Food and Family and Imperialism and Meat

Well, this is the time of year when we are all expected to count our blessings. Well, here is mine.

I’m grateful for my psychopathy.

indiginousBy the way, the indigenous peoples of the part of North America who were displaced by the white man have a legitimate beef. So happy Indigenous People’s Day too.


turkey bird pictureAnd let’s hear it for the vegans too. They think we should abjure meat eating for moral reasons. Thank gods for my psychopathy since it lets me eat turkey with no pesky guilt. I know meat isn’t the cookedturkeybest for for humans but at least I don’t have any pesky built about being at the top of the food chain.


old times

I hope everyone reading this had a good Thanksgiving feast. To me, Thanksgiving is really about good food and family (which can also mean getting together with good friends). Sharing the day with fellow residents at Courtyards (not pictured) wasn’t half bad. I’m grateful for all my good Thanksgivings. 

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Meat isn’t bad for us. Although it’s true we can overdo it on meat, it’s not inherently unhealthy. In fact it’s actually all the organs inside the animal that is where all the real nutrients are…yes, even for humans. 🙂

    It’s the nasty and cruel farming practices that make the meat that most of the western society now consumes, unhealthy. The caged environment, the injected hormones and anti-biotics. Not to mention they are being fed things they should not eat. Cows do not have the proper digestive system to eat corn and soy. And then add to that that shit’s been genetically engineered by storing the pesticide/herbicide inside the seeds grown to feed that cattle.

    Dogmatic and so called ethical vegans are some of the nastiest, judgmental people on the planet. Quite ironic for a group who calls themselves compassionate. (A bit judgmental on my part, eh?)

    If they focused more on improving today’s conventional farming practices and encouraged people to support local farmers…the men and women who raise their animals outside the barn, to roam on big pieces of property, to eat what nature designates for them to eat, biologically speaking, vegans could make a much bigger difference.

    But instead they wish torture on death on humans that eat meat. Talk about contradictions.

    Ok, so I know this was a small portion of your post but forceful vegans piss me off, as if you couldn’t tell. lol. Their philosophy is some of the most ridiculous. We evolved on eating animals. There was not much else to eat for ‘ancestral’ humans that would’ve gotten us through nature’s cold non-growing seasons and famine.

    Besides, fruits would not have been all that sweet and it would’ve been full of so many seeds, making it difficult to eat them and vegetables would’ve been too bitter to eat much of either. Ugh, can you imagine trying to chew through all that fiber before fire. There would’ve been no way to eat enough of that to be satiated.

    Our present day fruits and veg are hybrids and man made so that they taste good to us.

    Ok, I’ll stop now. I could go on. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving.

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  2. Hey! I know this is controversial but I come out on the side that says meat isn’t a natural food for humans. For one thing, carnivores have sharp, pointy teeth. Our teeth are shaped for grinding grains and starchy veggies. The front teeth are good for eating fruit and greens. Carnivores have short and highly acidic digestive systems. Ours are long and lower in acid, best suited for the slow process by which veggies are broken down. As you mentioned, the organs of animals are the most nutritious. True carnivores go for those treats. Only humans eat the muscle tissue.

    It’s true that we humans have acquired the ability to survive on diets of meat. Whether this got us through an ice age, I don’t know. I, myself, have experimented with a raw, vegan diet. The longest I ate that way was six years. I managed to heal my liver of the effects of Hepatitis C. The doctors wanted to put me on interferon which is a harsh and difficult treatment, something like chemo. They scheduled a biopsy for three months from the time they declared me in serious condition. I immediately went raw-vegan. Three months later, they performed the biopsy and declared my liver was in better shape than they had thought. I didn’t take interferon. I still had the virus but it was dormant. Recently, when Parvati was discovered, I took the cure and now I am free of Hepatitis.

    More recently, I developed Diabetes, Type 2. They told me this was a life sentence. But I went vegan. This time I didn’t do raw but I followed the ideas of Dr. Neal D. Barnard. Again, veganism worked to heal me. I am free of diabetes.

    Now I’m back on the SAD (standard American diet) eating whatever I please. I have always been a carnivore at heart. I really love meat and animal products and got really bored eating vegan. Still, I swear by it as the true diet for human beings.

    Yes, vegans who are into it for moral reasons tend to be judgemental. Most of them don’t actually say humans deserve to suffer and die for eating meat with a few exceptions. Freelee, The Banana Girl,, has said that anyone who has been vegan and reverts to bad habits doesn’t deserve to live. I see she took that video down but I have one almost as good. The latest is that people who eat a “plant based” diet for other reasons than morality don’t have a right to call themselves “vegan.” Whatever.

    Because I’m a psychopath, Freelee can’t make me feel guilt or shame. So I can enjoy her efforts and find them entertaining. I just heard her call me a “murderer.” A friend called me that and I pointed out that “murder” is a legal term and it means premeditated killing of a human being.

    I hope you are correct that eating meat is good for me. I doubt it for reasons above. But, at my age, my time to die is approaching. And I want to enjoy my last years on earth. 🙂


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