How to Spot Psychopaths

fingers-in-mouth-to-vomit-emoticonThis psychopath, yours truly, is pukingly sick of the title subject. Why are people so keen on “spotting” us? Jack Beresford is the latest to ask this tired, old question.

Oh, he does say,

In reality, psychopaths are far removed from the caricature presented in films and TV. Of course there are some that do unspeakable things but then there are also plenty that hold down jobs, have families, enjoy successful careers and live reasonably adjusted lives.

witch-hunt11So, if we’re leading “reasonably adjusted lives,” why don’t they just leave us the fuck alone?!? NTs watch TV and movie psychopaths like Hannibal Lecter and then go hunting for real, everyday psychopaths to roust us from our “reasonably adjusted lives,” and expose us to censure. How witch hunting is that?!

tongueincheekThe article quotes author, Jackson MacKenzie, who lists five things we supposedly say by which you will know us. Gods! I really HATE all this drama. I think Mr. MacKenzie is just being over sensitive. He over analyzes everything and clearly misunderstands us. I wonder if he’s just being bitter. Maybe he’s crazy. Bipolar? Possibly. Maybe he’s jealous. Or in love with us.

psychopath_freeOddly enough, Jack Beresford doesn’t reveal the name of MacKenzie’s book nor where to buy it. I’ll remedy his omission. The book is called Psychopath Free and it’s available at


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