“What is truth?” asked Pontius Pilate and washed his hands.

Ever noticed how rigidly members of the medical profession cling to whatever opinion is currently on the party line? Isn’t it maddening? Especially, since these sanctified opinions seem to change every thirty years or so. These doctors strike me as little echo machines. Some of my views clash radically with the accepted “truth” of these gurus of health.

gardenWhen it comes to diet, I believe the natural diet for human beings is raw vegan. My reasons are available at my web site, Kia’s Hero’s Journey. I have healed myself from two serious illnesses (hepatitis c and diabetes) with my diet. But there are enormous establishments devoted to pushing a much less effective approach to fighting disease. As a diabetic, I was forced to attend boring classes with complicated diet regimes based on theories I consider incorrect. I attended the classes and did my own thing and got rid of this “incurable” disease. Billions are squandered fighting cancer with an incorrect approach.  Many people have beaten cancer just by eating raw vegan. But the medical establishment insists on surgery followed by chemo which strips the immune system. Sure, it kills the cancer but keeping the same lifestyle that led to cancer brings it back and with no immune system with which to fight it.  I could go on and on but this isn’t what this blog is about. I’m merely providing an example of how widely people can diverge in their views. But finding a doctor who isn’t lock-step-lock with the establishment is like finding a needle in a haystack. Sure, there are some mavericks like Dr. Bernard or Dr. Wakefield (anti-vaccination) but they are not accepted as voices of diversity. Dr. Wakefield is actually demonized.

conformI find it odd that doctors seem to accept that medical opinion changes with the times but aren’t bothered by the way they follow the party-line even when they must logically know that their current views will probably fall out of vogue and they will be forced to change their opinions. Is it laziness or cowardice? Going against the current certainly does take courage but there is a lot more dignity in thinking for oneself. I was in a nut house between the ages of 13 and 15. During that time, I was never psychotic and never treated with anti-psychotic drugs. Yet, when I recently obtained my medical records, I saw that they had diagnosed me with paranoid schizophrenia. I showed this to some shrinks of dsmbibletoday, some 60 years later. They apologetically explained that this was “the times.” Everyone was schizophrenia-happy then. Now, it’s more about personality disorders. But they are being very careful to define the parameters of their science with the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) which issues a numerical code for every “disorder.” There is even a code for being a former drug addict. It is 304.8. These codes make it easy for insurance companies to decide whether to pay or not.

painWhen it comes to issuing prescriptions, doctors have to contend with, not only peer pressure from the medical cult, but the long and highly intrusive arm of the law. The law puts every medication on a schedule which determines how difficult it is for a doctor to issue it or for a patient to obtain it. Doctors have some collective input into the rules but politicians have the final say. Given the intellectual level of many Congressmen, their power to come between patient and doctor is really quite alarming.  Before the Harrison Act of 1914, people could buy any drug or medication they wanted. Certainly, prudent people consulted doctors and let their medical knowledge guide their choices, but it was optional. This law was originally only meant to be a tax on opium. It was probably an anti-Chinese law because the Chinese railroad workers could work Caucasians under the table with the help of opium. The law was strengthened by Congress until it became a law of prohibition, not persecutionjust a tax. Doctors are victims of these laws as well as patients. They are under pressure from patients and cops, pulled into two opposite directions. The drug laws have made outlaws of many people who make up the bulk of the prison population. Even if drugs were legal, most people would probably depend on doctors for prescriptions if only because insurance would only cover doctors’ prescriptions. I am firmly for legalization. But that also is not what this blog is about.

jobhuntAs Howard Roark, the architect in The Fountainhead, found out when he sought a position in architectural offices,  he was automatically rejected as a job applicant. “It was not malice. It was not a judgment passed upon his merit. They did not think he was worthless. They simply did not care to find out whether he was good….’You were kicked out of Stanton. You were kicked out of Francon’s office.’ All the different voices saying it had one note in common: a note of relief in the certainty that the decision had been made for them.” I have had the same experience as I’m sure many of you have as well. Your value is based on the opinions of others from your past. Consensus.

On the Other Hand:

cokeThere does seem to be  a need in such a complex society as ours for some sort of standard. And yet, the very times we need one, it seems to be lacking. We often disagree about what some words mean. For example, the word sociopath. Some use it interchangeably with psychopath. For others, it has a distinct meaning. What words mean should be based on how useful a definition could be. But people don’t even agree on what a psychopath is. A growing consensus believes that a psychopath is someone with certain neurological anomalies. So when someone without those anomalies behaves like a psychopath, he can be called a sociopath. Is psychopathy a disorder? It’s not listed in the DSM. Hare has stated in a lecture, “Psychopaths are not disordered. They don’t suffer from a deficit, but they’re simply different.” Yet most people go on talking about it as if it were. And to add to the confusion, there’s a book out heroincalled The Myth of the Born Criminal: Psychopathy, Neurobiology, and the Creation of the Modern Degenerate which debunks the very idea of a neurological condition that can hold together into one phenomenon called psychopathy.

These days, many people are rebelling against the standard idea of what is “true.” For example, Christians are fighting Darwin’s theory of evolution and demanding creationism be taught in schools alongside with it. They have enough scientifically educated people on their side to at least muddy the waters. While most of us would be happy to simply accept the best scientific thinking on the subject, these people are forcing us to actually get involved in the issue and evaluate it for ourselves. Conservatives are doing the same thing about global warming. The scientific establishment is no longer an impregnable fortress. It seems ludicrous that people can attack science on it’s own turf in defense of what is obviously irrational and childish. And, yet, it is happening.

wholismThe scientific establishment is not only challenged from the Right. As alluded to in the second paragraph, people challenge the standard American diet (SAD), they challenge medicine’s remedies. Different versions of wholistic medicine have shingles out. The great debate about vaccination is far from over and doesn’t look like it will be any time soon. Yet governments want to force everyone to get vaccinated as if there were really consensus on this subject.

Then there is GMO which many of us fear like a plague. The moneyed interests and their government lackeys steadfastly refuse the simple expedient of labeling food products so the public can make an educated choice. They obviously fear that an educated public will reject GMO and profits will be lost.

Anarchy and Chaos

freedomOne might think, with all the headaches we have in areas that lack consensus, we would welcome the consensus that we have. But, as Robert Frost said, “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall.” Our very humanity demands we carve out space for ourselves instead of always submitting to authority. Sure, we do need laws requiring the accurate labeling of products. But we also need to retain the autonomy to make the final choices as they affect us. It is good that those who don’t accept the consensus, for the most part, still have the freedom chose our own paths. Where the state insists on controlling out personal decisions, for example in vaccination and choice of pharmaceuticals, the laws should change. Unfortunately, most of the public is too complacent to take charge of the government.

Grandiosity, Part II


aspirationA grandiose person knows s/he’s superior. That’s not even in question. But grandiosity doesn’t have to limit itself to a state of being. It can be a state of aspiration. What does the word limitless invoke? A scary challenge? What are limits, anyway? Limits are restrictions, cages, walls with which we are surrounded. One reason the psychopath is so thrilling and frightening is the lack of certain limits. We are, as Hare says, Without Conscience. We can do things other people don’t dare to do.

Kevin Dutton was visiting a friend, Mike, a psychopath, in a Secure Unit. Dr. Dutton thought he was better off than Mike because Mike was in prison and Dutton was “free.” “I’ve learned a lot,” he said. “It’s brought it home to me just how different we are. You and me. How differently we’re wired. It’s helped. It really has. And I guess the bottom line is this: that’s why you’re in here and I’m (I point at the window) out there.”

“I shrug, as if to say it’s not my fault. As if, in a parallel universe, things could just as easily have turned out different.


“Suddenly, I’m aware that there’s a chill in the room. It’s physical. Palpable. I can feel it on my skin. Under my skin. All over me.

“This is something I’ve read about in books. But have, up until this moment, never experienced.

“I stand for five agonizing seconds in a stare forty below. Ever so slowly, as if some new kind of gravity has been seeping in unnoticed through the vents, I feel the arm vacate my shoulders.

“‘Don’t let your brain piss you about, Kev. All those exams — sometimes they get in the way. There’s only one difference between you and me. Honesty. Bottle. I want it, I go for it. You want it, you don’t.

“‘You’re scared, Kev. Scared. You’re scared of everything. I can see it in your eyes. Scared of the consequences. Scared of getting caught. Scared of what they’ll think. You’re scared of what they’ll do to you when they come knocking at your door. You’re scared of me.

“‘I mean, look at you. You’re right. You’re out there, I’m in here. But who’s free, Kev? I mean, really free? You or me? Think about that tonight. Where are the real bars, Kev? Out there’ — he points at the window — ‘or in here?’ (He reaches forward and, ever so lightly, touches my left temple.)”

Sure. The greatest limitation to freedom is in our own head. But an actual prison can provide a pretty good cage as well. Cages imprison us but they also protect.  After spending only one night in jail, I felt at odds when I got out. Nobody leading me anywhere.  A cage can be a home. Challenging ourselves to break out of the familiar, safe environment of what we consider “possible,” is a true act of grandiosity.


limitlessThe movie, Limitless, is the story of a man who discovers a way to become a far superior version of himself. A drug called MTZ 48 turns him into a genius by enabling access to his entire brain. Possibilities open up to him he hadn’t ever dreamed of. As intoxicating as the idea can be, it can also be scary. To be so much better also means we will demand so much more of ourselves.

Shortly before I saw the movie, I heard about a drug called  Provigil (or Modafinil). In public consciousness, Provigil is linked with the wonder drug featured in Limitless. The fictitious miracle pill causes the hero to become like a superman. Such extravagant claims are not made for Provigil but what is claimed is quite enough to make anyone who is too comfortable in hir cage, want to break out of prison. By the time this blog is published, I will have tried it and will be able to sort out how much Limitless is fiction and how much truth.

replicantPeople warn that they don’t know what the long-term effects of Provigil are. Do I even care? It’s like in the movie, Bladerunner, “replicants,” androids manufactured to be “more human than human” are like people except they have superior intelligence and endurance. But they are deliberately manufactured to only “live” for four years. Naturally, these replicants, created to be slaves of man and to only live four years rebel against such injustice. One of them confronts the manufacturer who says, consolingly, a candle that burns the brightest, burns out the soonest. Better to burn bright than have a long a mediocre life.

I totally concur with these values. I feel like I’m on a high cliff with the ocean in front of me. I am ready to dive into what might just be the most exciting experience of my life. Even if the pill doesn’t live up to all that hype, just the act of daring and opening myself up to possibilities is everything.

FelixIn the Harry Potter world, there is a potion called Felix Felicis. Harry takes it and “slowly but surely, an exhilarating sense of infinite opportunity stole through him; he felt as though he could have done anything, anything at all . . . and getting the memory from Slughorn seemed suddenly not only possible, but positively easy. . .”

Tonight, I watched The Song of Bernadette. Although not a believer, myself, I was touched by the child-like eagerness of the people to believe in miracles. And I realized the similarity between miracles of those days and miracles in today’s time. We are less inclined to believe in the waters of Lourdes and more inclined to believe in a miraculous pill such as MTZ 48 or Provigil. I think most of us are hungry for something extraordinary that will release us from the every day limitations. To enable us to become limitless.

clearpillI now have Provigil in my system. I don’t feel the urge to crack Wall Street. I hadn’t thought I would want to do that before I tried it. I wanted my focus. I am not disappointed. First thing I noticed was calmness. I approached problems rationally and effectively. When I went out among people, I found communicating with them more interesting while I had preferred to ignore them until now. I came back and re-wrote most of this blog. I read a book without dozing off (a problem I had been having). It’s evening. I’m still all there.

Provigil is not MTZ 48. Nor is it Felix Felicis. You can have a very good day with it but nothing enables you to always be “lucky” in getting what you wish. People on Provigil can be much more productive, creative and together than they would be without it. It isn’t massively thrilling. It’s not like diving off a cliff. But it’s a way to become a better version of oneself.

Provigil has been touted as the solution to the 24/7 society. The 24/7 society. We all know what that means. The fact that people are expected to work unlimited amounts of overtime. It used to be the big executives. Now even the clerical staff are expected to be at the boss’ disposal 24/7. bridgeThey are given cell phones and notebooks so they can always be reached. Leisure is no longer a right. In a way, it’s exciting to be jacked in, unlimited, on the fast lane. But I don’t want to do this to make someone else rich. I want to move fast and effectively for my own purposes. So many tools that had potential for self-enhancement have become corporation-enhancing instead. Once the everyday use of Provigil becomes accepted, will there be even more pressure to always be on the job? Does society exist for us or do we exist for society?

ADDENDUM: I doubled my dose. This is a wonderful drug. Two 200 mg pills do the job. Another product I just discovered is Bulletproof Coffee with Brain Octane Oil. With or without Provigil, this combination provides calm energy and focus.

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Three from the Three Penny Opera

(Brecht / Weill)
Ute Lemper
Da ist nun einer schon der Satan selber
Der Metzger: er! und alle andern: Kälber!
Der frechste Hund! Der schlimmste Hurentreiber!
Wer kocht ihn ab, der alle abkocht? Weiber!
Das fragt nicht, ob er will — er ist bereit.
Das ist die sexuelle Hörigkeit.
Der glaubt nicht an die Bibel, nicht ans BGB.
Er meint, er ist der größte Egoist.
Weiß, daß wer’n Weib sieht, schon verschoben ist.
Und läßt kein Weib in seine Näh:
Er soll den Tag nicht vor dem Abend loben
Denn bevor es Nacht wird, liegt er wieder droben.

So mancher Mann sah manchen Mann verrecken
Ein großer Geist blieb in ‘ner Hure stecken!
Und die’s mit ansahn, was sie sich auch schwuren —
Als sie verreckten, wer brgrub sie? Huren!
Das fragt nicht, ob er will — er ist bereit.
Das ist die sexuelle Hörigkeit.
Der hält sich an die Bibel! Der ans BGB!
Er ist ein Christ und der ein Anarchist!
Am Mittag zwingt man sich, daß man nicht Sellerie frißt.
Nachmittags weiht man sich noch ‘ner Idee.
Am Abend sagt man: Mit mir geht’s nach oben.
Doch bevor es Nacht wird, liegt man wieder droben.
Da steht nun einer fast schon unterm Galgen
Der Kalk ist schon gekauft, ihn einzukalken.
Sein Leben hängt an einem brüch’gen Fädchen.
Und was hat er im Kopf, der Bursche? Mädchen!
Schon unterm Galgen, ist er noch bereit.
Das ist die sexuelle Hörigkeit.
Er ist schon sowieso verkauft mit Haut und Haar.
Bei ihr hat er den Judaslohn gesehn.
Und er beginnt nun zu verstehn
Daß ihm das Weibes Loch das Grabloch war.
Und er mag wüten gegen sich und toben —
Doch bevor es Nacht wird, liegt er wieder droben.

English Translation

faithfulNow there’s a man
The living tool of Satan
He charges forth
While others are debating

Conniving, cocky knave
With all the trimmings
I know one thing
Will trim him own, women

In women he meets
Deep authority
In them he feels
His old dependency

He snigger’s at the Good Book mocks the priss and prim
Does anything for pay if it will pay
And since he knows what ladies do to him
He thrusts them well out of his way

All through the day he swears
He’s self denying, then dusk descends
And once again he’s lying

They’re all the same
In meeting love’s confusion
Poor noble souls
Get blotted in illusion

The one who swore
He could escape the clinches
Who is it that
Entangles him, wenches

It fain resists
Their lush authority
Before him stands
His old dependency

He harked the ten commandments
Trod the tried and true
Would godly be and golden rule obey
For lunch ate frugally, a grape a two
Survived on one pure thought a day

He screamed, “I’ve mastered it without half trying”
Appears the moon and once again he’s lying
Idiots, all of them

Ballade über die Frage “Wovon lebt der Mensch”
(What keeps mankind alive?)


sharkIhr Herrn, die ihr uns lehrt, wie man brav leben
Und Sünd’ und Missetat vermeiden kann
Zuerst müsst ihr uns was zu fressen geben
Dann könnt ihr reden: damit fängt es an.
Ihr, die ihr euren Wanst und unsre Bravheit liebt
Das eine wisset ein für allemal:
Wie ihr es immer dreht und wie ihr’s immer schiebt
Erst kommt das Fressen, dann kommt die Moral.
Erst muss es möglich sein auch armen Leuten
Vom großen Brotlaib sich ihr Teil zu schneiden.STIMME
(hinter der Szene)
Denn wovon lebt der Mensch?MACHEATH
Denn wovon lebt der Mensch? Indem er stündlich
Den Menschen peinigt, auszieht, anfällt, abwürgt und frisst.CHOR
Nur dadurch lebt der Mensch, dass er so gründlich
Vergessen kann, dass er ein Mensch doch ist.
Ihr Herren, bildet euch nur da nichts ein:
Der Mensch lebt nur von Missetat allein!JENNY/CHOR
7deadlysinsIhr lehrt uns, wann ein Weib die Röcke heben
Und ihre Augen einwärts drehen kann.
Zuerst müsst ihr uns was zu fressen geben
Dann könnt ihr reden: damit fängt es an.
Ihr, die auf unsrer Scham und eurer Lust besteht
Das eine wisset ein für allemal:
Wie ihr es immer schiebt und wie ihr’s immer dreht
Erst kommt das Fressen, dann kommt die Moral.
Erst muss es möglich sein auch armen Leuten
Vom großen Brotlaib sich ihr Teil zu schneiden.slutSTIMME
(hinter der Szene)
Denn wovon lebt der Mensch?

Denn wovon lebt der Mensch? Indem er stündlich
Den Menschen peinigt, auszieht, anfällt, abwürgt und frisst.
Nur dadurch lebt der Mensch, dass er so gründlich
Vergessen kann, dass er ein Mensch doch ist.
Ihr Herren, bildet euch nur da nichts ein:
Der Mensch lebt nur von Missetat allein!

Mehr songtexte:

Alle Infos über Hildegard Knef:


You gentlemen who tell us how to live properly,
And how to avoid all sins and crime,
Must first makes sure that we have food to eat.
Then you can resume your talking, that’s where it begins.
You with your paunch and us with our bravery,
You know what’s best for all of us.
No matter how much you twist it, or try to change the truth,
First comes food, then comes the morals.
And it also must be possible for the poor,
To cut themselves a slice of the bread.

What keeps mankind alive?

What keeps mankind alive?
It’s a fact that hourly people torture, oppress, strangle, and eat.
Only after man goes through that,
Can he forget that he is a man.

Your Gentlemen, imagine there is only you,
Mankind lives on crime alone!

You teach us when a woman may lift her skirt
And look you in the eye
First you must give us something to eat
Then you can talk. It starts with that!
You, who insist on our shame and your lust, know one thing and one for all times:
No matter how you twist and press the matter, FIRST COMES THE GRUB, THEN THE MORALITY!
First it must be possible also for poor people to cut their slice from the great loaf of bread.

Seeräuberjenny (Pirate Jenny )

jennyMeine Herren, heute sehen Sie mich Gläser abwaschen
Und ich mache das Bett für jeden.
Und Sie geben mir einen Penny und ich bedanke mich schnell
Und Sie sehen meine Lumpen und dies lumpige Hotel
Und Sie wissen nicht, mit wem Sie reden.
Und Sie wissen nicht, mit wem Sie reden.
Aber eines Abends wird ein Geschrei sein am Hafen
Und man fragt “Was ist das für ein Geschrei?”
Und man wird mich lächeln sehn bei meinen Gläsern
Und man sagt “Was lächelt die dabei?”Und ein Schiff mit acht Segeln
Und mit fünfzig Kanonen
Wird liegen am Kai.Man sagt “Geh, wisch deine Gläser, mein Kind”
Und man reicht mir den Penny hin.
Und der Penny wird genommen, und das Bett wird gemacht!
Es wird keiner mehr drin schlafen in dieser Nacht.
Und sie wissen immer noch nicht, wer ich bin.
Und sie wissen immer noch nicht, wer ich bin.
Aber eines Abends wird ein Getös sein am Hafen
Und man frag “Was ist das für ein Getös?”
Und man wird mich stehen sehen hinterm Fenster
Und man fragt “Was lächelt die so bös?”Und das Schiff mit acht Segeln
Und mit fünfzig Kanonen
Wird beschiessen die Stadt.stabbedMeine Herren, da wird ihr Lachen aufhören
Denn die Mauern werden fallen hin
Und die Stadt wird gemacht dem Erdboden gleich.
Nur ein lumpiges Hotel wird verschont von dem Streich
Und man fragt “Wer wohnt Besonderer darin?”
Und man fragt “Wer wohnt Besonderer darin?”
Und in dieser Nacht wird ein Geschrei um das Hotel sein
Und man fragt “Warum wird das Hotel verschont?”
Und man wird mich sehen treten aus der Tür gehn Morgen
Und man sagt “Die hat darin gewohnt?”

Und das Schiff mit acht Segeln
Und mit fünfzig Kanonen
Wird beflaggen den Mast

Und es werden kommen hundert gen Mittag an Land
Und werden in den Schatten treten
Und fangen einen jeglichen aus jeglicher Tür
Und legen ihn in Ketten und bringen vor mir
Und mich fragen “Welchen sollen wir töten?”
Und an diesem Mittag wird es still sein am Hafen
Wenn man fragt, wer wohl sterben muss.
Und dann werden Sie mich sagen hören “Alle!”
Und wenn dann der Kopf fällt, sage ich”Hoppla!”

Und das Schiff mit acht Segeln
Und mit fünfzig Kanonen
Wird entschwinden mit mir.


shipYou men always see me washing this glass,
And how I make your beds for you daily,
But you toss me a penny, and I’m always quick to thank,
Even though you see my rags and this shabby old hotel,
But you don’t know to whom you’re talking.
But you don’t know to whom you’re talking.
But one evening you’ll hear shouting at the ports,
and you’ll ask “What’s all that shouting for?”
And you’ll see me laughing to myself by my glass,
and you’ll ask “What’s she laughing about?”

And a ship with eight sails,
And with fifty canons,
Will lay by the docks…

You’ll say “Go wash your glass, little girl,”
And you’ll hand a penny to me.
And I’ll take that penny and make your bed!
Because you won’t be sleeping in it tonight…
And you still don’t know who I am.
And you still don’t know who I am.
But one evening there’ll be a roar by the port,
And you’ll ask “What’s all that noise about?”
And you’ll see me gazing out my window,
And you’ll ask “What’s she smiling about?”

And a ship with eight sails,
And fifty canons,
Will fire at the shore…

My Sirs, there you’re laughter will stop,
Becuase the walls will fall,
And the city will be level with the ground,
And only one hotel is left unscathed,
And you’ll ask “What special person lives there?”
And you’ll ask “What special person lives there?”
And in this night there’ll be a shouting around the hotel,
And you’ll ask “Why was this hotel spared?”
And you’ll see me step out in the morning,
And you’ll say “that’s who live’s there?”

jennAnd a ship with eight sails,
And with fifty canons,
Will raise up her flag…

And by noon the men will come by the hundreds,
And into the shade will step,
And they’ll catch any man who steps out the door,
And put them before me in chains,
And they’ll ask me “Which one’s should we kill?”
And this afternoon it will be silent at the ports,
And when they ask me who must die,
You’ll hear me say “All of them!”
And when the heads fall I’ll say “Whoops!”

And the ship with eight sails,
And fifty canons,
Will disappear with me…



Theological Fricassee

jesusAn email appeared in my inbox which led to a page called Jesus is Plan A. It was written by Ryan Ferguson and is subtitled, Your Gospel Sucks and Makes You a Sucky Person. Most of it accuses Christians of not really understanding the Gospel.

But over time, and over talking to many different Christians, something disturbing has often come up: even though most of the Christians I’ve spoken to can get the events of the gospel right — that the Son of God became human, lived a sinless life and died a sinner’s death on behalf of sinners, so that sinners could be reconciled to God — many don’t know what to do with it. They know about the beginning of salvation, but when asked questions such as: “If you’re forgiven for all your sins, what’s the point in being good?” they stumble over themselves. Worse, some actually justify that because sins are forgiven, they really may as well continue sinning. This is a sign that the gospel they have heard is at least incomplete, if not a perversion of the actual gospel.

godI thought the answer was that when people are “saved,” they get a “new heart” and want to do good. But Mr. Ferguson finds something more seriously flawed by their failure to answer that challenge.

The gospel is not primarily about how to get saved. One of the first clues about this is that it’s called the gospel. So that we can discuss The Gospel, let’s consider what A Gospel is. A gospel is big, game-changing news, normally about the new king taking up his throne or about the king winning a battle. It’s an event that changes how things are for everyone. It confirms who is in charge, and it has implications for everyone under the king’s authority. So then, what is the Christian gospel primarily about? It is primarily about the Christ being enthroned for all eternity as the king over all creation, demonstrated by his resurrection and ascension. And that means the first question isn’t: “How do I get to heaven?” Instead it’s: “What are the implications now that the Messiah is in charge?”

salvationI would think “getting saved” would be the most important consideration since it affects ourselves but I guess that’s just my selfish psychopathy speaking. Ferguson sets our priorities straight by saying,

In the kingdom of God — the kingdom where the Christ sits on his throne — humanity is fully realised. This begins with Jesus being the perfection of humanity, but doesn’t end there. Rather, it is his desire that all of humanity be fully realised, and so with Jesus on the throne we are to become perfected with him. Jesus Christ is perfect as his father is perfect (John 5:19-24), so we are called to be perfect with him (Matthew 5:48). On numerous occasions, the Apostle Paul encourages us to clothe ourselves in Christ so that we may become like Christ (Romans 13:14, Ephesians 4:24, Colossians 3:12). And just as in God’s kingdom we are called to conform ourselves to Christ, God is at work conforming us to his image (Romans 8:29, 2 Corinthians 3:18). This, as it so happens, is the birthright of humanity, for we were created in God’s image (Genesis 1:26-28).

savedI find the above offensive on a number of levels. So Jesus is “the perfection of humanity” and “with Jesus on the throne we are to become perfected with him.” I don’t think I have seen such a statement since Dostoevsky. Most of us know better than to think it’s all about Jesus. Dostoevsky thought you had to be Christian to be a good person. We now live in a pluralistic society where myriad religions are practices and where atheists live morally.

God’s main method of punishing sin in the Bible is not to retaliate against sin, but to let it cultivate and fester into its fullness. If sin, ontologically, is a departure from being human, then God’s wrath against the sinner is to let them become increasingly inhuman, and taken to completion, his wrath is to let us become completely inhuman. One interpretation of hell, based on this, is that the imagery of flames that never go out and worms that never stop eating the flesh is symbolic of the human being completely given over to sin, that the sin we so love eats away every last bit of our humanity, until whatever remains can no longer be called human.

degradedSo non-christians are not human and become increasingly inhuman. God, who is omniscient, knows some of his creations are going to reach this sorry state. He makes us “human” so we can become inhuman. Well, as a psychopath, I am used to being called inhuman. Whatever…

The article gets into a defense of Calvinism. He makes the point that predestination does not preclude free-will, an interesting idea. But Ferguson goes on to discuss Arminians and Calvinists in order to refute “dumb arguments” against Calvinism. In reading some of this, I came across the word “compatibalist” which peaked my curiosity. I did a Google search for that term and came across another article ( arguing for Calvinism. Although I don’t agree with it at all, I thought it might be amusing to refute it point by point.

Compatibilism and the Free Will Defense
Jason Turner
Faith and Philosophy

The free will defense is a theistic strategy for rejecting a certain argument
for the non-existence of God. The argument, sometimes called the “logical
problem of evil,” insists that it is logically impossible for an omnipotent, omniscient, perfectly benevolent God to co-exist with evil.

damnedanddoomed“Co-exist with evil?” Try creating evil. After all, everything that exists was created by “god.” Therefore, if evil exists, “god” must have created it.

The atheist begins the skirmish by saying,
“God, if there were one, would have to be omnipotent, omniscient, and perfectly benevolent. But, necessarily, any perfectly benevolent being prevents
any evil insofar as it is able and can foresee it. And, necessarily, an omniscient
being could foresee all potential evil and an omnipotent one could eliminate
all of it. So, necessarily, if God existed, there would be no evil: he would have
prevented it.
dortAgain, never mind “preventing” evil. Why create it in the first place?
The free-will defender responds, “Wait a minute. I don’t buy your premise
that ‘any perfectly benevolent being prevents any evil insofar as it is able and
can foresee it.’ A perfectly benevolent being may allow some avoidable, fore-
seeable evil so long as a much greater good is produced thereby:
Aha! But if “god” had to create evil in order to achieve a greater good, is “he” must not be omnipotent. An omnipotent being can create a perfect universe without any evil in it at all.
a perfectly benevolent doctor may allow, or even cause, the ‘evil’ pain of a vaccination in order to bring about the much greater good of prolonged life.”
But your benevolent doctor is not omnipotent. He may need to use evil to promote a greater righteousgood. But “god” mustn’t have this handicap.
“The goods God is worried about here are not prolonged lives but creatures with the ability to make morally significant choices. Such creatures are very, very valuable, and if God needs to allow a bit of evil in order to have them, they are worth it. If
God were to eliminate all evil, he would have to do it by keeping his creatures
from acting evily, which would require his taking away their free will. But
were he to do that, they could not make morally significant choices and a
very valuable good would be lost.”
worshipmeSeveral points need to be made here. If man can’t help sinning, which must be the case if all men are sinners, he already doesn’t have free will. If “god” really wants man to have free will, he would eliminate the condition in which we can’t help sinning. Wouldn’t he? Now, as far as the goal of creating “creatures with the ability to make morally significant choices,” there is still the stubborn problem of “god” creating people “he” knows are going to choose evil and not “get saved.” The deck is stacked against such creations. They can’t choose good without “god’s” grace and they (as “god” already knows in advance, being omniscient) won’t love “god” enough to get this grace. So, in order to built this morally mature human being, “god” creates beings fated to be eternally tormented in hell. “God” punishes these people simply for having been created by the same “god” who is doling out the punishment. If cops do it, it’s called “entrapment.” Shouldn’t “god” be held to a higher standard than a cop? Not a lower standard?
hellfireThe rest of the article is about positing some really stupid arguments made by their hypothetical atheist and then refuting the arguments. I’m not going into this. I posited my own objection  and won’t entertain other arguments until mine is answered. It has not been answered as far as I know anywhere at any time by anyone. Jason Turner comes up with a whole bunch of silly alternatives for “god” to create a universe without evil and makes it really complicated. The reader is free to look at this part of the blog.
gotohell.jpgMy opinion of “god” is that, if our universe had really been created by someone omnipotent and omniscient this creator deserves the utmost condemnation for creating sentient beings whom “he” knows “he” will damn and torture for all eternity but going ahead and creating them for some “greater good” of evolving beings with advanced conscience to make decisions about good and evil. If these conscience-driven people make decisions the way “god” does, I can not credit their existence as worth while. The world would be better without them. The “god” these Calvinist theists worship is pure evil. They might as well worship the devil.