Legal Pot

marijuana-dispensaryCalifornia recently legalized pot for recreational users. Today, I went to my first legal dispensary for cannabis. It was an amazing experience.

I found a place on Google located in Berkeley. I must admit the experience was bizarre. It actually reminded me of my old methadone clinic. You enter through a metal detector. Honest! And there are uniformed security officers.

cannabiscandyI looked around the room and saw all those exotic things I had heard of. Candy laced with marijuana. I didn’t have much money so I planned to get two low-price candies. To make a purchase, you have to go into another room. You are asked if you are there for recreational use or medicinal. The we were put on lines appropriate to each. The line was slow moving. I think us recreational users only had one person assisting us. The people around were all very nice. I got to the front to learn that the item I had planned to buy as only for medicinal users. But she was helpful and found candy that didn’t exceed the $10 I had with me.

She packaged every purchase in a white plastic envelope with a note of warning from our government. I ate the candy on the train. It was VERY, VERY INTENSE! That was my experience. Life is good in spite of some people.

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