Angels of Mercy

Empathy ain’t all that.

My Soapbox

doctorsA profession that is subject to an unusual degree of mystification is the medical one. Doctors are revered as healers. Nurses are angels of mercy. We go to these professionals when we are hurting. Although most charge cold, hard cash for their services, there is a growing sentiment that health care is a human right we are entitled to receive whether we can afford to pay for it or not. Europe and Canada already acknowledge that right and the United States is slowly moving towards that position as well.

receptionPatients like to think the doctor really cares about them. Paying for that care creates a cognitive dissonance so doctors never talk about money with their patients. The nurse or receptionist does that. Most of the time, a patient only gets to talk to the doctor during an appointment. He has to deal with nurses or receptionists in order to make…

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