trumpWe know what “White Supremacy” or “Male Supremacy” means. It’s about power, relative power, power-over. Our society is hierarchical, despite frequent declarations that we are or want to be egalitarian. The main religion in the western world is Christianity which preaches agape love, humility, brotherhood (or sisterhood) and cooperation. Since these values are not and have never been prevalent in the Christian world, the way Christianity has been practiced is far from those actual ideals.

loveoneanotherWhile our society is competitive and hierarchical, it’s generally recognized that most people are a complex mix of traits that embrace both the combative qualities that society practices and the inclusive ones that Christianity says we should be practicing.

The relatively few of us who live almost exclusively in the former group of traits are stigmatized with names like “psychopath” or “narcissist” or just “Cluster B.” There has been a lot of discussion about whether Cluster Bs are “disordered,” an extreme end of a normal spectrum or, gasp, a superior group which heralds the next evolutionary stage for mankind.

supermanThere is no doubting that a lot of attention is being paid to trying to be the most high-functioning, the most powerful and superior, dare we say it? The most grandiose version of ourselves that we can manage. That ideal is exemplified in the movie, Limitless. But it is sought in real life through biohacking, Nootropics, and eugenics (see, Grandiosity, Part 2).

nwocartoonThere is a lot of talk about the 1% who lord it over the rest of us, the 99%. Our society has fluctuated between degrees of relative equality. During the Eisenhower years, when the rich were taxed up to 90% of their income, the middle class in America flourished. Society has moved to the right over the past 30 years or so. Many believe we are heading for one-world fascism. The economic globalism of neoliberalism (what a misnomer) suggests that such an outcome is very possible. In fact, in lieu of vigorous opposition, it seem inevitable. People refer to it as the New World Order. Politicians sometimes even use this term with a positive spin. But many aren’t buying it. They see it as the final outcome of corporate supremacy.

nobullyIs psychopathy an advantage in this kind of world? Suzanne Sadedin, Ph.D. in evolutionary biology; B.A. in psychology, answering in Quora, said, of the evolutionary advantage, “…the more psychopaths you have in a society, the less beneficial psychopathy becomes. Psychopathy is only advantageous when there are nice victims available; two psychopaths cannot benefit by exploiting one another, but normal people build lasting cooperative relationships that are ultimately more productive for them. And the more psychopaths there are around, the less trusting everyone will be, making it harder for snakesinsuitspsychopaths to exploit the diminishing pool of potential victims.” But she also pointed out that psychopaths who avoid being labeled and who work in the corporate world, can be quite successful playing the hierarchical game. With fewer emotional hang-ups, the ability to camouflage themselves, such psychopaths can be eminently successful. I would add that this also holds true for life in the military or other hierarchical structures.

But some of us love freedom even more than power and would flaunt the rules. I think such psychopaths could become exquisite targets of a brave new One World Order.   There has been a stunningly honest discussion of psychopathy on the internet by self-identified maskbeautypsychopaths. Many of us are clever enough to hide our true identities. Others, like myself, have nothing to lose, being retired. And some, like M.E. Thomas, and James Fallon, are successful enough that they can be safe in their public identities.

In any case, it looks like we are going to be on our own for the foreseeable future. That goes for NTs as well as psychopaths. It’s not for nothing that the article listed in my links, Adaptive Evolution, is full of pop-up adds for Bulletproof products.


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