Tolerance of Intolerance

judgementJudging Judgement?

Not having a conscience affords me freedom not enjoyed by most people. I can do literally anything without experiencing guilt. I can know something is morally wrong but I can still choose to do it and I won’t hate myself for having made that choice. Of course, consciencefreepsychopaths, being human, are capable of judging others’ people’s behavior. I can judge my own behavior, too, knowing something I did was objectively wrong. But my judgement is just a detached intellectual acknowledgement, not even a mild self-flagellation. Of course, I can regret a stupid decision if it caused painful consequences. But that isn’t guilt. I also have a certain code of behavior. If I violate it, am I letting myself down? Perhaps.

dontjudgeI believe that it is wrong to judge the behavior of others. After all, I can do anything I want. Why judge others when they make choices? That doesn’t mean I’m always consistent in living up to the ideal of being non-judgemental. I do judge other people sometimes, especially when their behavior has an impact on me. For example, I judge conservatives for supporting political policies that would cause me material harm. At the same time, I admit to myself that, were I in different economic circumstances, my politics could easily be different and I could be one of those people I currently judge.

dontsnitchI have always identified with the underdog. I, therefore, adhere to the outlaw’s code that snitching to the authorities is wrong. Of course, I would seek remedy from the authorities if I were being harmed and were unable to remedy the situation myself. But I tend to judge people who snitch on someone who is violating the law in some way that doesn’t harm the snitch directly. I do realize that judging a snitch is inconsistent with my philosophy so I try to be tolerant.

But how far does tolerance go? Does it extend to the point of being tolerant of intolerance? If someone snitches because he judges somebody else’s behavior, he is clearly doing wrong in my opinion but what business is that of mine? Unless, of course, it affects my own interests.

beliefsI think there is a difference between judging the morality of behavior and the worth of belief systems. I do judge ideas that are irrational and I judge them harshly. Religion is high on my list of irrational belief systems. Since most religion judges people’s behavior, I have an extra reason to judge it. Not only is it irrational, it is judgemental. Christianity christianshariafeatures high in that area. Most Christians believe God will punish anyone who doesn’t obey the Christian code of conduct. Some are not content to let God do the punishing. They support laws that force Christian rules on everyone. While openly despising the Muslims’ Sharia Law, they are actually advocating their own version of Sharia. Hypocrisy is a form of irrationality that I find particularly odious.

marijuanaIn the secular world, many want to enforce their form of morality on people who are not even harming others, hence the concept of victimless crimes. The use of mind-altering drugs is one of the most monitored forms of behavior that affects only the individual engaging in it. Society has made a distinction between drugs prescribed by a doctor for the treatment of illness, referred to as medication, and drugs taken by an individual for the sake of feeling good or otherwise altering consciousness, referred to as drugs. Both are controlled by the state. I despise all belief systems that support this kind of interference with individual liberty. Obviously, the state has the right and the duty to protect us from each other. Rape, robbery, murder, etc, are crimes that need to be prevented in order to protect our very liberty. But laws forbidding victimless crimes are themselves crimes.

nottoracismAnother belief system I judge is racism. The idea that everyone with a certain ancestry or ethnicity has particular qualities is irrational. The idea that these ethnic qualities are on a spectrum of superiority/inferiority is not only irrational but also judgmental. It is used as a way to divide people to make it easier for the ruling class to have power over us. Those who criticize the artificial high of drugs should look at the artificial high of the illusion of racial superiority.

complicatedHow not to judge?

As we see, being non-judgemental can be complicated and rife with contradictions. There are certain things of which I can be fairly certain.

  1. There’s as difference between acts that can harm others and those which only affect oneself.
  2. Society has a right and an obligation to protect us from each other but no right to protect us from ourselves.
  3. The authorities are so interfering, they should only be appealed to in extreme situations where we need their protection. Minding the business of others is usually a bad idea. Finking on others is almost always wrong.
  4. There’s a difference between morality issues and rationality issues. As a psychopath, I am amoral but not irrational. I try not to judge the morality of other people’s actions but I do judge the rationality of other people’s ideas.



5 thoughts on “Tolerance of Intolerance

  1. Those who judge and criticize are only voices and thoughts of negativity that may or may not be heard. We must be doers. Christianity isn’t all the same. I haven’t been taught that God will punish me for my wrong doings. I’m not taught that all other religions are wrong. I have been taught to be kind. I have been taught about God’s love. I have been taught to help those in need. I have been taught to listen and hear what people are saying. To love. I have faith. I wasn’t taught to have faith. I have faith.
    Regarding personality disordered individuals. I feel for you/them. I had children with one and while you may not think not feeling bad about bad actions is harmless it is HUGE to children. HUGE. I am not tolerant of my ex husband’s lack of care regarding his insensitive actions toward our children because I know he knows better . He may not “feel” it but he knows it. That I’m intolerant of AND for that I feel sorry for him because without the “feelings” you speak of it not having it also prevents him from having the wonderful feelings too. Lack of feeling guilt is not a good thing for a parent. I promise it’s abusive and exhausting.

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  2. Hi, ifonlymommy,
    Thanks for your comments. What church were you raised in? Sounds like a pretty liberal one. Most Christian dogmas teach that nobody deserves to go to Heaven and all must be saved by Jesus. If you were taught other religions can get you to Heaven, your church must have taught that Jesus isn’t the only way. Well, I just thought of another alternative. My Catholic godfather told me that one interpretation of Catholic dogma is that everyone who sincerely seeks the good is really a Catholic even if his/her ideas are heretical according to the Catholic Church. So, I guess all “good” people can be considered Christians by that logic. Is that how it works?
    Thanks for the sympathy. I also feel sorry for normals/empaths. I don’t think we need a conscience to be “good” or live a constructive life. It’s not lack of guilt for “bad actions,” that hurt children or other people. It’s the bad actions, themselves. Normal, or empathic people are capable of enormous misdeeds. They may feel guilty for those deeds or they may justify them in some way. But the deeds still get done. I’ll concede a psychopath is more likely to do whatever as we don’t accept limits on our choices. But it’s the deeds that count, not conscience or lack thereof.


    1. I was actually raised in the south in a baptist church. I am aware that people think baptist churches do weird things…I’m not sure why. No snakes or any bizarre things. Haha. My church was normal. It was filled with loving people and giving hearts. In any group of organized worship there are a few bad seeds. A lot of religious people are over judgmental, non-bending, and seem to read the Bible in parts and only take in the messages that fit their feelings about right and wrong. I’ve never been that way. My parents didn’t teach me that way and most of the people in my church didn’t either. We excepted each other. I’ve been baptized and I believe that Jesus gave his life for us but that doesn’t mean I think someone is wrong for not being where I am. Honestly I believe most people believe what the family they were born into believes. I believe in one God that we all believe in whether your religion named him something else. It’s the same God. I believe God is love. Love and hate doesn’t match up so no I don’t think one way is right or wrong. I believe we all should try to do our best, love one another, and learn from our mistakes. I believe the meaning of life is love. I really think it’s that simple. Problems occur when people don’t love each other.
      Being empathetic can be exhausting but it has also lead me to be good and kind. People are drawn to me and I feel it. It’s because I listen and I care. I even feel for my ex who was horrible to me. I see a lot of emptiness in him. A lot of searching and depression. A lot of behaviors to not feel so empty even if the behaviors are awful. I hope you don’t feel that way. Maybe my views are based more on his than they should be. I do realize everyone is different and there are different levels on the spectrum of every personality. I see his struggles, even through his denials. So in a way I guess it would be good to not have all this weight from feeling everything but I really wouldn’t trade it. I’m sure you feel the same way about how you are. I seriously didn’t know personality disorders even existed until the last 3-5 years. It’s been quite shocking. I’m still absorbing it all so I appreciate your writings and views.


  3. I never thought Southern Baptists were snake handlers. I did think you were stricter as fundamentalists. Good for you. I’m glad you are happy the way you are. So am I. Peace.


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