Fascism and the NWO

Every woman adores a Fascist,
The boot in the face, the brute
Brute heart of a brute like you.
Sylvia Plath (1962)

3rdwaveIn April 1967 at Cubberley High School, Northern California, during a discussion of the Third Reich, students voiced wonder that such a thing could happen. It was the 60’s, after all. Everyone was about being anti-authoritarian, doing their own thing. In order to answer the question, how could it happen, the teacher, Ron Jones, decided to have an experimental simulation of fascism right in the classroom. His experiment was too successful. The fascist mindset he set into motion was real, too real. Some students thrived in the new environment. Those who were intelligent and independent and sensitive did really poorly. Those who thrived were the under-achievers, those who hadn’t done well in the more humanistic environment. Jones believed that the appeal for under-achievers was equality. Everyone had a chance to succeed. All they had to do was follow the rules. But fascism isn’t all about equality. There are always scapegoats. Those who can’t manage to be part of the authoritarian society.  However, when involvement was made optional, not a single student opted to leave. Even the teacher got caught up in it. There is a movie about it, published on Jun 27, 2001, administered by Israeli Educational Television. Another film, Lesson Plan, showed the original people involved, speaking about their thoughts and experiences. This film is not yet available but it has been shown in various film festivals.

The experiment had many lessons for us. But the one I wish to point to for the purpose of this discussion, is the way so many people took to fascism so quickly and easily. I believe that most of us have an inner fascist. Not that our inner fascist represents the whole of (most of) us. There is also an inner anarchist (thank God).

trumpWith Donald Trump running for president, with rumors of the New World Order, an “Illuminati,” a permanent state of war, shouldn’t we take a good long look at it and ourselves? The TV show, Law & Order: SVU has an episode called Design, year 7, 2006-07. It is about (among other things) a fertility clinic that is striving to make a super race. Dr. Huang, the unit’s psychiatrist, tells them that some day, there will be two races, the enhanced and the ordinary. Isn’t there someone inside that longs for superiority, grandiosity, nazissupremacy? Why else is there “American exceptionalism?” Why else is there “White supremacy?” There are many ways in which this longing is expressed. Biohacking is a way individuals can seek their own superiority. Through the use of Nootropics (medication that enhances our minds), we seek to be better than best. The movie, Limitless, expresses this yearning.

nzt48In Cluster B, this longing is expressed most markedly in narcissists and psychopaths. As a psychopath, I am on fire over my freedom from conscience. It sets me apart from the sheeple who are stuck in their mundane little worlds. Some psychopaths speak of their “emptiness” and apathy, even a “deadness.” But grandiosity is the antidote to such feelings.

Almost everyone can agree that there is a widening gap of inequality in this country with the 1% ruling from behind the big dog and pony show called the media. Citizens United only heightened a situation that already existed. People talk about the Gilded Age in which the wealthy had absolute power to super-exploit the working class and they warn that we are heading back into that kind of world. Jobs are outsourced to the Third World and we, ourselves, are slipping into third world conditions. Many people have become superfluous to the running of society. What is the end game? I can’t see it being anything other than the elimination of enormous masses of “superfluous” people.

slaveryIn The Witching Hour, by Anne Rice (1990), a family of aristocrats living in Saint-Domingue has power unimaginable by our standards. It represents an alternative cultural vision to the Anglo one that set up colonies in the North East of what is now the United States. The southern region was based on a mentality more like the one mentioned above in The Witching Hour. Unbounded power of some humans over other humans was acceptable there. If these are the two alternatives, is the latter finally winning in the end despite the Civil War?

NWO-hostile-takeoverPart of me deplores what is happening and what is coming. But part of me is also enamored with it. I fantasize a brave new world in which efficiency and power rule, in which there is no or minimal weakness and dependency. Everyone has a place and is part of something big. Funny how grandiosity and equality seem to merge in this fantasy. What are we really trying to rise above? Mortality, perhaps. Life is awesome and mysterious. But it is also disgusting. There is shit and decay and disease. Are these things intrinsically disgusting or is our disgust something implanted in us by our parents at a very early age. I have experienced a mentality free of disgust at rare moments, notably when really high on drugs.   Funny that I have had that experience both on ACID and heroin, two drugs that are so opposite in naturalmany ways. Perhaps there is a world possible in which we really can accept mortality without holding our noses, in which we can truly be free of the loathing that seems to be our birthright in this any most societies.

What would the New World Order be? A one-world government, for one thing. Order would trump freedom. The 1% would tighten its power over the rest of us. Some see it as some kind of satanic thing, maybe everyone wearing sixes on their foreheads. Almost everyone who talks of it, sees it as a bad thing. They see it as something that they expect to be imposed on them against their will.

There is a fascist inside me. But there is also an anarchist. The endless ritualism of The Third Wave ultimately bored and wearied me. They must co-exist. Neither has free-reign. The future has never been more uncertain. What path will we choose? Or will we simply annihilate ourselves by destroying the planet?


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