Psychopaths Running the World?

There’s a stunning article that out-does the incredible stupidity of most of the hate pages that are directed against Psychopaths. Some call us reptiles. Some call us demons. Some call us predators and this page calls us parasites. I found this from Psychopathic Times. The article is entitled Pedophilia Is Not Psychopathy. Odd title since it consists of a video the gist of which is to imply that pedophilia is psychopathy.

Nothing worse than a psychopath. This screed starts off

Our society is under full-scale attack by psychopaths intent on destroying our minds, our spirits, and our lives. The goal of this war is to cull the herd and transform the survivors into obedient, soulless slaves.

Pretty damned ambitious for 1% of the population and I’m not talking about the 1% who have most of the money. Psychopaths can exist on all socio-economic levels of societies. I’m sure some of us are in the political-economic 1%. But we are also middle class as well as homeless vagrants.

warriorsIronically, these people call themselves “warriors.” So do psychopaths. They keep talking about how important it is not to be “one of the herd.” Psychopaths are certainly not part of the “herd.” He calls members of the “herd” “idiots.” So do we! He blames psychopaths for pedophilia without explaining how we are responsible for such a widespread phenomena as he says exists when we are in such small numbers. He also decries laws naming “hate crimes” because they make a state of mind illegal. But isn’t that exactly what he is doing to psychopaths? Isn’t it our state of mind specifically that he is damning? And then he has a go at the Me Too Movement. I have problems with this movement too and have suggested it might be a Witch Hunt. Not only is this yet another example of this hater of psychopaths agreeing with a psychopath but he seems to be overstating the danger of this movement in which, according to himself, people accused by the Me Too folks get railroaded into prison. I don’t know of a single case.

He calls himself an “anarchist” but is very unspecific about his particular political viewpoint. Psychopaths exist all over the political spectrum although haters seem to see psychopaths in whichever part of the spectrum that is opposite to their own niche. StefanVerstappen_Art_of_Urban_ has written a number of books, among which are The Way of the Warrior and Art of Urban Survival. He promotes his book on his website, China Strategies but his books are also available on Amazon.

God knows there is a lot wrong with our society. In fact, this is one of the things that makes me proud to be labeled Antisocial. But it’s outrageously absurd to blame all the problems of our civilization on psychopaths. Thomas Sheridan and Mark Passio agree with this assertion. We have plenty of outlandish conspiracy theories such as Pizzsagate and QAnon. But here on earth, we try to limit our flights of fancy to reality.

4 thoughts on “Psychopaths Running the World?

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  2. Could it be that the best cover for a psychopath who wants to run the world is to warn everybody of the (other) psychopaths who (include conspiracy theory) actually run everything?


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