Anti-Semitism & Anti-Psychopathy

Trump and Netanyahu:

altzarHow the Right uses the
concept of “Anti-Semitism”

Trump’s affinity for Eastern European forces such as Russia is too well known. Bob Altzar Djurdjevic is an American living in Belgrade. His article in Truth in MediaTruth in Media, George Soros: Psychopath Trying to Change the World to his Own Liking is an unrelenting attack on George Soros. In that, he is acting like a typical right-winger. Soros is practically Public Enemy Number One to the Right. He is rich but he is left-wing. I guess that makes him some sort of traitor.

jewsluvmeAlthough most Jews have traditionally been much more numerous on the left, the nation of Israel, especially under Netanyahu, has been aggressively on the right. Disturbingly, conservatives are claiming the mantle of Judaism for the Right and, even more disturbingly, they are equating any criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism. Rudy Giuliani, Italian American, former Mayor of New York, is claiming to be more Jewish than George Soros because he supports Israel. Israel is now the dividing line in some circles between “real Jews” and “treif.In perfect synchronicity, Trump has recently filed an executive order making it a crime to criticize Israel on American campuses, calling it “anti-Semitism.” In an Orwellian act of chutzpah, Trump and his henchmen are even rhetorically divesting Jews of their Jewish identity while claiming such identities for themselves. Soros is a Jew (and a Holocaust survivor) but he is on the wrong side of the Trumpian ideological divide so Bob deals with him the way all these Zionists deal with Jews who fight for the rights of Palestinians. They dismiss such Jews as self-hating Jews.

psychopathBut Djurdjevic isn’t content with just applying the self-hating label and letting it go at that. He has a very special label for Soros: PSYCHOPATH! As he slips the knife in good, he whispers, “For, my research has shown that he is a deeply troubled man who belongs in a psychiatric ward.” Nice and dirty, Altzar. Anyone who has been zapped with the psychiatric label knows the nasty subtlety of it all. Of course, this blog is devoted to fighting the stigma associated with psychopathy and it is already full of examples of people who have been attacked for being psychopaths. Djurdjevic’s first source from there is Newsmax, always a fine place to find right-wing dirt. Seems Soros gave out some deceptive leaflets as a teenager and for that got called a collaborator.  From there, Djurdjevic invokes Sam Gerrans article, A Psychopath’s Psychopath. A taste of the ideological tenure of this entire piece can be had in this little gem by Djurdjevic, “Gerrans’ examples refer mostly to Europe and Russia. But Soros is a global psychopath. His support of violent groups in the US, like Antifa or MoveOn, has proven it.” Good grief! Support of Antifa proves Soros is a psychopath? That’s bad enough! But MoveOn? He almost sounds as bad as Trump, himself, who refers to Nancy Pelosi as an “extremist.” I guess anything to the left of the John Birch Society is a Communist to these guys.

Clearly, Djurdjevic’s politics follow Trump’s. Soros is acting psychopathically every time he advocates policies Trump dislikes. He is in favor of letting refuges in. Well, that proves psychopathy, doesn’t it? All psychopaths are pro-immigration.

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