Buddha is a Psychopath:

Siddhartha, Sociopathy and the Middle (Psycho) Path

It’s just like Kevin Dutton said in his book, The Wisdom of Psychopaths. Take that, Martha Stout!

Journey Chronicle in Letters and Science

“None the less, from Hannibal Lecter to Morgan, Dexter: etcetera… nada… formalis.” JR


1.        Abundant glib superficial charm/Love for all things.

2.        Poverty of emotions, flat affect/Let it go, all is as it should be.

3.        Unable to form strong emotional bonds/ ‘Spiritual detachment’.

4.        Impulsive/Live for this moment.

5.        Less fear, guilt, remorse/ ‘At peace’

6.        Manipulative, change story to fit situation/ ‘Zen’.

7.        Usually men/ Buddhas’ can only be men. Bodhisattva and higher ranks for females are a late edition. Oh yeah. Put that in your spiritual pipe.

8.        Grandiose, arrogant, narcissistic/ ‘Enlightenment’, svakkhatdo (excellent beginning, middle and end; ‘Higher’ mind, wisdom and virtue ect).

9.        Use others to feel powerful/ ‘Holy’.             (also temples, progressive rank hierarchy ect)

10.     Behaviourally prone to violate social norms/ Orange robes with sandals, a shaved head and extensive wooden beads: yeah that’ll about do it at most clubs. Especially after 6pm.

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