Stalker Videos

From Cute to Demonic

Jay Jones said psychopaths are basically hunters. Robert Hare said we’re “predators.” Well, here’s some rock videos about stalking.

You Might Think by the Cars makes stalking look cute.

Duran Duran’s Hungry Like the Wolf, makes it look like one of the old adventure movies.

The Police’s, Every Breath You Take, appropriate to their name, make it a stake-out. The exhaustion and disgust of a stake out are palpable here.

Not to make this exclusively about men stalking women, here’s One Way or Another by Blondie:

Manifesting the purest predatory spirit of them all, I Put a Spell on You by Diamonda Galas shows how it’s done:

She seems to want to devour her prey and even likens herself to a shark.


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