6 thoughts on “Why Psychopaths Rule

  1. Dear Nowve666, oh, the working class bandwagon, whaddabuncha b.s.! The reality is more like, the lottery-ticket-purchasing (how people have the money for that, but somehow are late with their bills???) would and, too often do, sell out their eternal souls for even a zillionth of a chance to get rich. Thank the Lord Jesus, each time one of these sorry-arsed sad-sacks doesn’t score a big-time winning ticket. Nine chances out of ten, they would prove to be a lot more stingy, and downright vicious than their “social-darwinistic” betters.

    Don’t know about anyone else, but if my dented-sodacan-of-a-car breaks down, i would rather that happen in a well-to-do neighborhood than in a sort of neighborhood where drinking and hanging out on (and littering up) the street corner is preferred over actually holding down a job.


    1. Just what are you saying, Sue? That all working class people are flakes? That “‘social-darwinistic’ betters” is reminiscent of Ayn Rand. Have you ever read my analysis of Atlas Shrugged? Check it out. https://kiasoapbox.wordpress.com/2016/08/16/social-darwinism-of-ayn-rand/ On what basis do you claim the rich are “better” than the poor. I think it’s an individual matter. Why class all people in one group as being the same? Could it be that you are being defensive? Demonizing the poor makes the system look better, I suppose. You throw out the fact that your car is old and dented, in other words, you are telling us you are of slender means, yourself. Are you offended by my claim that poor people who defend capitalism are fools? Capitalism is all about self-interest. So it is only rational for people who are “winning” in the capitalist jungle to support that system. That’s my opinion, anyway.


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