Ouch! That hurt!

laughterIt’s a never ending source of wonder to me how certain people think they can hurt my feelings. For example, this comment was left under one of my blog posts.

you are sick in the brain. a part of your brain that is supposed to work, just doesn’t work.

Like WOW. I’m devastated! Does he think I didn’t know the brains of psychopaths are different from NTs in ways that are detectable in MRIs?

6 thoughts on “Ouch! That hurt!

      1. I googled it. “em’balm [im’ba:m] em’bitter em’ploy B Prefixed to bound roots (usually … Examples: ’empathy (main stress placed by -y) ’emphasis (main stress … Although it forms a strong initial syllable, it normally remains unstressed in most …” So it has to do with taking something in. Empaths take pathology inside themselves. As they say, “The Greeks had a word for it.” 😉

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