Final Solution for Psychopaths?

dramaSome people probably think we psychopaths are over-dramatizing the amount of oppression we face as a group. For the sake of clarity, I submit this exchange of ideas that just occurred on Quora where I answer questions from time to time.

Here is the question, my answer and a comment, leading to exchange of views.

Why are psychopaths considered evil?

Frances Nowve:
guilty2Most people believe that people can only be good if aversive stimuli threaten them with punishment if they transgress the norms of society. This is called the “conscience.” NTs feel guilty when they do “wrong.” They can’t imagine anyone being “good” voluntarily unless they are threatened with a conscience. They don’t understand that some people can be free of the threat of conscience and still not do “evil.”

Gilberto De La Vega (comments):

psychoIronically, I personally think that we should find better ways of diagnosing and targeting sociopaths so that we can engage in the process of eliminating them from our gene pool and human population. Sociopaths are destructive and evil and are the cause of a lot of suffering in the world, globally and historically. I think at some point in the future we should have a social cleansing of psychopaths and sociopaths where we kill off all sociopaths and psychopaths and make sure they don’t reproduce in our children. That seems like the logical thing to do. It’s for the good of our species.

hitler2Frances Nowve (replies):
Hitler couldn’t have said it better. Genocide. The final solution to psychopathy. Then there will only be loving empaths like you in the world.

Gilberto De La Vega (replies):
vladI don’t even hate psychopaths and sociopaths. I actually feel bad for them because they are sick in the head. But my feelings about them are irrelevant. The point is that sociopaths and psychopaths are incredibly dangerous to human society. They have been responsible for some of the most hideous and heinous crimes against humanity throughout history. People ranging from medieval ruthless lords like Vlad the Impaler all the way to the modern serial killers and rapists like Ted Bundy and Jefferey Dahmer. These people plague the population of Earth and wreak havoc unto the world with no remorse and there is no possibility for them to be cured or become good through rehabilitation. So, I’m sorry I mean no disrespect, but these people gotta go. It’s for the greater good and survival of our species.

Frances Nowve (replies):
You apparently haven’t even read my original reply to the original question which was that one doesn’t need an averse stimulation like a guilty conscience in order to lead a reasonable life. I am a psychopath and I never killed hundreds of people like Vlad the Impaler (who, by the way, has never been diagnosed). Many psychopaths never kill or “wreck havoc unto the world.” I admit that, if we do, it would be “with no remorse.” But most of us don’t. On the other hand, NTs like you presume to be are capable of seriously professorsuggesting that psychopaths “gotta go…for the greater good and survival of our species.” You are talking of genocide, Sir. The fact that you can do so without hatred is truly chilling. I suggest more “havoc” has been wrecked by NTs throughout history than psychopaths. As a professor once said, “It might not be a matter of evil dictators but whole populations of evil people…like us?” Your final solution provides ample evidence for that thesis.

Gilberto De La Vega
Fran Theresa Nowve

Poverty-Eugenics-NewspaperBut there are far more NTs embracing horrible ideologies than there are psychopaths. Eugenics is considered one of those horrible ideologies, by the way. You are clearly one of those horrible NTs. You would eliminate all psychopaths because some of us kill? Since I called you on it, I see you are retreating from wanting to kill us all off. But what would you recommend in the case where a psychopath manages to be born anyway? Kill the kid the moment you realize what he is? Funny way to promote a kinder, gentler society.

Gil (if I may call you that), I have taken the liberty to copy this entire thread to my blog where it can be followed more easily. Final Solution for Psychopaths? Quora isn’t so conducive to this much back and forth. I invite you to continue the debate there.

Gilberto De La Vega
Fran Theresa Nowve

Well, I’m glad you no longer want to kill us. After all, your main objection to psychopaths is that some of us kill so how can someone call for killing as an antidote to the problem? As you said, “in retrospect, (it) seems barbaric.” It not only seems barbaric. It is barbaric.

psychopaththeproblem“We need to find a solution to the problem of psychopaths/sociopaths in our society. We need to find a way of eliminating them from our population.” No. “We” don’t “need to find a solution to the problem of psychopaths/sociopaths in our society.” Psychopaths are not a problem for me. People who think like you do are a problem. How would you like someone defining you as “the problem” and looking for ways to eliminate you? Why do you keep referring to “psychopaths” as if they are some group of people far away who can’t hear you. You are referring to me and my kind and I am right here. You expect me to discuss “psychopaths” as some sort of abstraction? You expect me to identify with your “we” when that “we” is trying to eliminate me? Why can’t you see that your attitude is just as lethal as anything a psychopath could cook up? You blame the bad behavior of NTs on “pathological ideologies like racism, classism, nazism, Stalinism, radicalized religious doctrines like we see in ISIS, tribalism, etc.” Don’t you see how tribal you are being? You are defining us as the “other” who is the problem, who shouldn’t even exist. If that isn’t tribalism (to use the kindest word), what is it?

thankyouclarice“And yes, I still maintain the assertion that this will promote a kinder, gentler society. You can’t deny that psychopaths and sociopaths are dangerous to human civilization.” I do deny it. Far fewer psychopaths do really harmful things than NTs. You even admitted it but suggested that if NTs do bad things because of an ideology, it’s not as bad as when we do things “because they want to do those things, even though they know it’s wrong, and have no conscience or remorse about it.” To bring you back to my original answer again, I pointed out, “Most people believe that wisdompsypeople can only be good if aversive stimuli threaten them with punishment if they transgress the norms of society. This is called the ‘conscience.’ NTs feel guilty when they do ‘wrong.’ They can’t imagine anyone being ‘good’ voluntarily unless they are threatened with a conscience. They don’t understand that some people can be free of the threat of conscience and still not do ‘evil.’” You keep insisting that a conscience is necessary to keep people from doing “wrong.” That’s treating people like children who don’t really have any will for good. They only behave because they fear the punishment of a guilty conscience.

I suggest you read Kevin Dutton’s book, The Wisdom of Psychopaths to broaden your perspective. If my words can’t persuade you, maybe his can.

Gilberto De La Vega

10 thoughts on “Final Solution for Psychopaths?

  1. Trying to discuss an issue with someone who can be manipulated into doing anything, even giving up their own life and destroying their own future, is very worthwhile.

    I am joking, of course. Let the NTs live their lives. Don’t give them any information that will allow them, one day, to engage in witch hunts, to hunt you down.

    Look at the Bell Curve-majority of people are below average intelligence, and that’s being charitable.

    Majority of people are too lazy to take the hard work to see how the world actually runs-they’d rather deal with the emotion and the drama because they are more “fun”.

    Add to this dearth of enforced lack of ability to reason with facts, with a crown whipped into an emotional frenzy by an entertainment industry trying to create the next bogeyman, and you, Fran, are digging the grave of certain people of whom you are one, somewhere down the line.

    NTs commit a lot of “crimes of passion”. Somehow, absolving yourself of responsibility by claiming strong emotions, is an accepted view for the majority of people. That this is not responsible behavior is missed by most. The responsible thing to do, is to take responsibility, but then, you get the idea.

    Remember the Reign of Terror in France. Learn the lessons from that time. Leave other people alone and do not try to educate people into liking you or sparing your life. It can not be done.

    You must secure your own life for your own good and from others who would violate it, for whatever reason. We call human rights inelianable for a reason. Each man/woman must defend his own.

    Do not go against your own common sense and bargain away your own ability to exist. It is a manipulation with an endgoal in mind, that is not in your own best interest.

    Alas, I have spoken.


    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I wasn’t trying to make them like me but I certainly hope my blog doesn’t contribute to our destruction. I’m just tired of “experts” talking about us as if we were dumb things that cannot talk and I’m tired of the hypocrisy by which NTs and empaths keep claiming the high road.


      1. …Actually, the whole notion could be made even simplier. . Psychopaths -do- have the right to live their lives like anyone else….Just not to, you know, decide to go and murder some child for thrills, rob and attack some passerby because they have something they need, rape someone or whatever. Thats why we have/had the electric chair. To punish and finish dangerous *violent* psychopaths who have commited atrocities….The only problem there is it only punishes the offender *after the fact* To prevent psychos causing harm, the only idea off the top of my head would be to have some monitoring system, just like child-molesters, in a way to prevent them harming others……See, the way you think shouldn’t determine weather you’re allowed to exist….Nor should the way you think, determine your rights to harm someone else.


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