I’m Just Like You


peacedoveOnce upon a time, there was a little white dove named Sweetsie. Sweetsie wanted to go into show business. She auditioned for many parts. Unfortunately, the only parts she was ever offered were representing world peace in political plays or playing the Holy Spirit in religious melodramas. It was better than getting no work at all but it was unsatisfying. Sweetsie wasn’t really like that at all. She has a dark side. She wanted more exciting roles. But they were never offered to her. She was type-caste.

henryHenry was a crocodile who lived in a nice swamp. There was lots of water and algae all around. He had lots of crocodile friends and was pretty happy. But deep down inside, he was unsatisfied with his life. He yearned for something more delicate and gentle.

Sweetsie was flying around, exploring the world. She came upon the swamp where sweetsieinflightHenry lived. She lit upon a hollow tree that was standing there. She looked down and saw Henry wallowing in the swamp. Something about the sight of Henry opened a sweet space in her heart and she started singing. Henry looked up. He had never seen such a pretty, graceful being in his life. “Please come down and talk to me,” he called.

LaworderSweetsie swooped down to earth and the two of them had a long chat. They shared their interests. It turned out, they both liked watching Law & Order: SVU. They both found the criminals more interesting then the cops. Then the conversation moved to their lifestyles. Henry was a predator, of course. As a crocodile, he hunted the swamps for smaller creatures like fish, birds, frogs and the like. Once a man was shot by another man and left to drown. Henry had quite a feast that day. Sweetsie usually ate seeds, grass and occasionally snails. They wondered if it might be practical for them to hunt together.

swampThe next day, they decided to try it. Henry glided through the swamp, detecting by smell and sound signs of life around him. First, he caught a fish. He grabbed the fish in his teeth. While he held the fish steady, Sweetsie pecked at parts of the soft, white belly. She ate enough for her modest needs and Henry finished off the fish.

henryeatingLife was pretty idyllic for the next few months. They hung out, shared their love of the hunt and shared their treasures. But the fact of the matter was that Henry was a crocodile and Sweetsie was a dove. After a while, their routine got boring, especially for Henry. When they had a hard time finding enough prey, one day, Henry realized that Sweetsie was made of potentially delicious meat. He ate her. He was, after all, a crocodile and crocodiles eat birds.



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