Ever notice how whenever someone really evil or villainous comes to our attention someone is sure to casually call that person a “psychopath.” Of course, that is bogus. Psychopaths represent like 1% of the population, sociopaths, 4%. If we were responsible for all the villainy in the world, we’d be very, very busy.

hitlerI’m not saying psychopaths don’t ever do things people consider horrible. And I’m certainly not saying we are incapable of these things. But NTs, aka empaths are capable of some very impressive enormities. People like to debate whether Hitler was a psychopath or a narcissist. What they don’t spend much time discussing is what was it about the population that allowed them to enthusiastically support Hitler’s policies. Who ran the concentration camps? Who manned the trains going to those camps? Who spread dreadful lies about the Jewish people? Were they all psychopaths? We know that would be impossible.

prestrumpNow we citizens of the United States of America have a president that many are comparing to Hitler. Although he didn’t get a clear majority of the vote, he got a sizeable plurality. I find it significant that, whenever a large population of people do something morally questionable, they are not called “psychopath” or even judged.


psychopathsmaybeTina Taylor says psychopaths are running the world, let’s test politicians to keep them out of office. She admits we can’t tell which ones are psychopathic so she wants to do a brain scan on all of them. I have a better idea. Let’s judge their policies and only support the ones which are good. Then we don’t have to worry about their brains.

If the world is going to Hell in a hand-basket, perhaps ordinary people need to take a critical look at themselves and ask why the road to Hell is paved by “good” people with “good” intentions.



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