My Reward System

waitingI’m so bored! Broke. Nowhere to go. Waiting waiting waiting. It seems like all I ever do is wait for something. And I HATE waiting. Really hate it. I’m waiting for some good money which seems like a done deal. Everything except the actual cash. Grrrr. If I were one of those people who say there is a purpose for everything and the universe is sending a message, I would probably say the universe is teaching me to be patient. Ugh!

new-thai-girlfriend_o_266531I’ve been thinking about transsexuals. They suffer from something called gender dysphoria. That means they “feel” like the other gender from which they had been born. It is considered proper now to enable people to “change” genders (providing they can afford the medical procedures). They are encouraging “transitioning” in people who have those feelings at alarmingly young ages. It’s hard to imagine how a three-year-old can make such a decision. I’ve been told that sex is the physical property of male and female while gender is the social construct. Since society has loosened the rigid category of what is “male” and what is “female,” I would think it would be easier for people to be themselves in the bodies they were born with. Below is a video documenting a camp specifically for transgender kids (boys to girls). The process is shown in a very positive light. These kids look like girls. Of course, they are all pre-puberty. And it’s hard to remember they all still each have a penis. They need to decide later in life whether to have the operation to have an artificial vagina designed in place of their cocks. The process is fabulously expensive. It’s amazing that so many parents are willing and able to foot the bill. These male to female trannies are really into being girly-girls. The climax of the camping experience is a “fashion show.”

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a boy. Transgender wasn’t an option so I stayed a girl. Since puberty, I have been glad to be a girl/woman. I am happy to be a real female with a real vagina and reproductive system. I don’t think of these trannies as real males and females. But I am impressed by how heartfelt their desires are to change over.

bigotThe transgender movement is very powerful politically, I am told. Most of the Left embraces it but a sizeable part of the women’s movement take exception to these males insistence on invading female space which feminists won the hard way. The Right, of course, is the hard nugget. They resist but the transgender movement is a formidable force.

tevyeThe bottom line is these people are unhappy in their given gender. The medical field supports their desire to change so they can be happy. Do people have the “right” to change their circumstances to be made happier? If so, why can’t I get rich. It would make me very happy. I wouldn’t have to be fabulously wealthy. Like Tevye (Fiddler on the Roof), I would be satisfied with “a small fortune.” How about girls getting female hormones to enhance their figures to make them the sexiest chicks on the block?


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