Antisocial Personality Disorder

aspdbuttonASPD is DSM-speak for Psychopathy/Sociopathy. They think it sounds more scientific or something. And it is focused on behavior more than on the inner psyche. Very Behaviorist of them. Psychologists like Robert Hare and Kevin Dutton discuss Psychopathy independently of whatever the American Psychiatric Association is up to. When I wanted to be assessed with the PCL-R, I was told that’s only used for prison populations.

Psychopath Night was shown on English TV. It’s a generally fine and balanced documentary. They made a few regrettable, what I would call errors. But, for the most part, it is excellent, not only informative but entertaining. One disagreement I have is that Psychopath Night never should have started their countdown with Hitchcock’s Psycho. As they admit, Norman Bates isn’t a psychopath but they say Hitchcock got it wrong. Hello! Hitchcock never said his movie was about a psychopath. It’s about a “psycho,” short for psychotic.


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