruption. It seems to reach all branches of our society. People have tried to get Congress to subpoena Dr. Thompson so he could testify and start an investigation. They won’t do it. The CDC will keep grinding along. The “doctors” who committed medical fraud will keep their cushy jobs. The media will keep pumping out propaganda. And why? Because Merck has bought every one of them.

autismI started this blog with the observation that people just automatically attribute every heinous deed to psychopathy. Tina Taylor has a blog specifically dedicated to getting psychopaths out of the government. But psychopaths only constitute one person in 25. How can one in 25 cause all that corruption? I already explored the idea in another blog, Testing Politicians for Psychopathy. The idea that we can get rid of corruption by getting psychopaths out of the government is incorrect, I believe, because the real problem is caused to the power of big money. The 1% can create an atmosphere in which an honest politician who bucks the system can be destroyed politically. The people in power can just throw enough money at his opponent to drown him out. Of course, some of the responsibility rests with the voters who refuse to be mindful but who are swayed by slogans and TV spots. The passivity of the public is as much to blame for the massive corruption as anything.

Why should I even care? I don’t like living in a stupid world. I’m sick of hearing the same transparent lies on the media all the time. And I’m tired of being surrounded by idiots. But I don’t have a solution to offer. But spreading the truth can do so me good and, as such, it’s worth while.

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