Visceral Disgust

lordofflies“Fancy thinking the Beast was something you could hunt and kill!” said the head. For a moment or two the forest and all the other dimly appreciated places echoed with the parody of laughter. “You knew, didn’t you? I’m part of you? Close, close, close! I’m the reason why it’s no go? Why things are what they are?”

Lord of the Flies
William Golding

whitewomenWe know emotions often Trump logic. But I doubt most of us realize the extent to which irrational emotions, many of which are barely on the level of awareness, can take the driver’s seat. An article in Alternet, Why the Majority of White Women Voted for Trump by Kate Manne (discussing a book by the same author, Down Girl: The Logic of Misogyny), has alerted me to the way emotions barely acknowledged can overcome reason.

selfloathingIt seems that many women suffer from self-loathing. Of course, it’s well known that misogyny is deeply embedded in Western thinking. Conscious misogyny can be fought with reasonable arguments, isolating the base premises upon which it is based and refuting incorrect assumptions. But unconscious misogyny eludes any conscious attempt to combat the assumptions people hide from themselves.

grubsWhen one thinks honestly about it, the physical world is pretty damned disgusting. Or, at least, we have been socialized to feel that way. Babies feel no disgust but they are soon taught to loath the sight and smell of poop and other substances that come from their own bodies. The secrecy of bathroom activities speaks eloquently of the shame all Westerners (and probably dialother cultures) carry all their lives. Disgust with oneself is acknowledged in all the advertisements for deodorant, toothpaste and myriad other products that disguise our nature and project an idealized but false image. “Aren’t you glad you use Dial? Don’t you wish everyone did?” Not only do we need to conform to the image offered in commercials, we fear the likelihood of offending other people should we fall short of that image.

fearvaginaIn the presidential race, Trump invoked disgust for Hillary’s body (not her politics). “One such (example, kia) was Donald Trump, who didn’t want to ‘even think’ about Clinton using the restroom during a debate commercial break in December 2015.” Hillary’s health became an issue. We are all dying. When we die, our bodies will rot and stink. We all know this. As small children, we used to giggle about it. “The worms will crawl in and the worms will crawl out.” Adults, who are usually closer to death than kids, don’t like to even think about it. One of the reasons people are disgusted by old age is that the inevitable decline we all have to face is more obvious in the elderly than in the young. The cosmetic industry makes a fortune in helping people retain the appearance of youth as long as possible. That is true of both genders but more prominent in women.

disgustedWomen who grew up carefully hiding any signs of menstruation, body odor and bad breath might feel embarrassed at the sight of one of their own exposing her secret mortal weakness to the world. Hits too close to home.  This kind of disgust for women’s bodies is, no doubt, behind slut shaming and the double standard in general.

I voted for Hillary. I wasn’t thrilled with her politics but it was better than what Trump offered. It never occurred to me to think about her health. She is personable and strong. The article says,

hillarylessevilMy sense is that people in liberal and progressive circles were not generally as proud to vote for Clinton as President Obama, despite their very similar policies and politics, and the fact that each was or would have been (respectively) a history-making president, from the point of view of so-called identity politics. More than that, I think there was an atmosphere on the left that led to moral defensiveness about a vote for Clinton—as if voting for her meant complicity or complacency vis-à-vis the admittedly terrible effects of some of her (I agree) misguided foreign policies. But most of these policies were also Obama’s. Yet, somehow, they often seemed to do less to damage his reputation—and didn’t turn a vote for him into a moral liability on the left, was my impression.

obamadisappointsI was proud to vote for Obama the first time he ran. As president, he was a whopping big disappointment. Not only was I not proud to vote for his re-election, I didn’t vote for him. Of course, living in a blue state, I know Obama would carry the state regardless. If I had been living in a swing state, I probably would have voted for him but with the same reservations I had when I voted for Hillary. For me, it was all about the politics: not the gender, age, or race of the candidates. This is a race for the office of president, someone who will materially effect my own life. Why can’t most people see that?

politicsincommandA slogan of a group I respect is POLITICS IN COMMAND. I shake my head in dismay at the people who vote for the person instead of for the agenda that candidate represents. That’s one reason I think Tina Taylor is wrong in her belief that eliminating psychopaths from political office would fix what’s wrong with this country. Sure, people in office can betray their constituents and break their promises. But a focused, committed constituency can withhold future support for any politico who doesn’t at least give them some of what they promised. I know people who actually voted for Arnold Schwarzenegger because he was the “terminator.” Hello! That was a movie role. It wasn’t even him. I wonder how many sheeple voted for Reagan because of some movie role they saw him in.

fanaticsTrying to combat the senseless, the irrational with logic is a thankless task. But those who manage to use it for their own ends have harnessed a powerful beast.  There’s a truism that for every action, there is a good reason and the true reason. Disgust for life in the physical world is almost universal. It is probably the real reason for religion. We aren’t really of this messy, impermanent universe of entropy. Everything is running down. The food we eat is perishable, decaying. It continues to rot in our intestines and comes out as stinky shit. But God is perfect and unchanging. The tenets of most religion is just as irrational as the rest of man’s thoughts. It only goes to show how far man is willing to embrace the absurd rather than be meat on the compost heap.


I just came across a UTube channel called ABitofBrit. I liked it because it defended Taylor Swift against the stupid attacks on her for being white. But Brit showed a right-wing agenda. Here is another video where she reveals herself as a full-blown right-wing bitch.

If this video expresses the mind-set of women who voted for Trump, it is every bit as obnoxious as anyone would expect. Yes, Brit. There really is something called white supremacy. And, yes, Brit. Muslims really have the right to exist and speak their minds. And, yes, Brit. There are plenty of right-wing terrorists in this country right now. People like you prefer to call these white terrorists “mentally disturbed” or some other term that disguises the real nature of white, right-wing terrorism. Brit thinks Trump is wonderful because he spoke of jobs. Has he delivered any, Brit? She says the women in the Women’s March “are not the majority.” News flash! You Trump besotted bitches are not the majority. Hillary got the most votes.

Anyone can make a mistake. Trump conned you with his fake populism. He used your resentment of what you consider “the elite.” But, guess what. Trump is just as elite as anyone. And he hasn’t helped the working class one little bit. His tax plan would seriously harm working class people in favor of billionaires. This is populism? Why can’t you just own up to the fact that you’ve been had?

You called the women who marched on Washington “useful idiots.” Well, guess what. Useful idiots are a hell of a lot better than USELESS IDIOTS!

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