A Psychopaths’ Guide to Haters

The internet is a great place where we can find like-minded people. It is also a place where we find people who reject everything we are. Stand anywhere firmly, you will find “haters.” Hate can be blatant or subtle. I don’t mind stirring the pot and fanning the flames at times. I admit it. But I managed to be keep my integrity and stay fair to all. After all. It’s not like they can hurt me. Not really.

anti-psychoThis is primarily a catalog of organizations who have designated us as their nemesis. I have long been aware of these groups/blogs/websites/organizations. I am fascinated at the amount of negativity they direct to my kind. Most will deny hating. Some clearly do. We will look at each one and evaluate their value to enlarging knowledge or promoting bigotry, as the case may be.

(A new blog by Lucky Otter called 9 ways to tell if the victim blog you read is run by a narcissist has emerged. As a person who was raised by a narc and who also married one, she is recovering from abuse herself. However, she has found some of these “victims’ sites” problematic.  Here she provides guidelines for how one can tell if a site is of that nature. Another look at “victim” narcs can be found at The martyr complex — what is it and what can be done about it:

    • Love Fraud. They offer an online course “to protect yourself from sociopaths, psychopaths and narcissists.” This course is not free. In fact, it costs $18.95 and runs for an hour.
    • Stop Romance Scams. It used to be called the battle of the sexes. They write songs about it. Lots of songs.
    • Narcissists, Sociopaths and Flying Monkeys — Oh My! and lions and tigers and bears
    • Narcissists, Sociopaths, & Psychopaths – Knowledge is Power
    • My Sociopath. An empath’s soul journey among sociopaths.
    • Psychopath Victims. An Online Public Users Support Group For Victims of Psychopaths or Sociopaths
    • Aftermath: Surviving Psychopathy Foundation. This foundation boasts Paul aftermathBabiakas Vice President and Robert Hare on the Board of Directors. They even have Mary Ellen O’Toole  as consultant. They are tax exempt, charitable and non-profit. About psychopaths, they inform us, “Psychopathy is a serious syndrome of personality pathology. While most psychopaths are charming curnoand charismatic on the surface, underneath they are manipulative, pathological liars, and irresponsible.” Robert Hare has recently distanced himself somewhat from that statement. He now questions the notion that psychopathy is a disorder. He also acknowledges the fact that it is a spectrum on which some people who fit the assessment of “psychopath” can even be fun friends. I like the air of professionalism displayed by this foundation. It doesn’t get over-emotional and pettily personal like some of them. The video was made in 2011. On the other hand, they also have some weirdos like Winifred Rule. Some of the gals on their Board of Directors look bothered in the extreme.
  • Psychopath Victims. An online public users support group for victims of psychopaths or sociopaths
  • Victims of Psychopaths or Sociopaths. This is part of a larger group that deals with antipsychomyriad problems. Although it only mentions psychopaths and sociopaths in the title, their opening page features borderline disorder but, if you click on the link, a larger window opens on which you can scroll to antisocial personality disorder. Beyond this, one can find the PCL-R. Interesting…
  • Psychopath Free. This is the organization that published the article which I reviewed in detail in my blog, entitled Psychopathy Awareness. The article, Wise Psychopaths, Honest Narcissists, Empathetic Sociopaths, & Other Virtuous Evil People, had for its main thesis the “fact” that we are evil. I have discussed this on the other blog so I won’t repeat what I said here. This site has nothing good to say about us at all. We are the enemy.
  • dangerousPsychopaths and Love. Healing in the Aftermath of a Psychopath. This blog by Adelyn Birch, is, in my opinion, a notch or more above the others. Ms. Birch has shown surprising insight in some of her blogs. For example, Charm and the Psychopath, goes far beyond the usual cliches about “love bombing” and finds the deeper qualities of psychopathic charm.
  • Waking You Up. “Psychopath victims helpline – support groups for psychopaths.”(?!) The work of one Sarah Strudwick, this looks like it may be different. “Having looked at many of the forums who are supposed to support victims some of them are actually run by the same kind of people that the abuser is running away from.” (Um…I think she means the “victim is running away” not the “abuser.”) She criticizes groups that keep people in the “victim mentality.” Good for her. But the title statement that she runs “support groups for psychopaths” is belied by her statement, “I decided never to set up a forum.” Because I think Sarah Strudwick may be a breath of fresh air as she shows signs of thinking outside the box, I tried to find a way to contact her about the anomalies cited above. I would have brought her lipssewnattention to them and helped resolve them rather than expose her publicly. But I couldn’t find such a way and she is, after all, responsible for her own mistakes.
  • Revealing Narcissism. The Good, the Bad, the Ugly.
    “Lenora lived at home, till she was about 30 and they ‘finally let her move out’. She probably lived rent free, because her parents visit her every week, so they obviously were not holding her hostage. She also has a dog, which they discouraged her from getting, but she got it anyway, so they don’t control her.
    “She is really milking her victimization as much as she can.”
    Posted by Carrie Doff, The Psychopathy Society, Facebook
  • Female Psychopaths. An oddity named Winifred Rule has the distinction of winifredruleposting in groups for psychopaths where she hawks her wares. Ms. Rule has written a book, Born to Destroy and she delivers lectures. She is also connected to a group already listed above, The Aftermath. Why she singles out the female psychopath is an interesting question. Her blog does not provide the personal story explaining that (or, at least, I haven’t been able to find it).
  • Psychopathy Awareness. Same old.
  • Sociopathy Awareness. “Without Conscience.”
  • Sociopaths Suck. At least they are to the point. We are “trapped in the mind of a two year old” but somehow manage to be dangerous. I guess we are “terrible twos.”
  • Fried Green Tomatoes. Online Resource for Victims of Psychopaths and Narcissists
  • Dating a Sociopath. The person in charge seems to be Nikki (Positivagirl). I first became involved in a thread that turned out to be tedious and tiresome in the extreme when I chanced upon a post in which a victim or survivor rejoiced at the death by suicide of a “sociopath” who had “victimized” her. I thought this over the top even for a victim support blog and I wrote a kind of scolding post about it. The title of the thread, ironically, was Do Sociopaths ever go away — for good — forever? Here is how my participation started:

Me: You rejoice at somebody’s death? Who is the sociopath?
Bluegal says:April 20, 2016 at 3:39 am I do!! Its not like rejoicing the death of a human. Who in the hell cares about the death of an abuser?? CD much going in? If my ex psychopath died tomorrow I’d VOLUNTEER to DJ at the funeral!

And things went downhill from there. Obviously, I consider this one of the more toxic sites of it’s kind. It is symptomatic of much of the loose talk one finds on the internet. We are not “human.” We are “reptiles,” “demons,” and the cause of all human misery.

Witch Hunters

Another hater, Mark Passio, has a video worth exploring. Birds Born in a Cage is my exploration. I just discovered another piece of work named Anthony Johnson. He is clearly a misogynist but there is something he hates even more than women. That’s psychopaths. Here is a very long speech about How to Survive a Female Psychopath. Raising butthurt to new levels of absurdity, he bitches forever about this terrible woman he married and stayed with for four years. Even funnier, he thinks he is another Howard Roark (The Fountainhead).

What makes them tick? I found an interesting article about the Martyr Complex that might provide a key to many people’s attachment to victimhood. It looks like covert narcissism to me.

Here’s a new one on Facebook. It’s called Sociopaths are Everywhere — Beware. This one looks very toxic. It has a hideous picture representing, I guess, us. Here’s another one. Mygod! They are popping up like mushrooms after the rain. Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of Psychopaths Among Us. This page doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Dr. Robert Hare despite the misleading title.

Narcissists are beginning to speak out about how they are stigmatized on these blogs/websites. Here’s one no! it’s not your fault!— The same writer also wrote a guest post in a blog called Recovering from NPD. I’m glad to see narcs speaking up. ‘paths have been doing this for a while. The post is called Narc-hate site makes recovery hard.

A few of my own blog posts deserve mention here.


13 thoughts on “A Psychopaths’ Guide to Haters

  1. Ahem, I think you will find that I am one of the least toxic ones towards you. But you do, kind of set yourself up to be honest. And as you say you ‘enjoy stirring the pot’. So there you go.

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  2. Hi, Positivagirl. Thanks for your comment. I didn’t really mean to attack you personally. But the pervasive atmosphere of your blog is very hostile. I have read many of the comments specifically about me and found them petty and mean. Of course, I knew this blog would stir up anger and controversy and I accept that.

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