Histrionic Personality


Histrionic Personality Disorder

histrionicbuttonThis is one I can relate to. Can a psychopath also be histrionic? Look at Diane Downs. My histrionic traits come to the fore especially when I have a problem on the computer that I can’t fix. I hate having to depend on other people, especially on the phone, especially technical support. They always start with 20 questions. Boring questions. What is my name? How do I spell that? I have spelled my damn name so many times that I HATE it already. What is the serial number of my computer/printer/or whatever? Oh, it’s located way in the back and well hidden. They make me feel stupid for not knowing histronic_pdand having to put down the phone to do whatever they insist I do. They they suggest solutions I have already tried. I try to stay polite but I end up having a shit fit. Another histrionic characteristic is dressing to attract attention. Like wearing provocative t-shirts, such as my Psychopath one. Most people don’t notice or show that they notice but others react. Usually, they tell me they love me. One guy told me he trusted people like me more than “normal” ones. One man thanked me for giving him a laugh. “Are you sure it’s a joke?” He looked startled and he said, “Well thanks for the warning.” I also like to look my best in really great makeup by 100% Pure. No, I’m not getting a kick-back for the plug.


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