Forbidden Game of Tag

This film was presented in an art exhibit but offended people so became a no-no. I think people should be able to view it for themselves and decide for themselves if they find it offensive. Below is the text on their website.

tagThe Game of Tag attempts to face the trauma of Holocaust and to radically deal with it. The film shows a group of people of different age playing a seemingly innocent game (called “berek” – “the game of tag”) – the course of which was recorded in two different places that are very much alike. At the end of the video it becomes clear that one of them is a gas chamber from a Nazi concentration camp. This rather shocking juxtaposition of a noisy children’s game on one hand and the memory of one of the biggest crimes in the history of mankind on the other, creates – in Żmijewski’s opinion – an opportunity for a therapeutic attempt to work through the trauma of Holocaust in the collective consciousness. By allowing those people to play in the place of trauma, he is trying to overcome the conviction about the unimaginability of Nazi crimes.

tagyouritArtur Żmijewski about The Game of Tag: “This work is full of cruel fun, sadism, nudity and childish carelessness at the same time. It is full of innocence, laughter, juvenile amusement. It was all about the visual reconstruction of a situation. Just as it was back then: naked people in a gas chamber. But instead of horror, we have giggles, toys, erotic games, innocent frolics. What a relief!”

Photography: Jędrzej Niestrój

WordPress keeps deleting the code to embed the film but the link works.

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