What is human?

The Art of Scapegoating

I have discussed the way we psychopaths are stripped of our humanity.

Quite a list and it’s only partial. But dehumanizing a scapegoat is hardly limited to psychopaths. It can be done to any group that is noticeably different from the majority (or powerful minority). Ethnic groups are dandy targets. We have Jews, Blacks, “Indians,” Muslims, “Spics,” and now, Immigrants. Then there are those who lose their humanity by dint of their beliefs. Atheists are a good example. I mean, even God damns atheists. They are going to burn in Hell, anyway. Why should “we” care about them while they are alive? And “libtards” are only snowflakes. They will melt soon anyway. Empaths, NTs don’t have to care about people who are not human by definition.

I guess not “caring” can be liberating to those who feel the weight of the world. Probably, because it’s so liberating, it’s forbidden fruit. People have to find a way to prove scapegoats really deserve to be removed from the circle of those who they are required to “care about.” Some distinctions are easy. Everyone in the species called Homo Sapiens has the right to be treated with benevolence. Animals are fair game. But there are people who are fighting to get animals included in the circle of concern.

Our fellow humans can become more troublesome than other species. “We” must find something really wrong with a human being to be free of the burden of caring about him. Fortunately for empathic haters, there are plenty of ways humans can fall beyond the pale. Even babies.



  • Moral Responsibility and Psychopathy: Why We Do Not have Special Obligations to The Psychopath. Justin Caouette My comment: Is this scapegoating? No. This is logical. Society has the same obligations to psychopaths as it has to anyone else. It doesn’t have “special obligations.” If psychopaths are not to be help responsible for what we do, nobody else should either. Everything has a cause. The fact that something is caused does not prove pure determinism. In other words, we still have free will. On the other hand, if someone commits a crime while psychotic and doesn’t know what he’s doing (because he’s crazy), then, such a person is not responsible. Also, someone who really can’t help himself, someone under true compulsion, isn’t responsible. Psychopaths are sane and free. We are responsible. It is better for us that way. Only responsible people have civil rights.
  • Are Psychopaths Morally Responsible. This could be my reply to the above.

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