Psychopathic Songs

I could swear I made this page before. Yet I can’t find it anywhere. Must be my nonexistent ADHD (thanks, Dr. Staunton). Anyway, I’m creating it again.

I start with I am a Rock by Simon and Garfunkel. This song can be a psychopathy song or an autism song. Either way…

My next choice is Running Down a Dream by Tom Petty. “I felt real good like anything was possible.” Isn’t that the best feeling?

My next one is also by Tom Petty. It’s Free Falling, of course.

Next one is Behind Blue Eyes by The Who. Eva, you reminded me of this whole project by putting that song out there. I swear, this song was in my original (but missing) blog.

I end with Blank Space by Taylor Swift (of course). Yes. The high is always worth the pain.


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