Get Over It, Folks

The Psychopathy Problem

garrettpearl2As a psychopath, I am nonplussed by the odd forms taken by society’s obsession over our kind. It is often amusing; sometimes sinister. Always worthy of study:


psychopath3I subscribe to Psychopathic Times/Narcissist Nation, published by Tina Taylor. Although this web publication is often repetitious, there are enough new and interesting articles to make it worth subscribing to.  Today, I found such an article. The article in question is called Social Psychopathy & Its True Origins, which is part of a blog by a Kevin Chambers. Every page of the blog has a quote from Martin Luther King with his picture. “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” It’s truly amazing how many people want to identify their cause with MLK. Well, I’m certainly not silent about things that matter to me. Not only on my Cluster B blog, but my Soapbox, dedicated specifically to things that matter to me.

passioKevin Chambers doesn’t seem to think much of psychopaths. He starts by lauding one of the most obnoxious haters on the web. “To start, Mark Passio really knocks it out the park here in this first video, as he speaks aloud what many of us are silently thinking.” Really? What am I “silently thinking?” LOL! This man uses slides to illustrate his lecture like some professor. He starts by analyzing the word psychopathy, taking it apart. Yes. The first part of the word is psyche, the mind. The second part is path, as in “pathological.” So it can represent any kind of “mental illness” if one goes by the meaning of the Greek words. But psychopathy has a specific meaning. It isn’t just a generic word for mental illness. And this is not, by the way, what I had been “silently thinking.” He then goes on to call us “animals.” We have “cunning” but it’s not real intelligence. For goodness sake! Can’t catch him saying we’re intelligent. We have a “lack of conscience or empathy.” YAWN! Tell me something new. Margaret ThatcherBut Mark Passio can’t get over our lack of empathy. That is totally strange to him. And yet, as he marvels at this trait, he shows a picture of Margaret Thatcher on the screen. Now, there’s a dame who is full of empathy. A close friend of the blood-drenched Chilean dictator, Pinochet, she has said, “The trouble with socialism is sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.” Stunningly empathetic, no? Of course, there are psychopaths on every part of the political spectrum. I know socialists who are psychopaths and libertarians who are psychopaths. But nobody ever accused Ayn Rand of having too much empathy. I don’t think Margaret Thatcher could be accused of it either. Laissez-faire capitalism gets its justification by assuming money is already justly distributed so taxing a rich man to feed a poor one is pure theft. Empathy be damned. Or maybe empathy is only supposed to be extended toward the “hard working” billionaire whose taxes are stolen to feed the poor.

vonmisesNever-the-less, we psychopaths do whatever we want. “It’s not a human being, folks. It’s an animal,” proclaims Passio. We’re it’s now. “These beings are out there among us, feeding off of us.” Towards the end of his spiel, Passio graduates us to the title of “demon.” We “think” we are at the top of the food chain. Yet Passio’s video is full of one anti-welfare state mime after another quoting the most extreme pro-capitalist pundits around, von Mises, Hayek, etc. Yet, Kevin Chambers thinks this video “knocks it out of the park.” The fact that the political propaganda on this video clashes with the political convictions of Martin Luther King isn’t explained. It is noteworthy that Passio admits that psychopaths are born with a brain that is wired for psychopathic thinking. Once asked self-proclaimed psychopath Athena Walker if she thought she was evil. “For being born?” she asked.

johntrudellIn addition to Mark Passio, Chambers lauds John Trudell, a Native American who indicted Christopher Columbus and, in fact, the entire Western civilization that moved in on the American continent, disregarding the humanity of the indigenous folk, decimating their civilization in favor of their own. The same blog post that has Mark Passio’s indictment of psychopaths, calling us “animals” and “demons,” has a video by John Trudell which contains a heart-felt cry for social justice. Chambers doesn’t seem to recognize the irony of the fact that both Mark Passio and the settlers on North America dismissed the humanity of people they considered inferior to themselves.

passio2Somehow, Chambers thinks the diseases of Western civilization can be chalked up to psychopathy even though Passio’s speech stressed the enormous difference between the psychopath and the “rest of” humanity. It doesn’t seem that Passio considers his civilization so damaged that he and his fellow man don’t even understand what a human is, which is what Trudell said of it. We, psychopaths, born with a defective brain that makes us animals and/or demons, are not humans but he, Passio and “most people” are human. They say politics makes strange bedfellows. But this is nothing short of bizarre. Chambers’ politics appear to be highly generic. From Martin Luther King, to John Trudell, all the way to Mark Passio the virtuous standard of humanity inhabits every part of the political spectrum.

birds-born-in-a-cage-think-flying-is-an-illnessI have analyzed the ravings of Mark Passio, elsewhere, in a blog post entitled, Birds Born in a Cage. I find Mr. Passio highly narcissistic or, in layman’s terms, full of himself. He talks down to his audience in a way that is so insulting, I wonder why they even put up with him. For example, he says, “understand what is true or get used to the chains, folks.” He calls his series of videos “The Great Work” which is a term used by occultists who are seeking higher truth. I am grandiose. It’s part of my psychopathy. But I couldn’t imagine being as grandiose as this man. No, not even in my best (or worst) days.

lamarkAside from his deluded admiration for the rantings of Mark Passio, Kevin Chambers does say some interesting things. His post goes on from Trudell to a discussion of epigenetics which considers the ability of beings to transmit acquired characteristics to their next generation through their genes. This idea, promoted by a Russian scientist called Lamarck, was once laughed into absurdity. Now it’s being reconsidered. It is oppression that seems most likely to change people’s genes. Survivors of the Holocaust and descendants of African slaves are being examined in this light. Chambers offers these theories as a possible explanation of why society is so fucked up. But there is an apparent dissonance between the idea of society as less human presented by Trudell and the idea of psychopaths as alone being demonic while the rest of “us” are just stupid (the extent that they don’t agree with Passio).

My own opinion

funny-psychopath.pngAlong with Martin Luther King, I am not silent about things that really matter. As a psychopath, I object to the idea that everything that’s wrong with our civilization is a reflection on us. Certainly, any awake individual knows our civilization is highly flawed. Reams of literature have been written explaining how and why we got where we are today. Many of those theories have merit. Blaming 1 to 4 percent of the population strikes me as absurd. If we are so far from the norm, as Mark Passio claims, how can the many problems of civilization be our fault? It does remind me of something. Antisemitism has always presented Jews as simultaneously pathetic outsiders and powerful threats. This is as true of antisemitism in the Middle Ages as it was of Hitler’s antisemitism. In the movie, Cabaret, a woman living in proto-nazi Germany wonders, “if Jews are capitalists, how can they be communists?” A friend answers, “That is their cunning. If they can’t destroy us one way, they use the other way.” Isn’t there a whisper of the same kind of thinking when people describe the all-powerful psychopath who, no matter how fucked-up, manages to be destroying the fabulous civilization these fabulous normals have managed to build? Isn’t it time people got over it?

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