This nightmare is terrible. When will I wake up? I’m surrounded by demons who keep saying they care about me and are trying to help me. They are rough.

In time, I began to accept the fact that I wasn’t dreaming… This was real. If it’s reality, I won’t wake up in my own bed. I’m going to have to figure out what it is and what to do about it.

I’m finally home. The nightmare is over. Now I can look back and describe it as best I remember it. It started Christmas eve. I had some crazy involuntary movements in my right arm. We agreed I needed to go to an emergency room to find out what was wrong. We called an ambulance and went to the ER. I just wanted to get tested and go home. But they wanted to give me another test the next day. NO! That’s Christmas. I didn’t want to spend Christmas in an ER. So I walked out. Next thing I remember, I was in that demonic nightmare. What I’ve been told since, the cops found me “wandering around incoherent” so they took me to a county ER, not the one I had gone to voluntarily.

I got out of the county place and back into my regular hospital. I wasn’t free but I knew it was real. I was in touch with relatives and I was told I had had a heart attack and also diabetes. My world was the confines of what I could see from my bed.  I was very weak. I wasn’t me any more.

After about two months, I was told I could go to “rehab” where I could rebuild my strength. An ambulance took me there. I was cheerful during the ride. But, when we entered the facility, my heart sank. The people in charge just looked blankly at me. I was  finally given a bed next to other beds. Nobody explained anything.

Things got better over time. I learned the routine. Different people were in charge of different things. I had a wheelchair. Sitting in it was difficult and tiring.

It’s finally over. I’m back home. I feel as if I were resurrected from the dead.


3 thoughts on “NIGHTMARE

  1. “Nightmare” certainly sounds like the right word with loss of control over your circumstances (especially unpleasant for any “B”) on top of the physical and cognitive symptoms (Your blood sugar must have been way out of range to cause that incoherence and disorientation.) Its good to know its over.


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