Isolated and Trapped

Lucky Otter wrote a blog about the importance of mirroring by a mother of a baby’s emotions. This is a famous experiment demonstrating how lack of affect and recognition by a mother can put her baby into a tailspin.

A couple of You-Tubers, Nina and Randa, who usually vlog about veganism, made a “scary” video (probably for Halloween) called The In-Between (with someone named Maddie; it is recommended seeing it on Chrome for 360 degree vision), with a story about a girl finding herself in a strange place with nobody to communicate with is eerily reminiscent of the above video. She sees a girl being dragged away and she mentions it to the room at large. She realizes nobody’s listening. She stops talking. But then she tries to talk to these girls at the receptionist desk. They give her the typical corporate glad hand. “Please accept our sincere apologies on the behalf of the establishment.” “Would you like to take a seat?” “Make yourself comfortable.” The point is these “responses,” however courteous they sound, are not responsive to her need. There is not even a sign that they understand or acknowledge what she is trying to communicate. Just like the baby who is trying to get his mother to acknowledge (mirror) him.

The story ends when they tell her that her room is ready. It turns out she has died and is waiting for a new body to incarnate into. Good Halloween fun.

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