Vegan Shame

For those who don’t know, there is a personality on You-Tube called Freelee the Banana Girl. She is actually quite attractive. I enjoy her bubbly personality. She is on You-Tube to promote her ideas about diet. She is a vegan, a low-fat, high-carb vegan. She was a raw, primarily fruitarian, vegan for years along with her old man, Durian Rider. Then she changed to what she called Raw ’till Four. One hundred percent raw wasn’t feasible for many people so she suggested eating raw and then having a cooked meal in the evening. Now she has switched back to 100% raw and she has also vowed not to wash her hair anymore. So far, her hair looks fine.

The subject of this post, however, isn’t so much about her lack of shampoo, her raw lifestyle or her love of carbs. (One of her favorite slogans is, “Carb the fuck up!”) It is her moralizing about the virtue of veganism and the evil of consuming any animal products that I am focusing on. Freelee has said people who know the facts about the cruelty of the meat and dairy industry and still continue to each these things literally don’t deserve to live.

Freelee has attracted a lot of hostility through her extreme stance. She must enjoy it because she has doubled down with another video. “Why I am superior to you.”

I enjoy Freelee’s in-your-face debating style. That’s the way I like to argue too. Of course, I don’t buy her ideas. But I like her style. Some people really get butthurt over Freelee telling them she is superior to them.

stfreeleeBeing a psychopath, her efforts to guilt-trip me only make me laugh. In this second video, she tells the story of two hypothetical girls. One decides to go vegan and the other doesn’t. Naturally, the one who went vegan is “superior” to the one who didn’t. Freelee doesn’t seem to get the fact that there are many ways someone can be superior to another. Maybe the non-vegan becomes a virtuoso violinist. Maybe she writes a great novel. Maybe she finds a cure for AIDS. No. Freelee thinks the only criteria for superiority is how we eat.

At one time, vegetarianism was a fairly radical new idea. Vegetarian societies were formed. They preached their diet regime on the basis of good health. One can make a good case for the idea that humans are supposed to eat plants. Our teeth and our digestive system is that of a plant eating animal. A lot of people thrive on a veggie diet. killyourself.jpgHowever, when veganism came into vogue, the good health motivation was edged to the side by the moral argument. To be a good person, we should minimize the harm we do to our fellow-creatures. The religion that takes this concept the furthest is Jainism. To quote Google, “Jainism is an ancient religion from India that teaches that the way to liberation and bliss is to live a life of harmlessness and renunciation. The aim of Jain life is to achieve liberation of the soul.” This seems to be the core of Freelee’s philosophy.

Freelee goes further than this. She has joined the people who think humans are a scourge on the earth. She wants to make it mandatory for men to get vasectomies and antihuman.jpgonly a few allowed to procreate. I kid you not. There is actually a movement of people who believe this. It’s a real thing. And there is some logic to it. Humans are destroying the planet. There’s a certain allure to being against the group you are in. Lots of Americans hate America, whites fulminate against white supremacy. You can feel really smart when you see through the brainwashing of your group. And it’s all true. Seeing through the established lies is one thing. Actually fighting to bring down the system is something else. It’s nice to take such an objective point of view that you transcend the interests of your demographic. But those who really fight to eliminate imperialism end up living lives of sacrificial selflessness. Been there. Done that. I am in awe of those who continue to fight for their cause for years. I wish them well. Some radicals have said they are glad Trump won the election because Hillary would have pursued war against the Third World more viciously than even he. I had to admit that I am more invested in whose policies would have impacted my life domestically than in saving the rest of the world. Color me selfish. I will cop to that.

Living without harming animals isn’t enough though. Freelee sees herself as a woman with a mission. She uses her You-Tube channel to spread her message. Recently, she decided to do this by reaching out to celebrities and trying to reform them. But that has had mixed success. Now that she has gone back to her raw diet, Freelee is again emphasizing her joyful life as a vegan in Australia, going to the beach and eating fabulous raw, vegan meals. I like her better that way.

Nevertheless, the You-Tube vegan world has become a hothouse of drama. How did such a “peaceful” lifestyle become so full of vegans attacking each other. It’s a hoot. Freelee has many enemies, most of whom are vegans. But she remains cheerful and unflappable. I am happy to be immune to shaming by vegans, political people and, of course, Christians.


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