You Know Who

Psychopathy in Modern Literature and Myth

hpbookVoldemort, the über-villain of Harry Potter has all the characteristics in the PCL-R (Robert Hare’s Psychopathy Checklist, Revised). As a boy, Tom Riddle was glib and charming, an adroit liar, expert manipulator, grandiose, and guiltless. In his maturity, he changed his name to Voldemort and began to look more and more reptilian. His school house, Slytherin, was represented by the serpent.

nwoThe internet is full of stories about “reptilian shape shifters” and the “Illuminati.” The real Illuminati was founded in Bavaria, Germany 1776. It was a Masonic order which espoused Enlightenment values and touted reason above all. They were at odds with the government which wiped them out. This organization had little to do with the “Illuminati” of today, a product of rumor and fantasy. Not that there are no actual groups calling themselves “The Illuminati.” Is there an Illuminati in the world today? I would be very surprised if no such organizations exist. Probably more than one. But they are not the Illuminati which was over in the 1800s. The mythological Illuminati exists to bring tomriddleabout the “New World Order,” something nefarious involving a one-world dictatorship. The New World Order, a creation of the Illuminati, is part of the Masonic conspiracy, of course. But every American president until JFK has been a Mason. That is why the seal of the New World Order appears on our money. The Latin slogan under the truncated pyramid translates to “New Order of the Ages.” Wooooo…………….

Most celebrities and political leaders are said to belong to this Illuminati where they are slaves to the order where they are forced to perform satanic rituals.  I believe this is a holdover from the Satanic Panic of the 80’s. A man named David Icke is largely responsible for developing this fantasy. “Most unbelievable of all is former TV presenter David Icke’s claim that the world’s leaders are actually super-intelligent lizards in human guise who control our reality from the Moon. Those who remember Icke from his days on Grandstand may be surprised to know his theories about our reptilian overlords – who have included the Rothschilds, Bob Hope and Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother – have amassed a faithful following on the internet.” Who Are the Illuminati and do they control these pop stars?

Psychopaths have been identified as being reptilian, even being reptilian shape shifters. A lot of that is because of our eyes. Reptiles do have a very steady gaze. They never appear to be ill-at-ease. Psychopaths are also known to have an intense, steady gaze. I think this gaze represents interest. It also shows dominance. People who have self-mastery are not easily flustered and can meet other people’s eyes. Scientologists have a special exercise where they learn how to out-stare each other. But it is also described as the look of a predator sizing up its prey. Robert Hare has said, “It’s their eyes that are the most remarkable feature. How they drill into you.” And, as has so often been pointed out, it’s reptilian.

Another way in which psychopaths are associated with reptiles is in our brains. The part of our brains called reptilian is the brain stem and the cerebellum. “The term “reptilian” refers to our primitive, instinctive brain function that is shared by all reptiles and mammals, including humans. It is the most powerful and oldest of our coping brain functions since without it we would not be alive.” The Reptilian Coping Brain explains that this most primitive and ancient part of our brains has to do with survival. “Humans and all other vertebrates have two instinctive ways to defend themselves when threatened or injured. Their reptilian coping brain instincts are either attack to protect one’s life, or we can hide. Since we are born with these response options, humans may act like lizards or alligators when threatened or wounded, if they didn’t have the other Coping Brain functions to help control reptilian brain instinctive impulses.”

Our eyes and our brains. Hmmm…. Well, it’s one thing to point out similarities between psychopaths and reptiles. But some people go further and actually claim that we can shift shape between the two forms of life. There is even a Biblical element into this wacked-0ut fantasy: Is the reptilian shapeshifter phenomena true or Biblical?

Does the reptilian shapeshifter phenomena have a Biblical basis? Well, lets first address the shapeshifting issue. In the book of Exodus in the Bible, we do see the phenomena of shapeshifting occur. First it occurred when Moses by the power of the Holy Spirit transformed a rod into a serpent, but we must also remember that the Egyptian sorcerers, through the power of fallen angels could also turn rods into serpents. Remember that the Egyptians could counterfeit most of the miracles Moses performed. The fallen angels do have the ability to materialize matter out of nowhere, and to also change the molecular structure of an object. The fallen angels can also materialize into our dimension in any physical form they wish. However in the spirit realm (outside our three dimensional space), I believe the fallen angels have their own true form. Remember that all angels are different, some angels have multiple heads and faces (remember the angels in Ezekiel had the face of an: eagle, lion, ox and human), other angels such as Lucifer are serpent/reptile type beings (remember in Eden, his form was that of a serpent). There are also other angels that look human (there’s many instances of angels appearing in the Bible looking human like. From a Biblical standpoint, I would say its fair and reasonable to state that there are different species of angels (even amongst the righteous angels, there are different species as shown in the book of Ezekiel).
giantsIn Genesis 6 in the Bible, there’s clear scripture that states angels came down from Heaven, and had sexual intercourse with human females. This sexual union between the angels and human females produced giants who had 6 fingers and were over 12 feet tall. It should also be noted that there have been numerous discoveries of giant human skeletons all over the world, when these discoveries occur, they are often hushed up by government science institutes. Many prominent researchers such as L.A. Marzulli have stated that the Smithsonian science institute, often seizes giant human bone discoveries, and the bones are never seen again. Why is the government covering this up? What don’t they want us to know? Researcher and author Steve Quayle has also written books, and documented with evidence, the existence of a race of giants on earth.

At least we know Harry Potter is fiction. Some writers claim to be dead serious in trying to “prove” that there are reptilian shapeshifters. These people are not just anyone. They are prominent members of society, political leaders, pop stars. Reptilians Alien Race, Species, and Shapeshifters Pictures and Videos|Alien-UFO-Research said,

The Reptilians have been around since the beginning of man kind and have been thought to have given the human race much of it’s early technology, helped build the pyramids, worked with the Mayans, and helped start early religions pretending to be Gods and manipulating Adam and Eve in the Bible (While dealing with the story of the Garden of Eden, the Midrash also deals with the serpent. It declares that before causing Adam and Eve to sin, “it had legs” (Bereishit Rabbah, 19). According to this, the serpent was once a tall, splendid and regal creature. When its fate was decided and it is written that “upon thy belly shall thou go” (Bereishit 3:14), “the ministering angels descended and cut off its arms and legs” (Bereishit Rabbah, 20).

This tradition gives the image of the enticing serpent an impressive dimension, that has repercussions on many viewpoints of the ancient world, which saw the serpent as representing forces of evil on one hand and as possessing supernatural powers on the other hand.). Unfortunately their final goal is to eventually enslave the human race in the “New World Order” and use humans for mining and other physical tasks when the time is right.

Out of all the different types of aliens visiting Earth the Reptilians are by far the most dangerous to our very existence as humans. They have very little respect for us and want the Earth for themselves. Some say that the greys have been working against the Reptilians in order to help the human race but it is unclear why. They may have a similar agenda and just don’t want the reptilians to acquire the Earth before them.

In the world of Harry Potter, reptiles are clearly identified with evil. The Slytherin House has a serpent for its mascot. Harry’s rival is named Draco which means “dragon.” Voldemort becomes more and more reptilian as the novel progresses and as he goes further and further along the path of evil.

voldemortIt is apparent that things in this world are not what they seem. Most of us recognize that the United States is being run by a shadow government. I call the puppet-masters who run things behind the scene, “the 1%.” I don’t think we are in the hands of supernatural evil. Are the 1% psychopaths? Circumstances have a lot more to do with behavior than most people realize. Politicians are corrupt, not because they are psychopathic. They have no choice. The puppet-masters can wipe them out with their money. They either go along with the program or the opposition and the media make them disappear. There is nothing more sinister than that. (But that is plenty sinister.)

The Illuminati and reptilian shapeshifters make our world seem a lot more exciting. The banality of evil  is a let-down. Who wouldn’t rather be engaged in a cosmic struggle? What I wonder is how people who believe in Christianity could believe the Illuminati has so much power.

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