Damned psychiatrists! We used to have personalities. Now we notcrazyhave personality disorders.

Has psychiatry medicalized all of life? In the 60’s, we asked each other what astrological sign we were. Now, it’s what kind of personality disorder. It’s de rigueur to have a diagnosis by a certified, bonified psychiatrist. Self-diagnosed is a term of derision. It means someone is being pretentious, a wannabe. This puts the psychiatric profession in a position of power. Everyone has a diagnosis. Even me. But my diagnosis is absurd. It is paranoid schizophrenia. Ha! If I was a schiz, I would hallucinate and have delusions. I never experienced either. And, if they really believed I suffered from this serious, diabilitating psychiatric disease, why didn’t they treat me for it. I spent two years (between the ages of 13 and 15 in a full-fledged nuthouse but was never offered any anti-psychotic drugs. This hospital offered both insulin and electroshock “therapy” but I was never given either kind. In fact, they even did lobotomies. The lobotomy victims had a ward to themselves. They put one woman who had not been lobotomized on that ward once to get her away from me and my friends who picked on her. Of course, then we could taunt her that she was on the lobotomy ward, Tit for tat. She tried to torment me that I was going to a 700 school. DUH! It was a 700 school because it was in the nuthouse, the same nuthouse she was also in.

I had a good time in the nuthouse, little realizing how they were badmouthing me behind my back until I got my records. I think the most interesting people are the ones who have been in a nuthouse. I still have friends from those days although we are now old. I was shocked by my diagnosis but have since learned that it was customary in those days to diagnose everyone with schizophrenia just as they had, at one time, diagnosed every with dementia praecox. My personal opinion, my self-diagnosis is psychopathy, But my doctors won’t even administer the Hare Checklist to me. Meh. Instead, a student at the Wright Institute diagnosed me as an unspecified personality disorder. We know my personality is disordered but we’re not quite sure how. This institute only recognizes diagnoses that are in the DSM. Instead of psychopathy, they have something called “antisocial personality disorder.” In order to have ASPD, you have do be actively violating the rules of society. I’ve always done that. Right now, even though same sex marriage is allowed, my partner and I are “living in sin” and practicing sado-masochism. Not deviant enough. ASPD generally refers to criminals. Sorry. I don’t need crime. I have Social Security. But I am sorta-kind of “narcissistic.” Meh squared.

In these pages, I will be exploring different psychiatric conditions in my own quirky way.

  • Psychology Blog
  • Lucky Otter’s Haven A Borderline’s musing about Cluster B personality disorders
  • Down the Rabbit Hole. Living with and healing from NPD.
  • Free Associating About Narcissism.
  • 12 Weird Things you Might see a Narcissist Do
  • The making of a covert narcissist. Covert narcissism wasn’t a choice.
  • DSM, Data and Statistical Manual, exercise an inordinate influence on psychology and how we think about people. This article analyses the history as well as current trends. One thing it hasn’t mentioned was the way behaviourism has infiltrated the thinking of those actually writing the manual. Sam Vaknin mused that a psychologist can either strive to be a philosopher or a scientist. Behaviourists think they can establish their scientific credentials by limiting their work to what is observable. Thus, the personality disorder called psychopathy has been dropped in favour of “antisocial personality disorder.” They measure this disorder by the overt antisocial acts someone exhibits. The inner characteristics of psychopathy such as lack of conscience or empathy don’t count with these people. After all, you can’t see a conscience. So people with ASPD can get over it if they mellow and stop breaking so many years. But less behavioristic psychologists such as Michael Stone, say, “Psychopathy is like diamonds. It’s forever.”
  • Narcissist or Psychopath…Both are human preditors. Another spot-on critique of the DSM for removing psychopathy from their ever growing, politically influenced tomb. She puts her finger on the problem by indicting these experts for looking only at behavior and not at the person behind the behavior. Sam Vaknin thought the DSM V might combine psychopathy and narcissism into one disorder. Instead, they continued to discard psychopathy for the much less meaningful “antisocial personality disorder.” Well, it’s their choice to make psychology increasingly less relevant.
  • Crybaby. This story may be triggering.
  • Why Family Scapegoats become Lifelong Victims
  • Why Narcissists and Borderlines are Drawn to Each Other
  • Derealization and depersonalization in NPD and BPD.
  • Grandiose is my Indian name
  • Why No Help For Schizophrenic Girl in Slender Man stabbing. The Jani Foundation is taking great interest in the case.
  • Free to Choose
  • I Don’t Suffer from Psychopathy. I enjoy every moment of it.
  • What’s your opinion on psychopaths. A neurotypical friend of the author gives a balanced answer to that question.
  • Psych Forums. My link is specifically to personality disorders. They have other things there but this is my area of interest.
  • Baby, You’ve Got to go Through the Mill. Something I wrote under the pseudonom of Terry Kolb describing my first masochistic experience.
  • I, Psychopath, Sam Vaknin.
  • Diary of a Narcissist. Sam Vaknin’s Journal
  • Kevin Dutton is an expert who holds a positive opinion about psychopaths.
  • Psychopathic Writings Is there such a thing as a spare time psychopath? Probably not, so I guess I’m a professional one. In the last decade or so researchers and experts have published much new knowledge about psychopaths and psychopathy for the public to learn more about this 1% minority of the world. I think some insider information has been missing from the picture and this is why I have decided to contribute with some of the knowledge that only someone who lives with the condition can provide.
  • James Fallon, a neuroscientist who discovered he is a psychopath.
  • Confessions of a Sociopath by M.E. Thomas
  • Without Conscience, Robert Hare, considered an expert on psychopathy. His checklist is a frequently used diagnostic tool. Unfortunately, the tool is used most frequently in prison. If someone scores high on the psychopathy spectrum, he is denied parole.
  • Frances Farmer. Rich source of information although primarily written to critique Shadowland, the biography of this great rebel.
  • The Jani Foundation created in honor of January Schofield, a girl who was born schizophrenic. She is featured in many You-Tube videos.
  • Slender Chance. The web site for Morgan Geyser who, at 12, attempted murder of a friend under the delusion that an internet meme, The Slender Man, was a real being who could reward her for “sacrificing” her friend by taking her into his mansion in the woods. I got away with attempted murder at 15, Surely she deserves the same consideration.
  • Angie Baby. Cartoon illustrating song about a crazy girl.
  • R.D. Laing, maverick psychiatrist founded Kingsley Hall which provided alternative treatment to schizophrenics.
  • Mental Patients’ Liberation, “You bet your ass we’re paranoid.”
  • Autistics speak for themselves. Exposing “Autism Speaks” as oppressive to people with autism.
  • Smells Like Bullshit, “And yet, Autism Speaks?” an open letter.
  • Professional Victims. There’s a movement of people in recovery from encounters with people who have personality disorders, especially those in Cluster B (borderline, histrionic, narcissistic and psychopathic). Many of these people in recovery are sincerely looking for a healthy outcome. Unfortunately, there is a segment in this movement that is more like a cult than a mileu where people might regain their health. These people are extremely hostile to any of the groups they demonize.


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