Diary of an Ex-Vegan

I was once a raw vegan for 6 years before I got too bored with the regime and went back to a SAD diet. It wasn’t the only time I was raw. I did it for a year after I recovered from pneumonia and was determined to get healthy. My guru at that time was Norman Walker. “Gourmet Raw” did not exist yet so my diet was very austere. But I’m not gonna blog about diets here.

During the six year period I spoke of, I was into “Gourmet Raw” and depended on Cafe Gratitude and their recipes which I made at home to go so long on such a restrictive diet. But Gourmet Raw depends a lot on nuts. So it is hardly a low-fat diet.

vaganbabeSome years later, under the tutor-ledge of Freelee the Banana Girl, I tried something new. High carb/low fat. Freelee calls herself “the banana girl” because of her devotion to eating fruit, especially sweet fruit like bananas. She once bragged about eating 51 bananas in a single day. She also advocated the “80/10/10” diet, that is 80 parts carbs, 10 parts protein and 10 parts fat. Her guru was Douglas N. Graham with whom she (and most people in the movement) have had a falling out due to the fact that Dr. Graham almost killed a girl who went on his water fast retreat in Costa Rica while she had ulcerative colitis. But that’s neither here nor there. It makes an interesting story and you can find the story on YouTube but it’s not the story I’m discussing here.

Every one of my excursions into raw, veganism both together and/or apart were good for me. I healed myself of Hep C, never again got pneumonia, and reversed diabetes on a high-carb/low-fat vegan diet that wasn’t even raw. So I’m not dissing the diet(s) although I no longer follow them.

veganssuckMany non-vegans resent vegans for what appears to be a moralistic, holier-than-thou attitude. People go vegan for a variety of reasons. Some do it strictly for the sake of sparing animals the cruelty that is inevitable when they are our food. Freelee has many videos on YouTube documenting the enormous amount of pain and suffering that result from our dietary whims. What she doesn’t document, PETA does. You can see it all on YouTube for yourself. As one graffiti proclaimed on a bathroom wall I once read, “Every day is Auschwitz for animals.”

vegan-bingoFreelee also has many videos showing how harmful various animal products are for human beings. There are many persuasive arguments that animals and their products (milk, eggs, etc) are bad for us. I was persuaded and went vegan for health reasons. Sure, I was pleased with myself for not harming animals but that had never been the purpose of my dietary choices. By temperament, I am and have always been a carnivore. I am the only person I know whose mouth waters when I see the picture of cute, little pigs in PETA literature. So my veganism demonstrated a great deal of will power.

Before I even thought of going vegan, I reasoned that man is an animal just like all other species. Animals live on eating other animals. Why shouldn’t we do the same? My vegetarian friends would sometime call me an “animal murderer.” I only laughed, pointing out that “murder” is a legal term for the premeditated killing of another human. Her attempts to make me feel guilty were futile.

freeleeOnce I went vegan (for health reasons), I still considered man another species of animal. But I believed that our natural diet, as a species, was raw plant food. This may be true. There are some good arguments supporting that point of view. But I got too bored by the food to stick it out forever. Now I’m doing the Atkins/Paleo/Ketogenic diet, just the opposite of what I had been eating. It is high-fat and low-carb. If nothing else, it’s a new adventure.

The main purpose of this blog is in response to Freelee and others of her ilk who demand veganism as the only noconsciencemoral diet. But psychopaths are free spirits. We don’t feel compelled to follow some moral path that conflicts with our desire. Sorry, Freelee. She actually says people should be forced to be vegan. People who know the facts and still eat meat and dairy “don’t deserve to live on this planet.” Good for her. I like extremists. Extremism enables us to draw hard and fast distinctions, to take stands. I don’t care for mealy-mouth people who are afraid to take a stand and let the chips fall where they may. Freelee is an interesting person. She has lived on the wild side. She is not some goody-goody who knows nothing of life. Cheers!

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