Lightning Rod

Taylor Swift

everyone’s favorite fantasy…

blank_spaceWhen I was a teen, I made some gay friends. We would watch TV together and this one was gay and that one was gay. Celebrities are almost always a repository in which to dump our own “stuff.” But nobody seems to fulfill that role better than Taylor Swift. According to various opinions, she is a really nice, unpretentious gal whose talent made famous, a danger to the morale of the country, a psychopath or a member of (victim of?) the Illuminati.

Taylor Swift, the Psychopath

  • Evidence Suggests Taylor Swift Is a Psychopath
  • Is Taylor Swift…a Psychopath?  In the video on that page, Taylor Swift is quoted saying that in Blank Space, “I was really owning the fact that I’m a psychopath.” OK. I just searched for this interview and found the whole quote was “Half the people got the joke. Half the people thought I was ….”
  • Famous Sociopaths: Taylor Swift (part 2). Sociopath World.
  • taylorbitesPsychopaths in Song. “Let’s face it, Taylor Swift basically admits to being a psychopath in Blank Space – especially if the rumours are true that this is actually how her relationships proceed. Among the best lines are: ‘I can show you incredible things: magic, madness, heaven, sin’; ‘Boys only want love if it’s torture’; ‘I can read you like a magazine’; ‘Love’s a game, wanna play?’; ‘I’ll find out what you want, be that girl for a month, but the worst is yet to come’, ‘You’ll come back each time you leave, cos darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream’. Even the title says it all: a blank space in an empty soul waiting to be filled by some unsuspecting sucker.” James, No Psychos
  • Is Taylor Swift a Psychopath? Quora

But she isn’t just talked about in terms of her psychopathy. She is also notorious amongst the believers in the secretive occultist group that are feverously working to bring about the New World Order: The Illuminati.

Taylor Swift, the Illuminati

satanictayThe conspiracy whisperers who promote the fantasy (sorry, folks, I don’t buy it) of a world wide occultic organization called the Illuminati have almost (if not all) all successful celebrities in the organization. Most are, supposedly, prisoners and victims of this evil group.

So many crazy videos. But I chose this one for maximum amusement.

Some people just don’t like her. Without making any extravagant claims about her, one Sarah Fenske insists. Taylor Swift is Destroying America. This just goes to show that people don’t need the Illuminati nor psychopathy to diss her.

shakeitoffNot a Nice Person?


nicetaylorTaylor Swift a Nice Person

It seems that Taylor fills everyone’s pet issue. Those who were bullied in High School or felt inadequate because they weren’t as pretty as the blonde bombshell put their resentments on her. Those who want to identify with something positive and successful, see those traits in Taylor. Or course, the religious fanatics and conspiracy buffs find fertile ground on which their hobby horse can graze. Psychopaths on Quora are of mixed opinion but then our “club” is notoriously hard to join.

Perhaps all the rumors are true. Maybe she’s a psychopathic occultist who can be nice or nasty. Whatever our fantasies, her real self remains safe and intact in her private life.

Cult of Celebrities

Perhaps all celebrities become a cult for their fans. For example, Beyonce is subject to the same crazy speculations as if Taylor Swift. As Edi says in her article, “This is what cult leaders do: give out a bare-bones message and people will find their own way to make it about themselves.” Both singers, probably most celebrities are indefinite enough for everyone to project their own stuff onto them. Beyonce even has the “honor,” like Taylor Swift, of being in the Illuminati. This is only one of many examples of articles making such a claim. 6 Signs Beyonce Is In the Illuminati. James, who above speculated about whether Taylor Swift was a psychopath, wonders the same about Beyonce. The Cult of Beyoncé: Beyonce: Psychopath? Narcissist? Either way, she has a massive cult of personality.


4 thoughts on “Lightning Rod

  1. I have always liked her music (guilty pleasure, I know) and always suspected she wasn’t quite what she seemed. Her being a psychopath or at least a narcissist doesn’t surprise me a bit.

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  2. Reblogged this on Lucky Otter's Haven and commented:
    Interesting thoughts here about Taylor Swift, probably the biggest megastar he music world has ever seen. I have to confess a liking for her music. I’ve always liked her music. Taylor isn’t the best singer but I rather like the wobbly vulnerability of her vocals and no one can write catchier songs. For several years (when she was a “country” artist) she came across as this sweet, innocent victim-type of girl, a girl moms didn’t mind taking their 12 year old daughters to see. But I always suspected something a little off about Taylor–that she wasn’t quite what she seemed. Is Taylor a psychopath or is she just a narcissist? I think a little of both. Read on.

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