Borderline Personality Disorder

borderlinebuttonBorderline has been the subject of much confusion as it originally meant someone on the edge between sanity and psychosis. As one of the Cluster B personality disorders, it is less about psychosis and more about an emotional rollercoaster which inhabitants of this disorder must ride. They have a deep fear of abandonment. But they also dislike engulfment. They are the most emotional of the Bs. Some therapists call Borderline the most curable of the personality disorders. But others question that it’s curable at all. It is just as stigmatized as the rest of the Bs. Borderlines are said to be difficult people to have relationships with. Yet I haven’t heard anyone claim to have been victimized by a Borderline.


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  1. That’s a good summary. The reputation and expectations of BPD folks among the treatment provider community are as complicated as the lives of the people diagnosed with it. And, for many, there are additional issues with substance abuse, PTSD, and physical conditions (notably Fibromyalgia for many years) being attributed to BPD as psychosomatic.

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      1. I had a client who went to ER complaining of feeling sick. They were busy and let her wait, thinking she was there for a psych issue (She was known there and diagnosed with Schizophrenia.) When the nurse finally got around to taking her vitals they took her straight to ICU. She was within an hour of complete kidney failure.

        One good feature of where I worked Crisis was that the Psych Units were separate from the medical hospital, so anyone being considered for psych admission had to be medically cleared with full blood and urine labs and physical exam. Some serious problems were found that way.


  2. As far as not hearing any claims of being victimized…what exactly do you mean by victimized?

    I’m genuinely curious because:
    When you go to the forums where people are talking about having been involved with borderlines or even youtube videos where people bash borderlines, they seem to be claiming to have been victimized.

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  3. Oh yeah, I also wanted to comment that I’d bet that it’s known as being curable because many borderlines actually seek out help, are aware and a lot WANT to change. Personally I think BPD is usually complex PTSD, but that is just an opinion of someone with no formal education in mental health. Either way, it’s some difficult shit to clear. The abuse really enmeshes within a person and a deep belief forms that we are worthless.

    I could go on, but I should just write my own post.

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  4. Borderline men are abusive in my experience. I do think that the disorders don’t stand alone in cluster b. I think they are all connected but one of the disorders is dominate. The others are still in there. This is how it was best explained to me, if someone who claims to love you does horrible things to you, or things that would hurt you if you found out, then that isn’t normal, especially without remorse. There is usually a personality disorder involved. In my experience that statement is completely true. I think there is some deep, pushed down hurt that formed or turned off certain areas of the brain that causes these disorders. I seen “the asshole” come out far too many times trying to cover up hurt or inadequate feelings. Anger, in my opinion, is always covering up for other emotions. You practice that too long and you lose the ability to feel anything but internal conflict, self absorbed emotions, and inability to connect to, empathize with, and understand other human beings.
    There are, however, no reason or excuse for abusing another human being. Not physically, emotionally, financially….none of it. Everyone understands right and wrong.


  5. Is Borderline Personality Disorder curable?

    That’s a damned good question. It gets even murkier to sort out when you learn that
    Marsha Linehan who pioneered the only successful treatment modality, Dialectal Behavioral Therapy (DBT) for BPD, is not only the hair club president but she’s also a client. Linehan had Borderline Personality Disorder.

    Can it go into remission with lots of DBT skills? Yes. Is it curable? Hmmmm. Not sure. It can burn out by mid-life. At their core Borderlines lack holding and soothing introjects. The bain of them will not stay in long-term therapy to do the necessary trauma work due to transference issues and therapy interfering behaviors; missing the chance to be re-parented with the therapist and opportunity to create the lacking holding and soothing introjects.

    Although BPD can be a lifelong problem, people can get better. In most cases recovery is slow and difficult.


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