The Ugliness of Hate


Everyone knows about the Tate/La Bianca murders by the Manson Family. Three girls were given the death sentence, later commuted to life imprisonment. Now Leslie van Houten is about to be paroled.

Sharon Tate’s mother, Doris Tate, has visited all the parole hearings of the family members to argue against it. She has said she regrets the fact that the death penalty has been abolished. She calls this murder “one of the most infamous murders.” It’s understandable the mother of a murdered person would feel this way. But it’s less logical for society at large to talk this way. I think the reason the Manson killings are considered so heinous is the fact that they were so bloody. The victims were not tortured. Shouldn’t murder with torture be considered worse? Shouldn’t rape and murder of little children be considered more worthy of condemnation?

dorisDoris Tate has devoted her entire life since the death of Sharon to making sure the Manson killers suffer. Her lifetime devoted to hatred shows on her face. It’s sad that a tragedy like the Tate/La Bianca killings should become the focus of this woman’s entire life.

Now that Leslie van Houten is finally getting out of prison, Sharon’s sister, Deborah, has taken up the vindictive cause of making sure the Manson girls suffer. It looks like Deborah’s face shows the same ugly hatred her mother’s face shows. I love my sister but I can’t imagine devoting my life to avenging her murder, should such a tragedy befall her. Sorry, Jennie!

Deborah has put up a web site that rallies people to sign a petition to ask the governor to prevent Leslie from getting paroled. As old as she is now and as many good deeds she’s performed since she’s been incarcerated, Deborah considers her an irredeemable “monster.”

She calls Leslie a “domestic terrorist,” a monster and a sociopath. As a psychopath, I wonder if Deborah thinks I belong in prison as well even though I never killed anyone. I have attempted murder once. That would probably mean I don’t belong at large. Good thing the system is nicer than people like Deborah and Doris.

lesliecharlieShe claims to believe in rehab except for these “monsters” who were once under the influence of Manson. Imagine what it’s like for any convicted felon trying to get parole. They go up before the Parole Board again and again. They offer signs of their rehabilitation only to hear that the heinousness of their crimes means they are to be rejected over and over. WTF! The board knew about their crimes before the hearing. Why have a hearing? Yet, at long last, now that Leslie is an old lady and far from the person who committed her crime, she is finally getting out. She will not “walk free.” She’ll still be on parole, under the supervision of the parole officers, under restrictions of curfew. But that’s just too good for the murderer of Deborah’s sister.

Deborah goes on and on, listing the virtues of Sharon and the other people in the house that night. They were “young, productive, happening” folk. Hey! Nobody is defending murder. It’s clearly “wrong.” But the perps have spent most of their adult lives behind bars. They have hardly gotten away with it.

But the crowning irony of it all is that Leslie wasn’t even along when Sharon Tate was murdered. She only participated in the killing of the La Biancas. Moreover, she didn’t kill them. She only stuck a fork in them after they were dead. Not nice, to be sure. But does it make her a “monster?” Or a “terrorist?” Terrorism is an act of violence committed for political purposes. She calls these people “terrorists,” not “former terrorists,” as if they can’t wait to got out and do it again. No rational person thinks they are a threat today. Maybe Manson was until his death. He seemed to be in the same place he was in then. But the girls have moved on. Perhaps the Tates should do the same.

12 thoughts on “The Ugliness of Hate

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  2. “As a psychopath, I wonder if Deborah thinks I belong in prison as well even though I never killed anyone. ” oh, most people probably do think that way. It doesn’t matter that they’re all capable of murder, under the right circumstances.

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    1. Just now, I’ve been noticing I have more in common with the Manson girls than I had thought. I tried to kill someone but didn’t succeed. They were also unable to kill anyone. The actual killing was accomplished by Tex Watson, a big guy. What I have in common with them is both murderous intent and incompetence. Oh. I hate that word but that is honestly the one that applies. They are doing life. I didn’t even get arrested. I thank the fact that there wasn’t any big, six-foot guy with me to actually get it done and the fact that I was a patient in a nut house, at the time, on an open ward so I was able to get around. The consequence was being returned to the closed ward. Here is the story:

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  3. In a long life there is supposed to be growth, learning, and change. Apparently, Doris and Deborah are stuck at the day of the murders, not growing, not learning, not changing. The face of hate is ugly.

    The Mask Of Evil – Bertolt Brecht

    On my wall hangs a Japanese carving,
    The mask of an evil demon, decorated with gold lacquer.
    Sympathetically I observe
    The swollen veins of the forehead, indicating
    What a strain it is to be evil.

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    1. Deborah complained that she is serving a life sentence as well as the girls. But that was her choice. A bad choice, in my opinion. She really is punishing herself for what others have done.

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      1. And, blaming it on them. I think this is why humans invented Hell, because so often there is no punishment that can be inflicted on a living body they think is sufficient to the crime. I doubt that even so extravagant a fate as being drawn and quartered or burned would have satisfied these people.


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