Where Does the Shoe Pinch?

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evahanssachsIn Richard Wagner’s music drama (opera to the uninitiated), Die Meistersinger, Wagner appears in two characters, the wise older man, Hans Sachs, a shoemaker and master singer, and Walther von Stolzing, the revolutionary brilliant but impetuous genius. Of course, the former represented the mature Wagner while the latter represented his younger self. The heroine is complaining about the shoes Hans Sachs made for her but she’s really complaining about how Sachs has interfered in her life by preventing her from eloping prematurely with Walther. In the course of their conversation, Eva lashes out, “Ah! Master! Should you know better than I where the shoe pinches? (Ach, Meister! Wüßtet Ihr beser als ich, wo der Shuh mich drückt?)”

marx-lenin-2Karl Marx is one of the most influential thinkers of the past century. In his name, the social/political/economic system known as Communism was installed. Marx taught that class was the…

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