onewayOur pluralistic society allows far more freedom than societies that insisted on one religious “truth.” Of course, theocratic societies built strength by isolating themselves from other societies that had “truths” that conflicted with their own. If the one “true” religion of our society is challenged by another society’s “one true religion,” that other society must be teaching “lies” and so has to be evil since it’s going against the “truth.”

Once mankind got it into our collective heads that everyone doesn’t have to believe the same thing, religious wars went the way of the Dodo Bird. Today, we disagree about everything. We have a secular society but a sizeable minority resists secularism with everything they have.

scivspseudosci3Science (with a capital S) has a number of dogmas. Of course, before something can become an accepted dogma, it has to go through a rigorous process of truth testing including peer testing of theories. But there does seem to be an official set of “truths” which are opposed on scientific grounds. There is such a thing as pseudoscience. Fake science (no relation to fake news, Donald) hasn’t followed the proper procedures or hasn’t been peer tested.

Since epistemology is a great interest of mine, I am interested in separating the wheat from the chaff as it were. I’m not convinced all accepted science is really as pure and rigorous as it is supposed to be. Politics have a way of infiltrating pure science where desires and agendas are sometimes too keen on running things for my taste nor for the purity of science.

Case in Point — Transgenderism

A growing number of people, particularly children, are claiming to be a different gender from the gender of their bodies. There is such a thing as a female brain and a male brain they allege.

Gender Identity

For an elaborate surprise, this speech tells us there actually is a difference in male and female brains. But the speaker denies the claim that gender is a social construct. davidreimerPersonally, I have found it difficult to relate to those who say they are a certain gender born in the wrong body because I have never had a strong sense of being either gender. I knew I was a girl because I was told that people with my kind of bodies were girls. It’s hard to fathom how anyone can “feel” like a girl or boy aside from just the knowing what their bodies tell us. But apparently there are a number of people who really feel a gender identity independently of what they have been told or what their bodies look like. One example is the case of David Reimer, a boy whose circumcision was botched so badly that the doctors thought it would be better to remove all remaining male genitalia and raise the baby as a girl. In those days, they thought babies were blank slates to convincing this boy that he was a girl would be easy. Instead, he rebelled against this feminine identity from Day One.

“It was shortly after the Reimers’ return from Baltimore, and not long before the twins’ second birthday, when Janet first put Brenda (David) in a dress. It was a special dress that Janet had sewn herself, using the white satin from her own wedding gown. ‘It was pretty and lacy,’ Janet recalls. ‘She was ripping at it, trying to tear it off. I remember thinking, Oh my God, she knows she’s a boy and doesn’t want girls’ clothing.'”

Another example, Pidgeon (see above), was an intersex kid who felt the doctors who had routinely chosen a gender for him had made the wrong choice. And, lastly, Jazz Jennings who, of course, was a textbook case of gender dysphoria. This boy insisted from the age of two that he was a girl. (S)he eventually (with the help of doctors) persuaded the parents to raise hir as a girl. The doctors diagnosed Jazz as “transgender.” Jazz is the author of several books and has starred in a reality show on TLC documenting hir development living as a girl and getting puberty blockers and eventually hormones and surgery.

jazzThe striking thing about Jazz is her extraordinary social poise. She always says just the right thing and is so smooth, she is almost like a corporate creation. For example, the high rate of suicides among trannies is caused by they’re not getting love and acceptance. We see her at one of those instant dating things, she gets the boy she wanted, tells him she’s transsexual and he doesn’t bat an eyelash. Times change, for sure.

I’ve seen a lot of Jazz videos where she goes over her history, always starting with the fact that she declared herself a girl as soon as she knew there were genders. I guess we all organize our memories in ways that validate our identity.

genderfluidWhile I marvel at those who had a strong attachment to a gender as children, another trend (which seems to contradict the above attachment) is emerging called gender fluidity. I would imagine a sense of gender fluidity would be closer to my way of just accepting a gender because it matches my body and everyone told me I’m a girl. I could just as easily “known” I was a boy if I had a penis and everyone said I was a boy. In other words, my knowledge of gender was entirely based on external clues, not internal signals or sense of identity. Isn’t that the same as “gender fluidity?” Maybe the new “gender fluidity” is as much an identity as the claim that one’s in the wrong body because it’s the wrong sex for hir real gender. Maybe a “gender fluid” kid would refuse both the “he” and the “she” pronoun. That is certainly not the indifference that is my experience. Perhaps they are just altering the meaning of the noun, gender. I do think the meaning of the word be kept fluid. If boys could accept the fact that the male experience can include things previously only consigned to the realm of female, perhaps fewer would feel the need to change to the other gender.

Cluster B

beesI belong to an impressive number of Facebook groups dealing with Cluster B Personality “Disorders.” Here are a few of them:

I’ll bet there aren’t a bunch of groups for people in Clusters A and C. We Bees are pretty aspdnotmonsterbig on identity, especially the narcs, of course. What does it mean to be a psychopath? For starters, the American Psychiatric Association made a huge assault on our identity by replacing psychopathy or psychopathic Personality Disorder with Antisocial Personality Disorder. There was more changed than the name. ASPD has a lot more to do with behavior than psychopathy which is really a way of seeing the world beyond any specific behavior. So what is a psychopath? The concept used to lurk in the Not Otherwise Specified label in DMV-4. NOS was eliminated in DMV-5. Psychopathy still exists in the prison system. Parole boards seem fond of Hare’s checklist and use it to make sure psychopaths don’t get paroled. To them, it’s a way to know someone is more likely to re-offend.

MRI-Machine-6The PCL-R is still the state of the arts method of diagnosing a psychopath. But MRI brain scans have detected different wiring in the brains of psychopaths. Can someone be diagnosed as a psychopath by a brain scan? Chris Chambers says no. This is bad news for Tina Taylor, publisher of The Psychopathic Times. It’s her pet theory that society can remove psychopaths from politics by subjecting every would-be candidate to an MRI. Then there is the confusion about what is a psychopath and what is a sociopath. The popular answer is that psychopaths are born while sociopaths are made that way by their environment. I used to think I could tell if I was a psychopath or a sociopath by getting a brain scan. I guess it’s more complicated than than. And who’s to say a sociopath’s brain won’t develop the same appearance as that of a psychopath. Science doesn’t even have consensus on what the difference is, if any. Some use the two terms interchangeably.

We have a lot of self-identified psychopaths on Facebook, other forums, the blogosphere and Quora. Some are diagnosed. Many are not. The question of a psychopath’s identity being questioned has been covered in my blog post, FAKE. But people who claim an identity often are impervious to skepticism of others, just as impervious as the identity of transgender in their confidence that despite the shape of their bodies, they are what they “feel” they are inside. And so we have to accept the enormous extent with which identities are assigned and defined by society.

Psychopaths Running the World?

There’s a stunning article that out-does the incredible stupidity of most of the hate pages that are directed against Psychopaths. Some call us reptiles. Some call us demons. Some call us predators and this page calls us parasites. I found this from Psychopathic Times. The article is entitled Pedophilia Is Not Psychopathy. Odd title since it consists of a video the gist of which is to imply that pedophilia is psychopathy.

Nothing worse than a psychopath. This screed starts off

Our society is under full-scale attack by psychopaths intent on destroying our minds, our spirits, and our lives. The goal of this war is to cull the herd and transform the survivors into obedient, soulless slaves.

Pretty damned ambitious for 1% of the population and I’m not talking about the 1% who have most of the money. Psychopaths can exist on all socio-economic levels of societies. I’m sure some of us are in the political-economic 1%. But we are also middle class as well as homeless vagrants.

warriorsIronically, these people call themselves “warriors.” So do psychopaths. They keep talking about how important it is not to be “one of the herd.” Psychopaths are certainly not part of the “herd.” He calls members of the “herd” “idiots.” So do we! He blames psychopaths for pedophilia without explaining how we are responsible for such a widespread phenomena as he says exists when we are in such small numbers. He also decries laws naming “hate crimes” because they make a state of mind illegal. But isn’t that exactly what he is doing to psychopaths? Isn’t it our state of mind specifically that he is damning? And then he has a go at the Me Too Movement. I have problems with this movement too and have suggested it might be a Witch Hunt. Not only is this yet another example of this hater of psychopaths agreeing with a psychopath but he seems to be overstating the danger of this movement in which, according to himself, people accused by the Me Too folks get railroaded into prison. I don’t know of a single case.

He calls himself an “anarchist” but is very unspecific about his particular political viewpoint. Psychopaths exist all over the political spectrum although haters seem to see psychopaths in whichever part of the spectrum that is opposite to their own niche. StefanVerstappen_Art_of_Urban_ has written a number of books, among which are The Way of the Warrior and Art of Urban Survival. He promotes his book on his website, China Strategies but his books are also available on Amazon.

God knows there is a lot wrong with our society. In fact, this is one of the things that makes me proud to be labeled Antisocial. But it’s outrageously absurd to blame all the problems of our civilization on psychopaths. Thomas Sheridan and Mark Passio agree with this assertion. We have plenty of outlandish conspiracy theories such as Pizzsagate and QAnon. But here on earth, we try to limit our flights of fancy to reality.

Pure Psychopathy

Nothing is True. Everything is Permitted.

This is the purest statement of psychopathic thinking.

Here is a reblog from My Soapbox:

Everything is Permitted

In our pluralistic society, we have many ways of pursuing “truth.” There is religion, mysticism, tradition, philosophy… Choice is not only liberating. It is also terrifying. When everyone believed the same thing, life must have been simple. But Socrates is said to have uttered the most challenging and revolutionary statement possible when he admitted to knowing nothing. To seek the truth, one must first let go of the baggage consisting of our assumptions. Nothing is true, everything is possible.

scientific_methodOne of the most powerful tools by which humanity has sought knowledge is science.

The term science comes from the Latin word scientia, meaning “knowledge”. It can be defined as a systematic attempt to discover, by means of observation and reasoning, particular facts about the world, and to establish laws connecting facts with one another and, in some cases, to make it possible to predict future occurrences.

Science is the path to truth that is considered the purest, the freest of subjective emotional contamination. However, perhaps because science is looked to as the one truly objective path to truth, science has been one of the most interfered with areas of intellectual exploration. The more one looks, the more one finds fingerprints of politics on the body of what is presumed to be pristine.

Science is revered precisely because it is supposed to bypass what we want to believe and take us to what is. The image of a blindfolded person used in jurisprudence to represent lack of bias should be better used to represent what science ought to be.

Science and Religion.

scientific_creationismIt isn’t surprising that religion has often conflicted with and done battle with science. One of the most notorious battlegrounds of science versus religion is evolution. Darwin, himself, was horrified when his explorations led him to the conclusion that our origins were not exactly what the Bible said they are. But, in the spirit of true science, he reluctantly went where scientific method led him. Fundamentalist Christians opposed the Theory of Evolution perhaps more than any other scientific theory since it clashed with the literal biblical account of our origins. In the battleground of ideas, the Fundies appeared to be losing, especially since many Christians were able to accept the idea that the biblical account was symbolic. More recently, Fundies decided to move the battle right to science’s own turf. Now, they are using scientific arguments to sustain their belief in creationism. Another area in which Fundies used science to sustain their own, religiously inspired, view of reality is global warming. Many evangelicals homeschool their kids and use these religiously oriented scientifically argued books as texts. They also use whatever political clout they have to force schools in the states where they have power to teach Intelligent Design, the scientifically argued version of creationism.

Science and Political Correctness.

Gay-LiberationThe victories of Christian fundamentalists over pure (without an agenda) science are spotty at best. Science has managed to hold its own. But in areas involving ideas cherished by progressives (left-wing), science has lost a lot more ground. Where psychology is concerned, science is already more subjective and many don’t even accept psychology as real science. The rapidity with which “experts” change opinions in psychology already undermines its credibility. Of course, all scientific areas are subject to revision. It’s part of the scientific method itself  to allow, in fact, to insist on change. Science isn’t allowed to cling to dogma. It must, by its very nature, be flexible and open to new and better ideas. However, psychology takes the prize when it comes to flexibility.

let us outIt seems as if psychologists were sometimes influenced by accepted dogmas of our very culture and political activists, forcing them to change, actually freed them from political dogma. The bible of psychiatry, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, listed homosexuality as a disorder for years. Gay activists caused them to change their minds, not by scientific debate but by protest. The cynicism with which supposed “experts” gave in to political pressure is summed up well here:

What’s noteworthy about this is that the removal of homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses was not triggered by some scientific breakthrough. There was no new fact or set of facts that stimulated this major change. Rather, it was the simple reality that gay people started to kick up a fuss. They gained a voice and began to make themselves heard. And the APA reacted with truly astonishing speed. And with good reason. They realized intuitively that a protracted battle would have drawn increasing attention to the spurious nature of their entire taxonomy. So they quickly “cut loose” the gay community and forestalled any radical scrutiny of the DSM system generally.

Homosexuality: The Mental Illness That Went Away

christian_anti-gayAlthough “homosexuality” is now officially normal, diehard Fundies still regard it as unnatural (contrary to God’s plan) and therefore a disease that needs to be cured. Curing Homosexuality represents their thinking.

Perhaps to look more scientific, the DSM refused to include the term psychopathy with the Cluster B personality disorders and, instead,  used the term Anti-Social Personality Disorder which was based more on behavior and less on the inner experiences of those with the “disorder” such as lack of conscience.

tranny-200x300But a recent and highly controversial “disorder” is called gender dysphoria disorder and it involves people who think they are not the sex they were born as but the other one. People with this “disorder” have formed an enormously powerful lobby which not only hijacks scientific thinking but which has spawned an enormous network of scientific technology. Who Are the Rich, White Men Institutionalizing Transgender Ideology? is a study of how this lobby got started and grew to power. The upsetting thing about this lobby is the way they have managed to impact so many people’s lives and how they have imposed pseudo science while silencing those who want to practice science that is science.

I have watched as all-women’s safe spaces, universities, and sports opened their doors to any man who chose to identify as a woman. Whereas men who identify as transwomen are at the forefront of this project, women who identify as transmen seem silent and invisible. I was astonished that such a huge cultural change as the opening of sex-protected spaces was happening at such a meteoric pace and without consideration for women and girls’ safety, deliberation, or public debate.

Concurrent with these rapid changes, I witnessed an overhaul in the English language with new pronouns and a near-tyrannical assault on those who did not use them. Laws mandating new speech were passed. Laws overriding biological sex with the amorphous concept of gender identity are being instituted now. People who speak openly about these changes can find themselves, their families, and their livelihoods threatened.

gay_liberationRemember gay liberation? Lesbians didn’t want to be lumped in which gay men so the movement became gay and lesbian. But bisexuals also wanted to stand up and be counted so it became GLB but could trannies be far behind? Now it’s GLBT someones with Q and I tacked on. How did the T get added to a movement for liberation of people with different sexual orientations? Transgenderism isn’t a sexual orientation. A tranny can be gay, lesbian or bi. Well, these billionaires have made massive donations to the gay movement(s). They also donate to universities who then enforce their Orwellian rules about which gender pronoun one may use.

tranny_demonstrationThe most disturbing aspect of the takeover by the Transgender Lobby of science and society is the way they target children. It’s funny how the same society that condemns pedophilia allows children to be encouraged to enter a lifetime of dependency on high-tech medical intervention to support their fantasies. Pre-puberty kids are now being put on hormone blockers to keep them from entering puberty. Then they are given hormones of the desired sex and, finally, surgery. A book written for children called I Am Jazz, written by Jazz Jennings and Jessica Herthel, pushes a lot of factual falsehoods such as the notion that people can be born with girls’ brains in boys’ bodies.

I have written a couple of posts on the subject of transgenderism.

I have also blogged about another instance of politics and science in the field of vaccinations. Yes, science is supposed to be flexible and open to change as new ideas and new data present themselves. Therefore, it’s disturbing how intolerant medical practitioners to any idea that wants to take a square look at the dangers certain vaccines present to helpless children. My blog post, Medical Assault on Children, examines how this agenda has been pushed on people with children and anyone practicing medicine such as Andy Wakefield.

Am I Human?

Well, we all know psychopaths are not well liked by most people. But some of our haters take an extra step. Not only are we bad news, we are not even human!

Mark Passio, who has made many videos about psychopaths, is one of those who call us “enemies.” Mr. Passio seems have more rage against what he calls New Age people who deny “the actual condition that lives in their midst.”

First, Passio analyzes the original meaning of the word psychopath. Psyche is the Greek word for mind or soul. In English, the word psyche is used in the same way. Path is related to pathology or “sickness.” So psychopathy means “sickness of the mind” or soul. Somehow, Passio goes from calling us mentally ill to calling us animals.

Let’s pause in listening to Passio and state some home truths. Human beings, otherwise socio-featureknown as homo sapiens, are a species. Wikipedia defines species as “the basic unit of classification and a taxonomic rank, as well as a unit of biodiversity, but it has proven difficult to find a satisfactory definition.” Every species breeds more of it’s kind with other members of the same species. While some experiments have succeeded in breeding an offspring from members of two different species, that offspring is infertile. It is incapable of breeding. Does this definition of a species fit the description of a psychopath? Hell, no!

empathicratsPassio calls us “animals” as if animals are so inferior to human beings. Which species is destroying the earth? Is it dogs? Cats? Apes? Nah. Human beings are the only species destroying the planet. Furthermore, non-human animals are capable of empathy. Tests have demonstrated this. One study gave rats the chance to free other rats from cages and they jumped at that chance. As with humans, empathy is a natural quality of animal species. That can make us even more frightening. Even rats have empathy. But we do not. Woooooo!SCARY!

boxerPassio correctly explains that there are two kinds of psychopathy: primary and secondary. A primary psychopath is born with a specific kind of brain wired differently than that of a “normal” or “neural typical” person. Secondary psychopaths become psychopathic (or sociopathic) as a result of their experiences in their environment. The primary psychopath is born a psychopath (although professionals have agreed not to name someone a psychopath until he or she has attained majority). Does this mean the psychopath’s parents must be psychopaths? If psychopathy were really the name of a separate species, the parents would have to be psychopaths. Without that, psychopaths cannot be a species. It’s as simple as that. Yet Passio attacks anyone who would raise this common-sense denial of his opinion as a specific kind of fool which he labels “new age.” The New Age Movement is a philosophical, spiritual current of thought that really has nothing to do with the definition of psychopathy.

puzzling_peopleAnother “thinker” who believes we are not human is Thomas Sheridan, author of Puzzling People: the labyrinth of the psychopath. His views are very similar to those of Mark Passio. However, although Passio seems to attribute all evil doing to the omni-present psychopath (who only represents about 1%), Sheridan acknowledges evil doings can be the work of people who are not psychopaths at all. He admonishes the reader, “To use the label psychopath is essentially to state that they are not a human being. Such a statement — no matter how much someone may have wronged you — must not be taken lightly.” But Sheridan also claimed that psychopaths wake from sleep in a pool of cold sweat. Weird. I never did nor has any other psychopath I know.

Passio goes so far as to refer to us as being “brain scansdamaged” and “broken.” Strange, how we can be born a certain way but are “brain damaged.” Yet he insists we are in control of every level of society. Primary psychopaths give orders to secondary psychopaths. So I guess this makes us 10% strong. Pretty good for such a small number of people. Sheridan is more realistic. He realizes that psychopaths can live on many different levels depending on the individual. We can be slackers, happy to just have an easy life without having to work. We can be small-time operators. Or we can be very ambitious, seeking the greatest amount of power. If we are so divided into different types of people, how did we get so much control? If we’re really running things, why don’t we shut Passio and Sheridan up? Maybe because they are so amusing.

roberthareIt’s easy to blame psychopaths for the ills of the world. Harder but more accurate to admit that normal human beings are capable of every evil. Robert Hare, known as the godfather of psychopathy, acknowledges the neural difference between psychopaths and NTs (neural typicals). Yet he has said, “Psychopaths are not disordered. They don’t suffer from a deficit. They’re simply different.”

Mark Passio 1About halfway through his video, Passio makes an extraordinary claim. The people who founded the United States of America were fighting psychopathy by coming to this continent and destroying the indigenous population so they could have their “just” society which included slavery. But the “psychopaths” in the story were not the genocidal settlers. They were the soldiers in the British armed forces. These bold enemies of psychopathy, the Americans, fought the “psychopaths” by shooting them. Really? If you have the patience to wade through enough of Passio’s nonsense to get that far, you can hear it for yourself! So shooting the indigenous people who just wanted to live on their own land wasn’t “psychopathic” but fighting the settlers to keep them subject to the British crown was? Passio just lost credibility as a person with any true moral understanding. He has no right to condemn psychopaths. He has proven himself to be, in Nietzsche’s words, “Human. All too human.” Don’t blame me for your own moral failings, human!


An Army of One

How does psychopathy
relate to politics?

Many people, mostly liberals, would identify psychopathy with right-wing politics. I have always disagreed. A recent study supports me in my disagreement. US States with the most psychopaths. And there’s the fact that conservatives have a larger amygdala in the part that has to do with fear. Reading Newsmax supports the idea that righties are driven by fear. And psychopaths tend to be on the more fearless side of the spectrum. Sure, Dr. James Fallon, The Psychopath Inside, identifies as a Libertarian. who knows?

My Childhood

kidsgangWhen I was a child, I liked to play with “gangs.” By gangs, I’m talking about something pretty innocent and innocuous. We were just children. We didn’t fight with serious weapons. We collected buds from trees and threw them at each other. In other words, calling ourselves “gangs” was just silly kid stuff. Here’s the thing. I belonged to two gangs. These gangs were enemies of each other. When I felt like playing with the other gang, I just told the one I was with that I was going to spy on our enemies. Then I went and played with them. They also thought I was spying on their enemies. The truth of the matter was that neither “gang” had any secrets a spy could have learned. So it was all just fun.

Civil-War-Battle-2We, Americans once had a civil war. That war wasn’t kid stuff. It was a serious business where Americans shot other Americans with real guns, had real generals and fought for real stakes. As a northerner, I was taught the war was over slavery. Southerners tend to deny that. They said it was more about trade and power. They claim slavery would have naturally eroded without the necessity for war. And, yet, Jim Crow, a system of white supremacy enforced by means of terrorism, remained in the South long after the war was over and slavery was (officially) abolished. coloredI understand many southerners are bitter to this day. They still call themselves “rebels” and deny in their hearts that the North ever really defeated them. The American government, officially representing the country as a whole enforced policies more popular in the north such as desegregation. Federal troops came into Little Rock to protect black children going to “white” schools for the first time.

presobamaThe USA has become more divided in recent years. Obama’s presidency pushed a lot of racist buttons. Having an actual black man as president must have outraged them as much as the subsequent Trump presidency outrages the more liberal (which tends to coincide with the northern) side. After having witnessed eight years of bitter obstructionism from the GOP which by now represented the South (after having originally been the party of trump-president-3abolitionists), we have been shocked out of our socks by the victory of a man we never thought could win: Donald Trump. Liberals are just as horrified by Trump’s presidency as the conservative South was by Obama’s presidency. Liberal opponents of Trump call themselves The Resistance. Hillary Clinton won the majority of votes but, because of the electoral college, southern states got an unfair advantage. The electoral college was a sop given to the South as a consolation prize to make their defeat less bitter (not that it seems to have worked). If you ask me, the Union was far too soft on these defeated rebels. They never really submitted and have been a thorn in our sides for years.

populism_-coverTrump’s campaign made out that he was a populist. The sad truth is that the liberal politicians have been practicing an ideology called neoliberalism for years. This ideology claimed that an international economy was best. It was used as an excuse for corporations to outsource jobs to the Third World where they could use cheap labor and save money. “Liberal” presidents like Bill Clinton made trade deals which favored the corporations and hurt the workers. Parts of the country have become depressed areas where massive numbers of workers were chronically unemployed. Clinton also “reformed” Welfare by allowing recipients to only collect for two years in their deep-state-swamp-ben-garrison_1_orig-800x500_centire lifetimes regardless of what their circumstances might have been. When Trump spoke out against the northern elite, his words reached many a receptive ear. He threatened to “kill the deep state” which he held responsible. The deep state was a concept that existed long  before Trump. Also known as the shadow government, the deep state represented the fact that the richest people were really running the corporationscountry regardless of who won the elections. These wealthy people had deep pockets from which they only had to dip in to pay for electioneering of whichever politician pleased them. The Supreme Court’s decision, Citizen’s United, made things even worse for democracy. Although the Democrats kept most of the New Deal legislation, which enabled many working class Americans to hold their heads above water, they supported neoliberalism which increased economic inequality every years. The Occupy Movement pointed out how most of us were being sold down the river by the 1% who owned most of the wealth.

newrawdealTrump promised to give the 99% a fair deal when he became president. Instead, he has given the rich even more advantages than they already had and has been trying to complete the project Ronald Reagan started to demolish the New Deal. Since many Republicans are senior citizens who depend on Social Security and Medicare, it seems unlikely that he will really manage to complete his plan to pay for his obscene bonanza he has given the rich in tax breaks by thirdreichprivatizing those programs. But he uses distractions to keep his useful idiots in line while he picks their pockets clean. His nativism, blaming non-citizens for all of our hardships, his religiously based right-wing intolerance is using scapegoats as a buffer for his suckers’ frustrations have proven to be as successful as Hitler’s big lie technique was back in those days.

BARRY GOLDWATER SUPPORTERS IN 1964As you might have gathered, I don’t like Trump or right-wing politics in general. But I was once a Goldwater conservative. I got that way by reading Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged in my late teens (or early twenties). The book was a shock. I read The Fountainhead with no idea that Rand was conservative. I only thought she is in favor of an individual having the courage of his convictions. But reading Atlas Shrugged, there was no missing the ideology. And it actually made sense to me when I read it. What could be wrong with keeping what one produces? laissez-faireGovernment only exists to protect our freedom to produce and enjoy the fruits of our productiveness. It is the mind that increases the value an hour’s worth of labor can create. Why should mere workers, just contributing their ability to do what they did in primitive times, get paid more than the value of that plain physical labor? It is the mind of the entrepreneur that enabled him to produce more due to machinery. Suddenly, I saw my so_you_think_laissez_faire_capitalism_works__by_deviantart789789-d6p87ksgovernment as horribly perverse. They gave subsidies to farmers for not producing! They tax the rich a higher percentage of their income which they had earned so they could give Welfare to those who hadn’t earned it. You get the idea. The usual argument for laissez-faire capitalism. It’s easy to believe in it as long as daddy’s paying the bills and you’re in a good college. You can read my rebuttal in The Social Darwinism of Ayn Rand. But at the time I am discussing, conservative ideology made perfect sense to me. So I got involved, joined Young Americans for Freedom and the Conservative Party of New York. I even ran for State Assembly while I was in college. I enjoyed the fact that I was a young college student in the 60’s but a conservative. Well, I got over that. I went back to my liberal roots after reading Richard Wagner, my favorite composer, who was a socialist.

Where am I now?

trump-is-right-9o1mgyI am certainly one of the many people who consider Trump a horrendous president and identify with The Resistance. If he were to actually accomplish what he is trying to accomplish, I would be without an income (Social Security). But then it occurs to me, what if Trump really knows what he’s doing and the news I get is all “fake?” Just imagining it makes me feel better. The little kid who switched gangs and pretended to be a spy just for the sake of variety is nodding vigorously. It’s strange that I can have such strong convictions and then realize they are expendable. Self-interest is the only absolute which must be supported by any system I embrace. Trump’s presidency hasn’t changed my life materially in any way so far. I have the same inadequate income. The cost of living has skyrocketed but that was already happening before Trump. The “giant sucking sound” of all our money being sucked into the realm of the 1% has been going on all my life.

ruthless-kids-shirts-short-sleeve-baby-bodysuitThe thing I like about Republicans (what I have always liked about them) is that they are not to “nice” to win. They will do the unscrupulous thing, the outrageous thing and the weak kneed Democrats often let them get away with it. Recent example: Republicans blocked Obama’s completely legitimate effort to appoint a justice to the Supreme Court. Now they are trying to appoint a far-rightist to the court. If only the Democrats could be as ruthless as the Republicans but for their own agenda. But I have to remind myself that both parties are supported by the same deep-pocketed one percent. Maybe the ultra radicals are right in disdaining both major parties because they both support capitalism. Of course there are no signs that The Revolution is coming in the foreseeable future. So their aloofness doesn’t seem to be likely to fulfill their dreams either.

Our government is a mess. I’m voting Democratic. I still think I have the best chance of living a semi-decent life with that party in charge. But, as a psychopath, I am hanging loose. I may have some loyalties to a few individuals but not to any of these political parties.

As a psychopath, I’m an army of one.