Birds Born in a Cage…

Mark Passio and Jodorowskybirdsfly

I saw the most marvelous meme with a quote from one of my greatest idols, Alejandro Jodorowsky, the awesome genius who created El Topo, my absolute favorite film. I love this meme. “Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness.” How wonderful that this great man, Alejandro Jodorowsky, made such an observation. But the first sight I had of that meme, was on the cover of a video by one Mark Passio and it’s all about psychopaths. I can see applying Jodorowsky’s insight to the subject of psychopathy. Yes, the “normal” folk think our “flying” is an illness. They do, indeed. The freedom from conscience we enjoy is analogous to flying. The metaphor works very well.

birdsthinkI found it odd that Mark Passio could choose this meme for his video which is a total statement of hatred for psychopaths. How he interprets this quote is a mystery to me. I have seen the video several times and there is no explanation. Never-the-less, the video has many “interesting” ideas to be explored. Mr. Passio says, as does Thomas Sheridan, that psychopaths are not even human. We belong to another species. How members of a separate species manage to breed and get born to human beings is a biological mystery that Passio and Thomas have yet to unravel.

jodorowsky_birds1We are “animals.” The fact that humans are also a species in the animal kingdom seems to elude our good man. But he seems to be one of what I will call a “specist.” You know what a “racist” is. So the meaning of this term should be obvious. White people tend to be prone to racism as the dominant race, many whites believe that they should rule over lesser “races.” Similarly, many humans believe humanity is the non plus ultra of existence. Human life is special. It’s in a separate category from all lesser species. They are animals. Just calling someone an “animal” is condemnation enough. Specism is an ideology that has enabled so-called empathetic humans to subject other animals to unspeakable cruelty. That cruelty has been well documented elsewhere. I won’t belabor my point.

We psychopaths are, therefore, not human beings. We are animals, and, therefore, inferior. Furthermore, we are not even mammals. We are some kind of reptile. (Makes it even more problematic how we manage to breed with humans.)

I wrote a comment under his video which was responded to by a human:

You, Mark Passio, are a bird born in a cage and you think my flying is an illness. And all human beings are animals. We are just a species in the natural order. Don’t be a human supremacist.

Richard T. Minio

+Frances Nowve When he says ‘animal’, he’s associating the psychopath’s impulsive behavior with the instincts of an animal. So when you “fly”, you’ll probably be flying to heaven after you get the death sentence for some horrid crime you committed. Now go ahead and keep flying

Frances Nowve

Many animals are patient and stealthy, not impulsive. I will be happy to fly to heaven when my time comes. I will fly as a free bird beyond the comprehension of those who spent their lives in cages. But I don’t think they give the death sentence anymore.
Confronting these absurdities on a You-Tube thread isn’t enough for me anymore. I created this blog post in order to share and explore my foray into the madness of these kinds of haters.
Another video by Mark Passio Psychopathy & Characteristics of Psychopaths bangs on and on about our lack of humanity. Why, we would do anything and I do mean anything to another person because we don’t respect human rights. But, if we are not human, and Passio emphasizes that we truly are not human, we don’t have human rights. So, this asshole would disregard our rights and feel entitled. A perfect example of how these “nice,” human non-psychopaths can talk themselves into the same enormities they accuse us of committing.
Passio’s video includes a display of a picture of Hitler with a quote that says the needs of nazissociety must come before the needs of the individual. And, next to it, a picture of Hillary Clinton with a quote saying pretty much the same thing. The implication is that Hillary is just like Hitler. Trump couldn’t have put it better. The irony is that putting the individual over the needs of society is what people with ASPD do. So where is this genius coming from? Why condemn us for putting ourselves before society when he so violently disagrees with Hitler and Hillary when they try to put society first.
He also speculates that society may, some day, find a way to alter our brains against our will. Why not? They do all sorts of horrid scientific experiments on animals and Passio has repeated many times that we are “animals.”
When M.E. Thomas speculates that some day society may put us into “sociopath’s only methomgulags,” it sounds far-fetched. But listening to this fool makes it all sound believable. One of my blog posts is called Psychopaths: The Jews of Today. The title kind of seems whiny to me, even though I am the one who wrote it. However, listening to Mark Passio, the title of that post sounds all too accurate.

Mark Passio

markpassioHaving written the above, my curiosity was still not satisfied so I continued to explore Mr. Passio’s world, aside from his rantings about psychopaths. What I gathered is that Mr. Passio is a flaming narcissist with a whole, elaborate socio-economic philosophy which he worships as much as Christians worship their bible. I should have realized when I noticed he has “the great work” after his name. The Great Work is an occult concept of a total spiritual achievement, equivalent to what enlightenment means to Hindus and Buddhists.

youmightbeaI am watching a video called “Free Your Mind 4 2016 Unholy Feminine & Satanic Epi-Eugenics Part.” Before I could see Mr. Passio unveil his ideas, I had to listen to some fellow introducing him at length. In the course of the introduction, we were told that Mr. Passio said, “Feel free to be offended.” That’s a red flag for me. Anyone can be offended. Do we really need to challenge them about it before we even “offend” them? He finally appeared and he went into a whole magilla about offense. The bottom line was that people who get offended by his ideas are reacting to their emotions. He, apparently, is free of emotion. He is pure truth. Furthermore, he abjured the audience to listen to the whole speech and make sure to see Part II as well. 

feministsAs he moved on, he assured us that he has a lot of respect for the female gender. Oh oh! Nobody who has to precede a speech that isn’t sexist needs to say that. Sure enough. He told us that there are two kinds of feminism. One is traditional, classical feminism which is good. And the other is “neo-feminism” which seeks to make women the rulers of men. Um, yeah. Sure. It’s not really very polite for a man to get involved in inner disputes in the women’s movement. They are outsiders. But this guy does more than just inject himself where he doesn’t belong. He is telling us what members of the movement think. And he is way off.

littlemanThis man has a website. What On Earth is Happening? He has a large presence on You-Tube. He will tell you all about Satanism, Epi-Eugenics and other conspiracies. Feel free to check it out. Here is the one I’m watching: Free Your Mind 4 2016 Unholy Feminine & Satanic Epi-Eugenics. I hope you find it interesting. The man who warns us that we are being manipulated is trying to manipulate us. He mixes some truth with some baloney. His repetitious exhortations, “YOU are under mind control,” warns me that he wants to tell me what to think. He is totally condescending to the public in general because they are too stupid to listen to him. What a narc!

Passio calls himself an anarchist. But his fulminations about what society needs to do to us marks him a fascist. His practical politics are not very progressive. He is one of those white men who resents feminists and non-whites who complain about what his kind has done to them. Boo Hoo! Poor white men. He is against socialism. He wants old fashioned capitalism (instead of crony capitalism) until we can get rid of government. (Then who’s going to force psycho-surgery on us without government?)

I have examined many haters on the internet but this man takes the prize. He is a walking pestilence.

13 thoughts on “Birds Born in a Cage…

  1. This is only my opinion…a psychopath can’t help that they are one but something needs to be done about the destructive tendencies they have. It hurts people. Does that make sense or is it an oxymoron?


  2. You seem to be confused. What hateful and depressed state of mind must you be in, that you would so utterly twist and distort the intention of Marks work? Your attempted slander will not hide the truth.


    1. If you would kindly explain how I distorted his work, I might be able to further discuss this with you. But I must say, I am not blind to the way you assume negativity on my part such as “hateful and depressed.” Doesn’t it seem you might be twisting my intentions just as you claim I am doing to Mark?


      1. I’ll meet you in the middle and request a re-statement of your position. Might you offer me a short (one to three sentences) description of your position pertaining to Mark’s work? I will then respond to that, rather than offering an overly generalized commentary of the overall post. Thank you.


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