Wanna Live, Human?

a question for each of us…

is the human a lemming intent on it’s on destruction?

I mean, really. Do you believe in science? Science tells us we have, maybe 12 years in gretawhich we can get it together to stop our suicidal emissions to save the planet before we will have destroyed it beyond our ability to fix it. Greta Thunberg has been crying out as a voice in the wilderness. Some of us are even listening and working on solutions. One of those people is Bernie Sanders. He’s running for president. But he has to get the nomination first. And he is up against a “Democratic” establishment that seems manifestly insane. They are insanely opposed to progressive forces in their own party even if those are the only forces that have a chance of saving the planet. They attachment to neoliberalism are more important to them than saving the planet. YES. That IS insane. There’s no other word for it.

I am 76 years old. I’m going to die in a few years no matter what you nut jobs decide to do about your planet. Yes. I’m psychopathic enough not to really give a flying FUCK what greenpublichousinghappens to this ill fated planet after I’m gone. If you want to destroy everything of beauty and brilliance here, that’s your call. Too bad for those of you who wanted to save it. Those of you who vote for inertia will have won by default. My sympathies are with those who are trying to save the earth. If you naysayers were at least honest with yourselves and admitted you choose death, I could respect you. But living in denial as you are doing only curdles my guts with disgust. I can’t even look at you. Go, die if you must.

High FIVE TO Bernie Sanders, Alexander Ocasio-Cortez, Naomi Klein, Greta Thunberg and the other great folk I didn’t name but who deserve to be included here.


charlielinusI just read something from Christianity.com about a Christian message slipped into Peanuts. In Crosswalk.com, Just Drop the Blanket: The Moment You Never Noticed in A Charlie Brown Christmas gives the usual Christian sermon and I realized why it must be difficult for Evangelicals to believe in climate change. They expect God to take care of everything and probably think it shows a lack of faith to think we have to solve the problem. But then I thought further. The average person isn’t used to thinking he or she can be responsible for either creating or solving any major problem on earth. If it isn’t “God” doing it, it’s the corporations. I’ve been guilty of such thinking myself. When scolded to take matters into my own hands, like don’t waste resources, for example, my response has been, “What about the big companies who squander resources in a major way? What is my two-cents worth of waste or thrift going to matter as long as they are doing their thing?” This kind of thinking assumes we, the “little people,” have no power and no responsibility. It’s the thinking that keeps us powerless. It’s the kind of thinking that keeps revolution from happening.

… which takes us back to the original question. Will we choose action? 

7 thoughts on “Wanna Live, Human?

  1. The thought that comes to mind here: Who, then, are the real psychopaths? Or, are those who cannot, or refuse to recognize the urgency of the situation nothing so grand as that, but simply addicts of the status quo, the myth of growth, or madly waiting for The Rapture?
    The Fermi Paradox asks why we have found no evidence of alien intelligence. Perhaps we have the answer, that no species capable of making the jump to the technology to communicate or travel interstellar distances, which requires harnessing fossil fuels, is able to shift from them in time to save itself. A wiser breed would have started a century ago.

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      1. To some degree, I think most people are. I think of a comment by Gregory Bateson when asked in the course of giving a talk about his studies of Schizophrenia and saying it was an integral part of the spectrum of human cognition, “What would zero Schizophrenia look like?”. Bateson thought for a moment and said, “A very well programed computer.” As for Cluster B, we all can act in our perceived self-interest, or out of the insecurities that characterize BPD, or self-aggrandize and come up sort on empathy. As for the climate and fossil fuels, this “civilization” shows every symptom of addiction, including denial in the face of obvious negative consequences. Add to that the clear tendency of both capitalist and soviet style socialist systems to behave like “Bs” and addicts, and to enact the Tragedy Of The Commons, what we see is pretty much the inevitable result. That is why the Progressive agendas of Bernie and Liz are necessary.


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