‘Paths Stigmatized

You-Tubers have a society of their own with a lot of back-and-forth between them. By back and forth , I mean Drama! Lots of entertaining feuds between You-Tubers. But it’s kind of like a soap opera in that you need to keep up with a storyline for it to remain interesting. It’s a nice, chaotic way to expand one’s knowledge of just about anything.

That having been said, I came across this great video about, of all things, stigmatizing ASPD or Psychopathy. And on our side, too.

I don’t know Kati Morton or the dude in this video but I plan to inform myself. When that happens, I’ll be giving links. I gather these are mental health “advocates” and they are having a hard time being advocatish towards “sociopaths.” I mean, we’re the baddies, after all. And you can feel sorry for people with most personality disorders. I say a person who you can’t even pity just can’t be any goddamed good. Can we?

I wish to address some things I’ve heard so far. People with ASPD or sociopaths/psychopaths don’t really care if they/we are stigmatized. This is true. We mostly see it as a big, fat joke. That doesn’t mean we don’t clear up some of the garbage that is heaped around our reputations. If only to keep people honest. Meaning consistent. If you advocate for mental health, ya gotta advocate for everyone and that includes us.

I’ve been listening to videos that I expected to be relevant but turned out to be nothing but the most boring chit chat. Who watches these things? If anything, it reminds us how dull ordinary conversation can be.

katiThe third video below finally is the video the other video was talking about. I see the point. Kati Morton really does “stigmatize” us. She actually did call us “gross.” LOL! I really find the whole thing amusing. So I guess, as a psychopath, I really don’t “care.” I know we are not well liked as a group which is why most ‘paths hide behind a mask. But Kati was really presenting a stereotype of us. We are NOT devoid of all emotion. It just doesn’t control us like it does Kati and her ilk. Stigmatize me all you like, Kati. I don’t have much respect for mental health advocates or experts.


3 thoughts on “‘Paths Stigmatized

  1. As for YouTube, the only use I’ve found for it is sharing music videos in comments on blogs and Face Book. That said, once the statement is (accurately) made that stigmatizing anybody for membership in a perceived class is a bad thing, is made, keeping on talking is rather superfluous.


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